The Only 3 Shoulder Exercises You Need To Build Muscle …

Guys, I am excited about this video today. I want to give you my 3 best shoulder exercises that you need to do to build muscle. All you need for these shoulder exercises, is a set of dumbbells. Two of these exercises utilize my TriCon Training, so I am very excited to show you those. Each TriCon set consists of 9 reps. The first 3 reps are explosive, the next 3 are 10 second isometric holds, and the last 3 are super slow reps (4 seconds up, 4 seconds down). Now, let’s get started with the 3 shoulder exercises you need to build muscle using only dumbbells.

Exercise #1: TRICON LATERAL RAISES. You are just going to be raising your arms to your sides, you do not need to raise the dumbbells above shoulder height. The shoulders are not a big muscle group, so you will need to use light weight, especially from the 10 second isometric hold reps. This exercise will help you to get thick and wide looking shoulders.

Exercise #2: SEATED TRICON DUMBBELL OVERHEAD PRESS. I typically recommend using dumbbells over barbells because dumbbells allow you to have more mobility during the exercise. A barbell locks your joints in place, limiting mobility and causing more stress on your shoulder joints. You can do this exercise seated or standing, but I recommend doing this exercise sitting down. Turn the dumbbells slightly inward to allow for a better movement. Make sure to get nice full stretches and good contractions.

Exercise #3: BENT LATERAL RAISES. Hinge at the hips and stick your butt out to help protect your back. Drive your elbows up and out, and hold the contraction at the top of the movement for a couple of seconds. Utilize a slow controlled movement, to really focus on working your rear deltoids. You are just using your hands as hooks in this exercise.

Make sure to implement these exercises into your shoulder workouts. This will help you balance your shoulders and build strength in your shoulders. Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the only 3 shoulder exercises you need to build muscle with dumbbells only. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle while losing fat at the same time at home.

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    • Live Anabolic

      In today’s new video I’m going to share the only 3 exercises you need…

      To build big strong shoulders AT HOME…

      Using nothing but dumbbells… enjoy the workout!

      • Eagles Sixers Fan Keepingitreal

        Question, and I’m new to your channel.. how many sets of your tricons?

      • Eagles Sixers Fan Keepingitreal

        Question, and I’m new to your channel.. how many sets of your tricons?

      • SiSenor

        @Eagles Sixers Fan Keepingitreal Ditto. Just one set of 3 Tricons after a shoulder workout?

      • John Doe

        how heavy those dumbbells are in first exercise?

      • BIG O

        Are Aqaba

    • 19th-century artist

      Thank you for the video! How do you recommend choosing the right weight for these exercises?

    • David Ivers

      Thanks, great info. I’ll try it on my next workout.

    • Ricky Suarez

      Thank you for the information. How many sets do I need to do per exercise?

      • Zack Howie

        I’d use this as a finisher for that exercise. For example, do 1-2 warmups . Take one set right near to failure for as many reps as possible. Then rest for 90-120 seconds, then bang out one more set of that exercise with his Trigone rep scheme

    • JahSun

      Love this channel! Perfect for a 51 year old man. Thank you!!

    • Remy German

      This looks like a perfect workout for an older guy like me with skinny shoulders! Will have to try on my next shoulder workout, thanks!

      • Remy German

        @sf2explus Okay, thanks for the advice! I did this workout once, so far, and I seemed to get some results.

    • Anthony Ziemba

      I’m using your technique on the dumbbell exercises I’m 62 years old my left shoulder I’ve always had trouble with and this particular workouts seem to help me develop more strength in that left shoulder gradually. Thanks for posting thanks for show me the proper way to lift. Sometimes you need to observe before you lift. 👍🙏📝

    • James Huddleston

      Shoulder day tomorrow. I wanted to find something to swap out machine lateral raises and overhead barbell press, I think these will work perfect. Thanks.

    • wd 40

      Good clear explanation and demonstration 👍thank you 🙏

    • steven stover

      You sir are an absolute genius, I appreciate this video.

    • John Jones

      how do you determine the correct weight? Also, how many sets?

    • Patrick Wolfe

      Back in the ’60s I came across a book written by a Hawaiian weightlifter (I believe his name was Kono). He demonstrated isometric (actually isotonic) weightlifting. He advocated a 30 second rep: 10 up, hold for 10, 10 down. He advised using 1/2 the weight you would normally use. Damn, he was right. A 10 rep routine was exhausting.
      Previously, a few years prior, a young college athlete practiced this technique. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1958 and was SEC 100 yd champion as well. Billy Cannon attributed his success to this program.

    • Marcus Garrison

      Man, I have to say this. THESE are by far THE Best videos out there for me! Wow! SIMPLE, to the point, EASY… and most of all with a focus on the older man. He’s very concerned about joints and injury. This is huge. I love it! You don’t have a lot of fluff in your videos, you’re not SCREAMING at us or drawing all over yourself with markers.. AND you’re not slathering on a bunch of technical/cellular level jargon. Also… your SOUND is pleasant! It’s not loud or full of echo. Very professional and clean and to the point.

      I’m looking to get back in the gym and I just want to start with simple, basic, but effective movements. THIS is it! Thank you so much for what you do. Please keep it doing this!

      “I’m going to give you THREE….” or “FIVE”…. it’s the best! Thanks again

      • Live Anabolic

        So glad to hear that Marcus! Many more vids to come

    • jimmy5634

      This is great. What needs to be said is that it takes years to get real big shoulders unless your genetically gifted.

    • J321

      My go to peeps.. just what I needed.. thanks 💪🏻

    • Steve Gant

      I’m 53 and I use the machines for this working the shoulders, they also help you with your form. I do think free weights are a little bit more effective though for building muscle. Great video!

    • William Paxton


      I love your exercises and follow your tips all the time. However, for shoulders, lateral raises can put undue stress on the upper forearm muscles. I’m 64 and am unable to do these movements because it creates pain on the upper part of my forearm. Any workarounds that you can suggest?


    • 吳澈天

      *Love these, have been having my best workouts since COVID started now that I bought them. Only criticism is that the end caps (which you rotate to change **** the weight) stick out and can do into your thighs if you rest the dumbbells vertically on your legs. Only a minor inconvenience though.*


      Just a note to say thank you for your content, I have been using your tricon workouts for biceps triceps chest and shoulders, I’m 70 yo and the excersicez have shown good results in 3 weeks

    • Gordon Phillips

      Thought I’d try & incorporate the Tricon exercises into my weekly routine. Oh my days, my body is in bits & I haven’t done leg day yet, feel like I’ve been training with Tom Soltman! Definitely changed my perspective on how to approach training now that I’m 50. 👍

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