In order to get a v-shape figure, it all starts with having a wider upper body. Having a wide upper back and big round shoulders help your upper body look big and muscular. Shoulders are a small muscle group, so it does not take much to grow them. However, because of the shoulder joints, it is important to make sure you use good form. It can be very easy to injure your shoulders, which is why it is crucial to know how to work your shoulders.

We are focusing less on what exercises to do in this video, and more of how to work your shoulders the right way. With shoulders being a smaller muscle group, using lighter weights and good form go a long way to optimizing your results. This is also important for any of you that have already had shoulder injuries, and need to adjust the way you workout due to previous injuries. You can adjust your workouts to build muscle, do not use previous injuries to avoid working a specific muscle group.

Here are the best tips on how to train your shoulders without getting injured. Make sure to apply these tips to optimize muscle growth and build some boulder shoulders!

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