Working out at the gym is one of the best ways to build more muscle, especially as a man over 40. The access to equipment allows you to work muscle groups in different ways for optimal muscle growth. You don’t need to lift a really heavy weight just because you are at the gym. You can still lift slightly lighter weight when working out at the gym. Two of the exercises in this workout will be TriCon exercises. The first 3 reps are explosive, the next 3 reps are 10 second isometric holds, and the last 3 reps are super-slow reps.

There are so many great machines that you can use at the gym to get bigger legs. You don’t even need to use free weights, you can use some of their cable machines for great results. You may have a hard time walking after doing this workout, but that is a good thing. These exercises you make you feel the burn, and you will be surprised with how fast you build your legs.

Here are the exercises in this gym leg workout for men over 40. Make sure to add this workout to your routine in order to get bigger legs.

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    4 replies to "Gym Leg Workout For Men Over 40 (GET BIGGER LEGS!)"

    • Eric Ward

      I have very tight knees as well, and lower back pain

    • Julius Caesar

      Great demo excellent. Thank you!
      Over 40 beard? Makes a man look 60+….no thanks! I keep a clean look….don’t like the grey old man look. Makes one look much older then he is. That’s just me.



    • Agent2@23

      Watching your video while I am doing bodyweight lower body.

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