Exercises for men over 50 – Hey! So if you’re a man over 50 then you’re going to want to watch this entire video. Because not only will you learn the best exercises for men over 50… you’ll also get some tips on how men over 50 lose belly fat and get ripped. So let’s jump right into it, man.

Now before I reveal the best exercises for men over 50, you need to hear this. It’s not too late for you. And there is plenty you can do to get in shape, including these best exercises over 50, which you can combine throughout the week into a men over 50 workout. But back to my point. Self belief is huge, man. If you’re wondering how to build muscle after 50 and you think it’s impossible. It always will be. Yet when you take action on the video I’m showing you here you’ll finally learn how to build muscle after 50.

Now I have to address this. Just because these are great exercises for men over 50 does not mean they are anything new or better from what you’ve done when you were younger. You’ll likely find that a lot of these men over 50 get ripped exercises are movements you’ve done in your past. However, you want to do them smarter. And in this workout for men over 50 I’ll show you exactly how this can be done. Now, can I give you one more pointer before we jump into these exercises for men over 50?

You want to perform these best exercises over 50 with progression. You don’t want to jump into the deep end and push your body like you did when you were younger. If you want to figure out how to workout after 50, this is a great place to start. Because jumping in too fast when learning how to build muscle after 50 male can lead to injury. And a setback is the last thing you want when cracking the code on how to build muscle after 50 years old because it’s only going to take away from your motivation and possibly have you sitting on the sidelines for a while. And I don’t want that for you so be sure to watch this entire how to workout after 50 video to make sure you’re doing the little things right with your over 50 workout men.

Okay so let’s jump into some of these exercises for men over 50. Squats is a great exercise to add to any men’s over 50 workout routine. The reason why is it gives you a nice boost in your male hormones. And at the same time works a lot of muscles in your body. It’s also a great exercises for weight loss for men over 50 because it’s one of those movements that also boosts your metabolism while helping you put on lean muscle mass.

Another exercise would be a pressing movement for fitness over 50 men. A pressing movement will help you build your chest, triceps and shoulders. I recommend using dumbbells to start as one of the best exercises for over 50 male. Shoulder presses and dumbbells bench presses are great exercises for men over 50 when performed correctly.

And of course you can’t have a complete list of best exercises over 50 which is a plank variation. However, as an older man getting back into working out this is one of the best exercises for men over 50 to begin building up their core. Men over 50 get ripped abs with a plank movement like the ones described in this video. Another great exercise in any men over 50 lose belly fat routine is the farmer’s walk. This is a great exercise for your core, legs, grip strength, traps, and shoulders. Not a lot of guys think of the farmer’s walk as a men over 50 workout, however you’ll love the many benefits when you add this one move to your workout for men over 50.

And the final exercise I’ll throw in here for exercises for men over 50 is the dumbbell deadlift. Please watch some of our other videos that show you how to do the deadlift correctly so you can confidently add the dumbbell deadlift to this workout for men over 50. Alright, there you have it man, the best exercises for men over 50. Do you know anyone else who could use this men’s over 50 workout routine? Share this video with them:

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    • Live Anabolic

      Hey man,

      So if you’re 50+ or approaching your fifties— today’s video is for you.

      Check out the top 6 exercises for men 50+… with a few extra tips to overcome age and get the body you want and deserve!

      Check it out and comment below!

      • Amir M

        @Mark Jaramillo Im sorry I mean same not sane

      • Amir M

        @Mark Jaramillo thanks bro
        Are you over 50?

      • Mark Jaramillo

        @Amir M Just turned 50 this past Aug lol

      • Amir M

        @Mark Jaramillo oh happy birthday🥳
        Do you married mr mark?

      • Anthony Perkins

        I need it. I’ll be 50 on the 19th. I wan to go from 215 to 195 let’s go!✊🏽👊🏽

    • Keith Grigg

      I am 50 and have to say that it is never too late to get into shape. I didn’t start strength training until I was 44. I spent my 20’s and 30’s drinking beer and not getting adequate sleep. If your body is rested then you will feel energized to work out once you get into the routine of it. I met a man that was 80 and he told me that strength training helped to keep his arthritis from flaring up. Just keep putting in the effort and the results will come!

      • Live Anabolic

        Love it, Keith! Thanks for inspiring us, man!

      • Evan Healy

        Hi Keith, what you said was just great buddy. Thanks for your comment and it is encouraging to hear your experience and example of other you know. All the best to you.

      • Live Anabolic

        @Evan Healy Agreed with Evan, Keith

      • 250txc

        I can say the same thing on a back issue I have from 30 yrs ago… If I do not keep active, the back issue flares up just a tad, nothing too bad, but as long as exercise so and stay active, the issue is almost totally gone…

        Jack Lalanne said once, “The only way to hurt the body is to not use it”

    • West Ender

      Great information, I do all these exercises in an upper/lower split 4 times a week. I find doing full body at 54 takes too much out of me. Too tired next day. Also throw in one hiits session each week. Eat very well, feel great Barely have any cheat days anymore Feel really focused . Your youtube channel has really helped out and reinforced my workout gameplan , Thanks

      • West Ender

        @Abbas Alkawiz: Impressive workout, How old are you? I’m 54. I was high level athlete in my 20’s : Triple A hockey and Quebec Major Junior A baseball. Just find full body in my 50’s is too taxing.

      • Abbas Alkawiz

        @West Ender I am 39 years old 5’9 tall 198 LBS. At the beginning you will notice some difficulties in full body workout .. but over time your body will get used to it. One working set per muscle group is sufficient to stimulate growth. There is no need to ignite the candle twice.

      • Abbas Alkawiz

        @Live Anabolic When I was doing two working set’s per exercise, the time spent for the whole session took about 120 – 150 minutes and I felt very exhausted so I decided to cut the set’s by half. Therefore 90 minutes is reasonable for FBW and yes it’s overkill if you do split routine. When there is no enough time, just do the 5 compound exercises for 50 minute’s MAX.

      • West Ender

        @Abbas Alkawiz I’m 15 years older than you. It may be a factor too. I’m torn between full body and split workouts. Full body is better for weight loss but won’t build muscle. Split routine will build more mass but you lose weight more gradually. Overtime, the more muscle mass you can build…the more calories you burn throughout the day. I believe every extra pound of muscle burns 50 calories. Both methods are great. Just have to be patient and keep at it. Results will show. Can’t wait for snow to melt here in Canada so I can start doing sprint intervals outside. Keep up the great work my friend. Live Anabolic, maybe you can do a video on this subject. I’ll check your previous videos now to see if you’ve covered the subject already. Off to Planet Fitness ( don’t laugh lol …only 10 bucks a month and meets all my needs) to do an upper body. So excited to get to gym which is the main thing!

    • Phil Bailey

      Hey Gary another great video of info I’m 52 and feel it takes longer to recover from workouts these days but still do an upper/lower split 2-3 times a week. Keep up the great work

      • Live Anabolic

        Appreciate you Phil! Agreed. Recovery definitely slows down. It’s something we’ve got to work around for sure.

      • 250txc

        Recover time is longer as we age…. You just gotta rest an extra day maybe 2 days more than in the past and this is essential, along with more sleep if possible to let the body recover… Just the way it is…

    • Glen Farina

      Hey man. Love your channel! I just turned 60 & I’ve been lifting for years. I do 3-4 full body workouts per week alternating with 3-4 HIIT cardio sessions and I feel great most of the time. You’ve confirmed what has taken me years to figure out. It’s all about nutrition, rest and warm up properly before each session and a proper cool down and leave your ego at the gym door. Oh, and get out and walk.

      • Live Anabolic

        That’s right, Glen! You nailed it. Way to keep crushing it at 60, man. Love hearing that!!

      • West Ender

        Impressive. Want to know your secret. I’m in great shape 54. But full body routines wares me out. Have to stick to upper/lower split 4 times a week and 1 x hiits session. Also play some squash. Eat very well and sleep 8.5 hrs / night.

      • Live Anabolic

        Have you tried Ripped After 40 yet? It’s the same training I use today. Just throwing it out there— totally up to you if you want to give it a shot 🙂 https://rippedat40formen.com/

      • Amir M

        Hello Mr Glen
        I have a question
        Is life still good after 50?

    • R. De Luna

      I am 53 years old. And have always enjoyed working out with weights. Love your circuit workouts. Please put together some more for us thanks

      • Live Anabolic

        You bet, Richard! Glad to hear you’ve been following the channel!

    • R. Mercado

      Now that is a COACH! Quite inspiring indeed. Looking forward to the 40-60 year old exercises. In my case, I have received substantial injuries in an undisclosed location far from the US. However, those injuries have not stopped me from discontinuing my workouts. I have been looking for a guide who can provide the direction needed. I am a great listener and hearer! If you can see the photo to the left, that’s me in my 60’s. Semper Fi.

      • Live Anabolic

        Right on, man! Well that’s what I’m here for! So I’m glad you’ve found the channel. I’m in your corner on your journey!

    • Donovan Kelly

      Looks and sounds awesome! I use to workout like a banshee but by my early 50’s got too sore and was sapped of energy. I am currently starting back but will start light. I love they suggestions and appreciate this video for the encouragement that “No, I’m not too old to get toned up and regain my strength.” My goal is tone what I have and not worry about putting on size since I’m not a professional athlete

    • canadien superman

      I am 47 and started stronglifts in Mid February my weights went up fast, i reach 300 pounds on both deadlifts and squats, but after that my knees and lower back started to get sore, i switch to 3 x 5 instead of 5 x 5, i squat twice per week and deadlifts once, i also use bench press, military press, bent rows, so only 5 exercises, and its all you need.

    • GiopoloMtl

      Great advice. My question is, what do you think about bodyweight exercises? Which kind do you prefer? Dumbbells and other devices, or no equipment exercises? I ask this question because your advice is spot on. Thanks and best vibes.

    • bikenutt1000

      I found your video very encouraging! 56 1/2 and a life time of no activity and bad habits, I have just started at the gym. I hired a strength coach to help me and after watching your video I am more comfortable with the program he has me on. Thank you

    • Ezra Barnes

      Great advice. I could really relate to what was being said after almost 20 years away from the gym. My mobility has mostly come back but have some excess fat to get rid of.

    • Robert Stafford

      Man, I am so glad I came across this I’m 55 body beat the hell shoulders, back, knees, and 100 pounds overweight haven’t worked out in 15 years your videos are going to be so important to me I have subscribed and I will keep watching thank you

    • Sgt Bill

      Good stuff! Great motivator! Former Marine – Current LEO (57) – gotta get some strength back to finish my career strong – thanks for your work


      Thank you my friend for these suggestive exercise regimens. I’m currently 51 and have been working out for many of years and to this day I’m still taking in suggestions for workouts. I feel like you can never stop learning in this area. Kudos 👍

      • Anthony Perkins

        Facts, me to.

    • Jay Vee

      Amazing video – VERY true. I could attest to all that was said here because: I used to train a lot in my 20s up to my 30s but was more of a “bro” trainee (mostly trained the upper body and did no legs). I then got married and stopped for over 20 years and let myself go. Now in my 50s, I put on weight, I had hip pains, knee pains, lower back pains etc… and lost a lot of mobility, flexibility and of course strength. I was limping in my 50s when walking. What the hell? When an x-ray showed that my left hip is showing the start of arthritis due to the pain, alarm bells went off in my head. I said to myself enough is enough… I am far too young to be like this. I could not bend my knees more than 5 inches or so under my own body weight without pain. I slowly started goblet squats but only with my own body weight. At first, I saw no results other than pain. Lucky for me, I am mentally tough so I stuck to it and a few months later, gradually, I was able to squat lower and lower till one day, I managed to squat comfortably all the way down past parallel PAIN-FREE!! Now I can goblet squat 4X10 sets with an 80-lb dumbbell. This allowed me to graduate to back squats. Presently, I can only back squat 75lbs at 4X10 sets but my technique is good (I take videos of myself to check). I am sticking to this because evidence has shown me that progress is imminent. I can also deadlift which is something I could not do. By the way, I also perform loaded carries and it is just a phenomenal exercise. What I found works for me now is twice a week, I do my pulls… deadlifts, rows, abs (wheel and planks), biceps ending with loaded carries. Alternating for two other days of the week are my pushes… squats, chest press, shoulder press and triceps and again ending with loaded carries. This makes me train 4 times a week and at the end of all my workouts I do my stretches. For me, my body recovers well this way. Anyhow, I said all this because now due to people like you @Live Anabolic, I feel so much better and the quality of my life has really improved in ways I can’t even explain. I feel amazing. You really help people that choose to listen to your advice. Keep doing what you do and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! You have my full respect.

    • Al Brown

      I turn 70 on 4/27 and still hit it hard everyday. Lots more walking and 2 days of Tricon training!! Thanks Gary!

      • Eileen Wright

        Happy Belated Birthday. 55 years old here and have been training off and on since high school, 1982.

    • David Carrasco

      Hello… I just hit 50 a couple of months ago. It truly is a different faze of life. I started following your channel a few months ago and I really appreciate the info you share. Blessings!

    • Karen Everett

      Awesome information! I’m a personal trainer with some older adult clients and this was so helpful!!

    • J Miles

      Thankyou bud I’ve just turned 50. This gives me hope as I’m starting back today. Long history of weight training but had 3 years out. I believe it’s all in the mind 😀

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