Muscle Building Mistakes Men Over 50 Make …

Guys…there are things that may not seem like a big deal, but here are muscle building mistakes men over 50 tend to make. Make sure to use the tips I am about to give you to optimize your muscle growth, instead of hurting it. Let’s get started with the tips in this video tutorial on muscle building mistakes men over 50 make.

Tip #1: UNDERTRAINING. You need to make sure that you are training hard enough. There needs to be enough intensity, and you need to push yourself. If you don’t push yourself hard enough, you are not going to see results.

Tip #2: NOT ENOUGH LEGS. You need to train your legs more, leg muscles make up 50% of the muscle mass in your body. When you work your legs, it sends messages to your brain to ramp up the production of testosterone. Testosterone is very important for building muscle, especially as you get older.

Tip #3: USING TOO MUCH WEIGHT. Make sure to leave your ego at the door. I know you want to lift heavy at the gym because it looks good and it is impressive. Well lifting really heaving is not the key to building muscle. When lifting heavy, you tend to use bad form. When using good form, you do a better job at focusing on the contractions in your muscles.

Tip #4: SIGNIFICANCE OF NUTRITION. Nutrition isn’t just food, it includes water as well. Water is important for you to lose weight and lose fat. Start off by trying to drink a gallon of water a day, and even with that you are going to see results. After that then focus on the food you are putting into your body. Also add intermittent fasting and even carb-cycling to get really good results.

Tip #5: WARMING UP. You need to make sure to get the blood flowing and your heart rate up before you start your workouts. Another important thing to do when warming up, is to add some resistance. Doing this will also help prevent injuries, which is key for you guys over 50.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with muscle building mistakes that you men over 50 need to avoid. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle after 50 and get in shape.

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    • Live Anabolic

      Inside today’s brand new video… 58 year old Live Anabolic trainer Mark Mcilyar reveals the WORST muscle building mistakes men over 50 make when trying to build strength and add muscle… These tips will come in handy as far as what to avoid going into 2021… so you can escape injury, slow results, and other setbacks and reach your body transformation goals!

      • Kevin Ridd

        Doing legs I agree with you’re wrong about the testosterone levels going up.It would be great if it were true, but it isn’t.

        In fact, the size and duration of any post-exercise increase in testosterone is too small and too short-lived to have any meaningful impact on muscle growth.

      • Kevin Ridd

        It would be great if it were true, but it isn’t.

        In fact, the size and duration of any post-exercise increase in testosterone is too small and too short-lived to have any meaningful impact on  muscle growth

      • Jerry Stone

        @Kevin Ridd Well I don’t know how it works buddy but by god it works ! When I started squatting seriously I gained a lot more mass in the upper body Also . So it does something anabolic !

      • 1800BrokenSoul


    • Ron Michelson

      Hi Mark- I heartily agree with you about ramp up sets. When I do them, I get completely focused on form and my lifts are all excellent- I’m satisfied even on the days my lift doesn’t come together so well (every one has those days! It’s the nature of the beast). I’m convinced this is because I’m inside with my mind body connection and not obsessing about how much weight I think I should lift to be “successful”. Dare I say it? It’s quite Buddhist-like for me. And when I’m focused, one “off” rep is not the whole set…I can correct immediately and continue. It’s just this rep, right now.

    • Guido K

      57 years now, and start training this week after 35 years. I used to train a lot when I was young. Hope I get fit again after your advice. Greetings from the Netherlands!

      • Harley B. Bird Whisperer

        Still with it Guido?

      • Guido K

        @Harley B. Bird Whisperer yes, and feeling better than ever before! And is it the same for you?

      • Harley B. Bird Whisperer

        @Guido K Yup, but I’ve been pretty steady for many years. 76 in July. Most late starters don’t stick. Congratulations on being unusual

      • Dieter H.

        If your lifting is as excellent as your English, you will be crushing it. I’m assuming you are a native Dutch speaker.

      • Harley B. Bird Whisperer

        @Dieter H. Ah, Dieter, I’m a lifelong Californian. Been to Amsterdam twice. Once for the tulip festival, once to catch a Rhine cruise – after a brown cafe visit. Nice place. Lots of bikes, I used to commute on one too.

    • john zonker

      This information is absolutely ON POINT! By far, the best information and advice for men over 50.
      Admittedly, it gets frustrating trying to figure out our body after age 50 … it’s like its a totally different person.
      Good stuff, and keep it coming!

      • T C

        John I hear what your saying and I totally agree. Best wishes to you

    • PNP

      I really love your channel especially on sprinting technique. I’ve been doing fast sprinting less than month now and my love handles went from handful to under 1″. I didn’t expected the fast results and was surprised my shirt don’t have the usual bump near the belt line.

    • L Karamazov

      You’re right about undertraining. When I first found your channel and others like Thenx before covid, I was really intense, and I was getting more results in a few months than I did in the past 20 years. Covid and my failure to sustain once the gyms closed really slowed me down. I lost a lot last year.

    • Nick. K

      Hi Mark, thank you so much for the great advice!
      I’ll be turning 51 this year and really looking forward to applying these techniques and making a change in my life for the better, great video mate!

    • James Gilmore

      Mark you always pour out your knowledge to us and never try to sell anything. I’m 58 this year and have been working out since I was 16. I have always battled weight ( I’m down from 330 4 yrs ago) and currently about 285. I have arthritis in hips knees lower back and now it seems shoulders. This week I’ve been doing circuit training 4 exercises ( goblet squats, dumbbell press, db rows and pushups) 20 lb db 4 rounds 10 reps. I want to get db down to about 220. What would you suggest?

    • GeodeLaVillette

      I’m 52, and I am slowly getting back into shape after being for more than 20 years overweight. This is a very well made video, and gives me the extra motivation I need to get to my goals. Thank you Mark !

      • Luther Odaniels jr

        Same here

    • Dan Schneider

      Really enjoying your content. I’m 58 and almost done with my first 3 months of a steady resistance and cardio program that I found on another site. Almost down to my goal weight of 180lbs and developing lean muscle…..feeling really good. For my next challenge I think I’m going to focus on your great information because it is targeted to us older guys. Do you have a weight training program that you have developed and would suggest? I would love to have that be my next challenge.

    • Rob Attanasio

      Flawless advice! As a bodybuilder/weightlifter for 38 years (started in my early teens), I can vouch for everything said here. Now, at 52, I am implementing all of these tips. Thank you for the reinforcement and encouragement! You earned yourself a new subscriber too…

    • Artist Antonio Rael

      Wow! I really love your advice. I will be 58 this year and I went had a complete Thyroidectomy, radiation and hospitalized 6 times due to complications from medication. I have worked out my entire life, but I am having trouble losing the last 40 lbs to get back to a comfortable weight.Thank you for all the advice. I will follow them. I saved the video so I can go back and watch it when needed.

    • Bernard Languillier

      Thanks, great advice! 49 here, doing regular exercise, 20 mins every morning at home without using any machine (75 push ups in 3 series of 25,… simple things) plus a few visits a week to the gym focusing on cardio (swimming 1K, biking 10K). That has been a good balance for me. I put a high focus on injury avoidance (that could be a valuable #6 although it probably derives from the first 5). Because a simple injury can cause weeks of down time that are super painful to gain back later.

      The part I need to work on most is nutrition… too many good things to eat around me… 🙂

    • Justa Thought

      I love this video. At 52 mow, I totally agree with every single subject mentioned. Especially the mind to muscle connection and nutrition. The nutrition in my opinion is the hardest part for most people because it’s a 24 hr a day and a lifestyle change to eat better. We all know it’s not easy with all the temptations around us. Persevere and you will achieve a better you!. You can do it!

    • Ron Sullivan

      I am 65 now, soon 66 and have just gotten back into weight training after a 40 year gap. Been following all of these videos exactly as they say, and I can tell you they do give results. After only about four weeks the results are very noticeable. Looking forward to what the end of the year brings. My 34″ pants and shorts age getting real loose and can now wear 32″ size.

      • Anandan N

        👍 thanks

      • Aaron Barlow

        Pants getting looser? DO MORE LEGS!! 😉

      • T C

        @Aaron Barlow will doing more legs help to lose weight or make my pants fit tighter? I’m trying to lose fat and maintain muscle.

    • Kjeld Pedersen

      Very good advice, Sir👍
      I’m 63 and was bodybuilding and running a lot in the 1980’s. Since I’ve been taking care of my body on and off with jogging, bicycling and occasional periods of visiting the gym. But career and other interests kind of got in the way – guess that many people will recognize the pattern. Overweight and an unmistakable feeling of getting old was the result. The pattern from my youth, when I could smoke, drink and eat whatever I wanted as long as I did just a minor effort to keep in shape just wasn’t sufficient anymore…
      After a minor stroke 2 years ago I totally changed my attitude. A year of keto diet combined with walking a lot got rid of the worst overweight. And then I slowly started working out – weight training and cardio. I was stunned about how fast you actually can get good results again even at my age…but also by how easy it is to damage yourself if you’re not careful. That’s why your advice is so welcome😊
      I might add just one more thing from my personal experience though. When you’re getting to the point where you’re really starting to see results, visit the gym less often but put much more effort into your training when you’re there. That gives you more time to recover which is increasingly important as we’re getting older. You will experience that you’ll really have the power to do such “super sessions” because you’re fully recovered. But off cause it also means that it’s more important never to miss a training session. And that it’s even more important to follow your advice👍

    • jeff Preininger

      Thanks for the great motivation. It was easy to train 20 years ago. I could lose weight and gain muscle at will. At 50….not so easy. I’m starting to fall apart but don’t want to let it happen. I have a 1 year goal of how I want to look and feel. This is solid advice that I will follow. Reminder to myself..don’t skip leg day!!!!!
      Thank you.

    • TheBruces56

      I’m 67, a retired cop and I’ve been in the gym my whole life. Even though I’m a certified personal trainer I often don’t follow my own advice. This video reminded me that I’m guilty of some of these things especially neglecting legs. That stops tomorrow!

    • Jaco Burger

      Well said Mark, very good advise even for the younger crowd. Start training like this even in your late 40’s. Injury is a serious thing, stay in touch and focused while training. Health and mobility are more important than ego and ignorance.

    • Robert Gould

      Thank you! I’m 84 and started working out after shoulder surgery 15 months ago. Your comments about warm-ups will be really helpful to me.

      • Jennie Guy

        Brilliant ❤️

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