The Only 3 Chest Exercises You Need To Build Muscle…

You don’t need a lot of different exercises and equipment to get a bigger chest. All you need is a set of dumbbells, and these 3 exercises to help you get a bigger chest at home. You are probably used to doing the same chest exercises in your workouts, and it is important to change up that routine to spark new muscle growth. That is why the 3 exercises I am about to give you will help you build a bigger chest and work your chest differently. Let’s get started with the unique 3 exercises you need to build muscle with dumbbells only.

Exercise #1: DUMBBELL INCLINE SQUEEZE PRESS. The goal is to squeeze the dumbbells together and maintain that squeeze. You are going to work your chest throughout the entire range of motion. Press the weights together throughout the whole movement from stretch to contraction. Applying the constant tension to the chest, will help you build more muscle in your chest.

Exercise #2: TRICON DUMBBELL BENCH PRESS. With the TRICON sets, here is the layout. It is 9 total reps, the first 3 reps are explosive, the second 3 reps are isometric 10 second holds, and the last 3 reps are super slow reps (4 seconds up and 4 seconds down). You can do this exercise with lighter weight, and still get the great benefits of working your chest with the TriCon Training.

Exercise #3: MID-LINE BENCH PRESS. You are going to bring the dumbbells to the midline of your body at the top of the movement, using a supinated grip. This is going to help you get a great contraction, and help you work your inner chest. You are going to be pushing away from the body, while coming across at the top of the movement.

Incorporate these exercises into your chest workouts, and you are going to see some great results. This will help spike your muscle growth, by hitting the chest muscles in different ways.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the only 3 chest exercises you need to build muscle with dumbbells only. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and get ripped fast.

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    • Live Anabolic

      When it comes to building up your pecs at home…You don’t need to bang out 1,000 push-ups but instead… add these 3 chest-building exercises to your routine… and you’ll really build those pecs!

      • alanckaye

        Sadly at 73 I have man boobs. I understand losing some weight is optimal but as I build my chest will the moobs increase as well? Thanks Gary

      • SiSenor

        Just one set with 8 or 10 reps?

      • saintrich

        God bless you

      • Gond. Lész Gond

        and those at least 400 mg of steroids/week… right?

    • Mountains Passion Petr Dakota

      Great tips Gary as always 👍 Needed something for a change and this looks a good option 🏋‍♂️ Keep doing the great job ! 💪👏

    • Norman DICataldo

      I’m a 56 year old, left leg amputee. I’m looking forward to incorporating these workouts into my routine Thank you for these videos

      • Norman DICataldo

        @Andrew Jones I appreciate that Thanks for the support

      • Thomas Heitkamp

        left egg amputee

      • Godly

        Thank you for your service

      • Norman DICataldo

        @Godly You’re welcome Thanks for the support

      • Printed Props

        Tsk tsk, always skipping leg day

    • MrDeman40

      Great advice !!
      You got a new subscriber here !!
      I just turned 51 this past January , my job ( Courier) keeps me in relatively “ok” shape but I am definitely going to start implementing a home workout . I know I am not 25 anymore but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be in decent shape !!

    • Texas Elvis

      I’m 50 and injured my right shoulder on a regular incline bench press last summer. It’s still not right, but it’s better. Thanks for the tip on lowering the angle to still get that upper chest workout. I’ve since gone to dumbbells only and it’s working better for me. Love the channel!

    • DudeK DudeK

      55yo and i love the incline squeeze press for my first chest exercise and the squeeze def is shoulder friendly for me ,, I usually do a couple warm up.sets with lighter weights then do 70 – 80lb dumbbells for my 3 – 4 main sets ,,, Great video for us old dude gym rats !!

    • Ken Tyrrell

      Hey Gary! I’m 64 and only started working out last year during Covid. I enjoy your videos and use several of your tricon exercises. My problem is bad posture and I feel like my shoulders are rounding forward more and more. Do you have any exercises the might help me improve my posture and reverse the shoulders rolling forward?

      • Daisy Dog

        Need to work the back to even out the chest

    • scott grasher

      I’ve always considered myself advanced as far as weight training. I did this workout four days ago and my chest is still SCREAMING!!! Great advice.

    • Freedom

      Really appreciate this video. I am 68 and pushing as hard as these joints allow. Definitely going to put these into my routine. I like your presentation and personality.

    • Thomas Andrews

      I’m 81 years old and started doing these exercises a few weeks ago as I was having problems with heavier weights with the arthritis in my wrists and hands. In any event besides a good workout it seems to have helped the” head forward “ condition I have with my back. I have never had such a straight back for years. I enjoy your information.

      • carnutal

        Thomas. Thanks so much for your comments. You gave hope to this 72 year old. Much appreciated.

      • @Tisoy Chuy

        wow! goodluck sir. can I call you grandpa?

      • Lj Castille

        Awesome! Don’t feel obligated to heavy weights! Slower, deep reps with light weights is very effective. When doing curls, it ok to have your wrist slightly bent back. Takes a load off your elbows and the tendons in your hand

      • Lj Castille

        @Eggèè Aja Focus on safely rebuilding and stabilizing your back muscles first and foremost. Never rush a lower back injury!

      • Rich D

        Why go heavy and get exhausted ovet dead, go for strength duration inlrss u r in for the masters, go for the Mike Menzer HIT for us geezers max out safely, bar bell squats?

    • nathan skipper

      I’m 60 years old and these are absolutely the bomb. I enjoy my chest workout and can see the results from each workout. Thank you Gary from all us older guys.

    • The Grind

      Great exercises. I incorporated some of these into my chest day and got a nice chest pump. Kudos 💪🏽👍🏽

    • Pulusia Filiaga

      I wanna say thank you for your time. I’m gonna follow your instructions and advised. I’m an older guy and I had three strokes and it’s been a long journey. But, I’m gonna follow your advice. Thanks again for your honesty. 👍 God bless you Dude. I’m Hawaiian Born in Hawaii.💪

    • Brian Soles

      Great page!!! Can you make a video from start to finish, an upper body routine for us that are just starting from home with dumb bells and an incline bench. I’m 56 270 and been doing some of your work outs but just in parts for the last 5 months. I’d like to get into a routine of different parts instead of doing the same things everyday. I try to switch it up but i’m not sure if some of the things i do are doing the same muscle but in a different way. the 30 minutes a day that i have been doing have made a difference but a step by step would be awesome. Thanks for the great videos

    • G C

      Hi Gary,
      Love these workouts! I’m 66yrs old and have never felt better. These exercises have really improved my appearance and stamina and I really appreciate that you have posted these as they really help us
      ” old guys” keep going and remain safe, while working out. Thanks again for the great job!

    • Lj Castille

      Excellent exercises! I was getting bored with my routine, tried this today and the burn is real. My new favorite dumbell group for chest Thank you!

    • Namiko Knight

      *So easy to use and so convenient! Awesome in space saving. However, due to its adjustable weight design, the length of the dumbell is always the same regardless of weight. (I.e. a regular 25 lbs dumbell is longer than a 10 lbs dumbell). But that really not a reason to shy away. Also kinda expensive…. but!!! Overall quality **** and ease of use and storage, you cant ask for a better dumbell.*

    • Jose KuroKen

      Older guy here (52) Getting back to the gym after a 17 year hiatus. I really appreciate your focus and consideration on our specific age group. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Kelly Smith

      Love this! I’m 67 and have always worked out but lately my shoulders and left hip have started to give me fits. This helps a ton. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    • Andy Costin

      Thank you for publishing these exercises. At nearly 60, I’d hit a bit of a plateau and first time using these today. Shaking and pumped!!
      Also, any tips on levelling up an uneven chest?

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