Best Exercises for amazing sex

Great sex is more than just the physical aspect of the act. It's about an emotional connection with your partner and how pleasing them makes you feel.

But if it isn’t working physically, you aren’t having any fun. So today, we’re going to start with basic exercises to improve performance and finish off with advanced-level moves that will take a pickle and turn it back into a full-sized cucumber.

The key to having and maintaining your general at full salute is blood flow. We want good flow from the arteries into the penis. Then we need to restrict the flow from leaving through the veins. The better we do this, the longer and harder we’ll be able to last.

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Good blood flow starts with the heart, which is why aerobic exercise is so effective for improving function. This could be any form you enjoy.

A 2018 systematic review found 160 minutes of weekly exercise for 6 months helped reduce erectile problems in men with ED caused by physical inactivity, obesity, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases.

Once we’ve got the flow in, we need to keep it there. And this is where strength training plays a role and, in particular, strengthening our pelvic floor muscles.

These muscles are the ones that restrict the flow of blood out of our roster so we can keep it crowing until the wee hours of the morning.

Kegels are a simple exercise that involves contracting our pelvic floor muscles that can be done anywhere.

The best way to know you’re flexing the right muscles is next time you go pee, stop the flow midstream. That’s how you do a kegal.

Once you have a feel for flexing those pelvic floor muscles, you can do it anywhere or anytime, not just when you’re peeing.

The goal should be to Hold the contraction for 5 seconds then release it. Repeat this for 10 to 20 repetitions 3 to 4 times every day.

Now that we have our main man working the way it should. We need to control our bodies in a way that makes us good lovers.

First and foremost, we can’t be lying on our partner like a dead carcass. We need to support our body weight.

A great exercise to help with this is the body saw plank. It’s done in the traditional plank position. Now I want you to brace your core. What I mean by this is to tighten up your abdominal muscles, low back, glutes, hips and pelvic floor.

That’s right. I want you to do a Kegel while performing this exercise.

What makes this exercise different than a plank is movement. Use your upper arms to move forward and back.

The following exercise is the basic push-up. We need upper body strength to move from one position to the next comfortably.

One of the things I like about this next exercise is it not only builds strength and power in all the right places, but it gets your heart rate up, improving blood flow right where we need it.

And that’s kettlebell swings.

It’s essential to maintain good posture on your upper body while doing his move. It’s a hip hinge exercise, so your hips go back as you lower down, swinging the weight.

Ever wanted to pick your lover up and make things happen in a standing position? To do this, you need coordinated full-body strength and a great exercise to develop this is the dumbbell clean and press.

You can get more range of motion by moving the dumbbells to the inside of your legs. This allows you to take a wider stance, letting you drop lower without compromising your backs alignment.

You explode the weight up to your shoulders by driving your hips forward. And then dip down at the hips slightly to aid in pressing the weight up overhead.

Combining all 4 of these exercises into a Circuit or Tabata workout to get double duty results, improving both your heart and skeletal muscle strength.

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    • Fit and 50

      If you would like help to lose excess body fat and build new muscle, please email me at for information on my personal training services.

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        *Jesus Christ is Lord & Hes coming soon. Don’t take that* 💉

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        Whats your height bro?

      • AppleScab (Venturia inaequalis )

        Was curious to see if there was anything new from the time I venture into this topic when I was 16-20 still kegals if your uncircumcised jelquing an strength a flexibility I see.
        Be happy with what you got
        If you’re a good partner you’re going to spend more time rubbing feet an backs any how boys haha
        Putting some light on your balls is cheaper than any of these UV ray experimental things just use your head don’t do it for more than 15 minutes don’t do it at the brightest hour of the day lol.
        I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone gaining more than an inch without surgery so it’s probably your waste of time anyways.


        You look like Christopher Daniels

      • Shridhar Murari

        Thank you sir ಗುರುಗಳಿಗೆ ಪ್ರಣಾಮಗಳು

    • Sujit Bedi

      Great variety of metaphors. Improving blood flow has so many benefits. Truly informative on combining with strength training.

      • Fit and 50

        For optimal health we should have cardiovascular training for the heart and blood flow. As well as strength training.

      • Selly_soeryani Fitness Motivation


      • Julie Evans

        Fit and 50,

        What about Hiit workouts? Am in mid 40’s and find this works better for me than Yoga & Treadmill.

    • Gordon

      Now if the title doesn’t get this video a million views I’d be surprised! Well done, but would also note a number of yoga exercises out there (nothing too difficult) if folks interested. And while not a sex issue, I recently suffered from inflammation in the pelvic area (similar to prostitus) and yoga helped to reduce the pain almost immediately. Not forever, but doing several exercises once a day provided a 80 to 90 % reduction in pain that allowed me to heal.

      • Fit and 50

        We’re there any specific yoga poses that you found to be more beneficial than the others?

    • chessdude67

      Excellent video Lawrence! You did a great job on a topic that I’m sure a lot of people will find helpful. Plus, you were able to add humor in the right spots. Two big thumbs up my friend. 👍🏻👍🏻

      • Fit and 50

        It was a fun video to do an I hope it helps people understand the role different exercises play in sexual health.

    • Bradbo3

      52 now….but 4 years ago I finally got in shape. Workout daily. Weights for 2 days, cardio and yoga on the third day. Repeat and sometimes a day off with just a walk on the treadmill. Resting Heart rate is awesome, BP awesome. Best part is that I def notice Im back to feeling like Im in my 20’s again in the bedroom. Also no more meds which I think hurt blood flow. Never tried kegels….thought that was only for woman….but why not.

      • Shobi walia

        Yoga is very gud

      • Andrew Jones

        That’s great brother. I’m 52 as well. I just started working out more now especially now that I’m retired. I always thought Kegel exercises were just for woman as well. But I ended up doing them myself after I had Prostate Cancer surgery back in 2010 to strengthen up my muscles again. I still do them till this day. The best part about it is when you do them. No one knows your doing it but you.

      • BlardyMunggas

        The secret is also sleep. To sleep well, keep we need cortisol levels down. I’ve struggled with belly fats and insomnia for many years and finally just found out that it was because of my high cortisol level (just hovering at high normal range). I’ve bought some ginseng powder pills from an established brand in China. Took it and felt the results immediately. Never slept better, muscle mass started growing and my skin even started glowing. I’ve tried magnesium, Ashwaganda etc. Pure ginseng powders is the way to go. Nothing comes close.

      • _noname

        Yea Man, rockhard after my training!

      • Sanjar Shermat

        Im 37 and was thinking it’s too late to start fitness. Thanks for motivating!

    • Farouqi Amin

      FACTS FACTS FACTS, I’m 41 and never did any of these types of exercise only up until 1yr ago, I have never performed this well even in my teen days, makes a world of a difference, when you realize 30+ min have gone by and she is done but your still like a raging beast its a really good feeling, guys do what this man says and of course diet correctly

      • Farouqi Amin

        @Rated Romeo for me it works, I used to eat everything up until about 30yrs old then became vegan, I eat nutrient dense foods or superfoods often especially sea plants like moss, spirulina, kelp etc, so yeah it has worked for me, my only problem in life right now is due to an injury I had 3yrs ago in my shoulder that is just never easing up in pain so I concluded I need an MRI to see why, I do eat cooked also cause some veggies need to be cooked

      • Rated Romeo

        @Farouqi Amin Have you Don prolonged fasting to try to heal the shoulder??

      • Miguel

        @Farouqi Amin i hear it’s not sustainable in the long term, raw vegan diets are only good temporarily to cleanse the body, and then eventually going back to clean pasture raised, grass finished meats 👌 balance is key

      • Farouqi Amin

        @Miguel I had blood work done in 2018, 2020, and just last month, everything on the lab results were exactly where they need to be for someone my age so I assume its sustainable at least for me, some things I do supplement cause when you reach certain ages the body no longer produces them as much as they need to, key things I believe that has kept me this way is eating things that the majority would consider disgusting such as a variety of sea plants, bitter herbs, and mushrooms, I avoid raw cabbage, spinach, kale, and broccoli, many people do tend to eat these raw not being mindful it can cause stones… I’m not against anyone who eats meat and if that balance works like you said try your best to keep it as natural as possible, I used to eat everything aside for pork, I just changed because of family inherited genes and simply don’t want to eat dead animals anymore

      • Jordan barrock

        What did u do exactly? Like what really made u become a beast?

    • Larry Herdener

      Thanks for great info. I’m in early 60’s and still sexually active regularly. Maybe helpful add-on for those in my age group is hip external rotation. I like to often enjoy wife in missionary position and I’m on my knees but body upright to have hands free for fun! I’ve found my hip range of motion limited here, so affects my ease and depth of penetration from this position, so want to improve that. I’ve had a hip replacement and I found doing lots of internal and external rotation exercises with my hips adding bridging pelvic thrust, Mimicking this position, particularly in the hot tub to warm up joints,has been a helpful exercise to increase flexibility in this way. Just a thought or love any other tips to add to benefit of maximizing of this position.? Thanks Keep up great info ! 👍

      • IAm13YearsOld

        Hey, more like Larry HARDener, am I right?

      • MRJ514

        Larry you’re going hands free ? Ok big G i see you

    • Tasos Prince

      Great video mate. I am 49 y.o and a home weight lifter for 30+ years. My ratings are (1) kegels which work great 4me (2) eating fat – no cholesterol = no test (3) no stressful exercises, better walking or shadow boxing , without heart rate go way too up , like squats & running ….

    • Christopher Ramon-Reid

      Videos you post like this are great. I do appreciate when you address issues like digestion, back pain, penis health, testosterone gain…
      For me they are just as beneficial as your exercise instructionals. Thank you for being so aware of your audience

      • Fit and 50

        I’ll always experiment with new topics and ideas as long as they are in the fitness realm. Happy to hear they are resonating with you.

    • Simon Adebisi

      Love your Channel brother,I used to be a mover but now been a trucker for 4 years so I lost my strength,stamina and shape. I’m 41 and on a carnivore diet for my 2nd months,already lost 10lbs and 2 pants size on the 1st month,I’ll follow your videos the results are obviously working…look at you brother!thanks for the upload,between ball hockey and basketball which one do you think shall burn 🔥 more calories

      • easy monee

        Keep up the good work

      • Fit and 50

        I couldn’t tell you other than which one do you enjoy the most? As that is the one you’ve most apt to do

    • Android Boy

      Thank you for this very helpful video! ❤️

    • Allen 216

      I’m 35 but this is really motivating to me seeing older guys getting after it, cheers mate

      • Selly_soeryani Fitness Motivation


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        Dog I’m 25 and loving the positivity. Lmao old guys still got it

      • Chris Smith

        I’m 31

      • Robert Watson

        Im 70 and doing 3 reps daily, able to outdo most 40-50 year olds, does not take but a couple of months to get through and then a couple more til it is easy. My doc does not believe my blood pressure and heart rates, like a 30 year old she says.

    • Georgia Guardian

      I have been doing HIIT at least 2-3 times a week and lifting weight all the time. I am seeing my six pack first time in 2 decades recently. My wife and I have had amazing sex for years.

    • The Christ Who Laughs

      Absolutely works! Appreciate the wisdom sir!

    • Alina Zang

      No weights needed. Just pushups, squats and a jog every other day. For squats what really works is to stay down in squat position knees at 90 degrees and hold as long as possible. That really improves performance in the bedroom more than anything else.

      • Glen Chaos Beats

        The Malasana Pose 🤫 we let the clueless wonder

      • Ahmad Vawaid Su

        It’s the 90 degree knee thing, it’s a myth that lifters joke about. If 90 degree is all you can do, fine. But many people naturally can touch their heels with their butt.

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      • Tim Chavis

        @Ahmad Vawaid Su snap fingers

    • shabba194

      I like the format of your videos. Straight to the point and not trying to push us any products. Appreciate the info. You gained a new subscriber

    • Truth Told

      This video speaks the truth. I’ve known this since I was a teenager, now I’m in my 50’s and still going strong. FYI, the standing position is awesome just make sure she isn’t heavy so full control is there.

    • yankoshuan

      5 minutes of pure awesomeness. This is exactly what i neeeded. i hope you a great day mate , keep it up (:

    • Emile Neslo

      I would like to recomend another exercise and that is the butterfly stroke. If you were a swimmer back in the day that is. Pick swimming back up if you can. Great way to loose weight, creating better blood circulation and gain more mobility too at any age. Also your upper body strength gets increased too. If you master the butterfly stroke once again you’ll know what I’m talking about. Being like a dolphin from your hips to your toes in the pool water is like being……trust me your bed partner will pay the pool membership for you!

    • Vanessa 👾

      It’s not only good for men but for women too. 😂 Women who regularly exercise have more active sex lives, reach orgasm more quickly and are more easily aroused than those who don’t exercise and I can confirm this. My bf and I are both 24 and we exercise regularly. Some of the most amazing sex I’ve had was after a vigorous exercise.

      However, I need to limit alcohol consumption, but some weekends tend to be crazy. 😵‍💫

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