Over 60 Years Old Bodybuilding Style Workout With Dumbbells …

Guys..age is just a number. It doesn’t matter if you are over 50 or 60 years old, you can still get in the best shape of your life. That is why I am going to give you an upper body workout with dumbbells only for you men over 60. These are exercises you can do at home, and all you need is a set of dumbbells. Follow along with me as we go through this over 60 years old bodybuilding style workout with dumbbells.

You can do these exercises 3 times per week, 2 sets of each exercise, with 10-12 reps in each set. We are going to work on our arms first, which will be isolation exercises for the biceps and triceps. The next exercises will be compound exercises primarily focusing on the chest and back. Let’s get started with the exercises in this workout with dumbbells only at home. Before starting with the first exercise, make sure to do a 10-minute warm up to get your heart rate up.

Exercise #1: STANDING BICEP CURLS. Focus on keeping your elbow pinned to your side and locked in position, this way you are only focusing on using your bicep. Focus on squeezing at the top of the contraction, and control the weight on the way down.
Exercise #2: SEATED CONCENTRATION CURL. Rest your elbow on the inside of the knee, locked in place, and focus on pulling the weight up using only your bicep. You want to make sure that the bicep is doing 100% of the work.

Exercise #3: TRICEP KICKBACK. You can use a bench to keep you stable, keep the elbow locked in position, and focus on squeezing your tricep to bring the weight up. If you want to make the exercise a little more difficult, you can raise your elbow higher for the starting position.
Exercise #4: STANDING OVERHEAD TRICEP EXTENSIONS. Again, focus on keeping your elbow locked in place. Wanting to make sure that we are isolating the tricep in this movement. Squeeze at the top of the movement.

Exercise #5: DUMBBELL BENCH PRESS. If you don’t have a bench, you can do this on your floor as well. Start with a supinated grip, when you push up turn them outward and touch them together.
Exercise #6: DUMBBELL FLYES. This exercise is really going to stretch out your chest, so this will be focusing on your pecs and the front delts. If you want a heavier load, you can bring your elbows out wider.

Exercise #7: DUMBBELL BACK ROWS. This is going to help you develop a broad looking back. Focus on pulling up, initiating the movement with the elbow. Try not to use momentum to pull the weight up because that is taking away the focus from the back.
Exercise #8: STANDING BACK ROWS (WITH THE ELBOWS OUT). Keep your shoulder flared out, and you want to use your mind muscle connection to squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with an upper body workout with dumbbells at home. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and get ripped at home.

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    • Live Anabolic

      Hey guys, in today’s video I’ll give you an at home workout you can do in your 50s and 60s to build muscle. Comment below and let me know what you think of this workout!

      • SiSenor

        @John Pymn I bet that helps. That’s what Joe Rogan has admitted to doing. But, my doctor told me to stay away from TRT.

      • Jane

        I think this is a great video. Exactly what I need to get started lifting barbells. If John would sell a video like this I would buy it.He slowly explains things and demonstrates the exercises. I am seeing/feeling gains already.

      • Paulo Remédios

        aos 50 ou 60 conseguimos reverter muita coisa menos a pele , a flacidez dos anos da idade é difícil reverter , mesmo com muito exercício uma pele de 55 ou 60 nunca será igual a uma pele de 30 esteticamente .

      • Richard Daniel

        @James Tucker excellent

      • G B

        IMO the order of exercises is off a bit.Unless doing some kind of pre exuast compound movements like bench should be done before triceps.same with rowing and biceps. In general descent routine though.

    • jeffrey justice

      Thanks. I’m 68 been lifting off and on since mid 60s- -serious again last 7 years. I can do most anything as before, just very careful on heavy lifts and satisfied with whatever feels “heavy”, not comparing weights of the past .

      • T D

        Yep, I struggle – try not to pick up my ego again… ego hurts now lol.

      • Why Bother

        Good man.

      • Sinfuldavy

        Can lifting heavier weights affect the rotator cuff muscles. I’m 72 and I love lifting heavy.

      • William Snellen

        awesome 👏 👍😎🤔👀

    • Wataboutya

      This guy covers and explains the exercises very well. I like his style!

    • Robin Mckenzie

      One of the best easy to follow videos I’ve seen on YouTube and I’m on YouTube all the time!!! Brilliant and many thanks!!! 😀👍

    • paul mawman

      Hi from the UK. Due to the pandemic I found myself unemployed aged 62. I now work in a physical job for the first time in 40 years and have lost 30lbs in 6 months. I have been following these videos and I am now the fittest I have been since I was a club swimmer in my 20’s. Great info thanks a lot from an old man that doesn’t feel so old any more.

      • Ted Baxter

        Good for you being hired for a physical job. I was 45 applying for a mechanic job after graduating auto repair class and the guy told me to my face that the job was too physical for me.

      • paul mawman

        Ted Baxter I am now working for the Royal Mail Company which requires me to be on my feet 8 hrs a day moving mail sacks. I love the physical aspect of the work and your advice regarding training at home has ensured I am up to the job! I look better, feel a lot better and dare I say it can out perform a lot of the young guns at work! After 12 years in a desk bound job I have found a new me! Thanks guys, keep it up.

      • T D

        @Ted Baxter That’s the practice in the US too, but not legal. Until covid I was kinda jacked and could’ve dropped and done 70 pushups as a challenge to the interviewer. Not now, need to reboot.

      • MID RAJU

        62 and you consider yourself old? No way!

      • paul mawman

        @UncleEarl97 thanks, the videos and the Job help each other. There is a gym at work with instructors that I am now taking advantage of as well. Great tuition please keep it up.

    • bob shortman

      I’m 68 , I have been lifting for a few months, I wish I had seen this video first, it would have gotten me straight to the right lifts rather then trying to remember what I did in high school. I have had shoulder injuries so I lift light weights . Thank you for the video and the calming voice .

      • T D

        When I started I used cable machines only and lots of cardio and stretching. What I liked later was Serge Nubret’s moderate weight and high volume. I’m retiring a few years early and can’t wait to get into the gyms when they re-open again.

    • Greg

      At the age of 63, I find that my motivation for weight lifting has changed over the years. In my 30s, I worked out to look good for the ladies and now I weight lift so my cholesterol and blood pressure looks good for my doctor.

      • John M Queripel

        I’m nearly 67 and still look good for the ladies, still train as I did in my thirties and look pretty much the same. Don’t set your expectations too low.

      • 444age

        I train now to look good at my funeral. A funeral director will give me 60% off if I show up with a six-pack. Deal of a lifetime!

      • John M Queripel

        Lady doctor?

      • John M Queripel

        @Himawan Subiantoro You can, but it ain’t easy.

      • Iceman 23

        Lol!!!! Aint this the truth!! Keep lifting you inspire me

    • Bob Vedder

      I havent done “gym style” exercises for quite a while. I do 20 pullups, switching between overhand and underhand alternate days. Most of the rest of the day (during warm months) is cutting, packing, splitting, and stacking firewood for our Alaskan winters. I am 68 and weigh 224, my sixpack is padded for warmth!

    • Arden Peters

      I’ll be 80 next week, been doing similar things for at least 30 years. Light weights, stretch bands, rollers… nice to be in better shape than most men of 50!

      • William Snellen

        Awesome 👏 🇺🇸👍👀🤔

    • Joe Brown

      Great vid been exercising since 1960 I’m 70 yo did heavy construction labor still do I exercise with these exercises for 30 min also use loop bands and finish off with 1o sets of 50 jump ropes all outside in the fresh air thanks again ps sti.l got my old York and Dan Laurie plates that were my pops

    • greg PETERBURS

      75 and training 57 years , 6 days a week, part in the am the other half pm , feel great 👍

    • Alex Cordero

      Yep… glad I found this video! I’m 57 and started resistance training to supplement running (5K, 10k, HM). I was surprised to see my muscles grow again because you read that everything slows down as you get older. Thank you SO MUCH for explaining what “engage the core” means. I get tired of hearing that and nobody ever explains it. I did exactly what you described and actually felt my abs and lower back tighten up–felt great, like I was actually doing some work. THANKS!!

    • Dano Pierce

      I loll this video, you get my motivated. I just turned 69 and I am working out strong again. Thanks for the workout tips. God Bless!

    • Rob Cairney

      67 in August and I have been working out off and mostly, on, since I was sent to the gym for asthma when I was 15 and becoming more consistent as I get older (min 5 times a week usually). Definitely getting form correct to avoid injury is key as shown here. Also, I believe, is variety. So, I rotate weight training between free- weights, cables/bands, and machines plus walk/ jog, yoga, swim ( on holidays only, I build up to a kilometre as quickly as I can) , kayak etc. Really appreciated the reminders of correct form here.

    • marius marius

      Wow, very well presented. Down to earth, not over hyped and very clear. Great video. Glad i found you and like your style. Subscribed. 👌👍

    • Gary Horsfield

      Great video bro I’m 61 and have been working out for 18months now feeling great and going through a Muscular change it’s great to be working out your video keeps me Motivated !!👍

    • Rick Innes

      Thanks for this video – I had been doing 25-30-40 sets for a long time – I just did my first 3 sets following your example – wow , what a difference – huge difference .

    • George

      Great stuff, thanks. I really appreciate this because I’m 69 years. Was going to the gym for several years before covid and stopped going (mostly a cyclist and ex runner). Just started back at a small gym that has nothing but a bench, dumbbell rack, a few olympic bars and racks, some bands, very basic. I’m starting with very low weights, and carefully. Thanks again!

    • Stan Grande

      Great video. I’ve been doing those same exercises for years. The only other exercise I would add is shrugs to build the traps. Now that I’m almost 57 and 2 years post heart transplant, I’m rebuilding my physique all over again. Definitely using lighter weight, higher reps, and slower movements. Stay strong, Brothers. 💪🏼

    • Dan Post

      John, this video is great! Your way of explaining and demonstrating each movement is very much appreciated. I am 56 with lots of damage and health issues too. I have lost 110+ lbs with keto/IF and am now starting to to add resistance training into my life to continue improving my situation. I really like your channel and how you teach.

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