Boost Nitric Oxide

If you can boost nitric oxide in your body you can improve your performance in both the bedroom and the gym. And today we are going to talk about how we can do this naturally.

Here is how Nitric oxide works, it is released by the inner layer of the cells of the blood vessels relaxing them and keeps them flexible, allowing them to enlarge increasing blood flow, helping to control blood pressure. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces the risk of plaque development.

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Without good nitric oxide production we run the risk of high blood pressure, inflammation of the blood vessels, plaque build-up, which can lead to heart problems. All of these negatives in turn further impair our production of nitric oxide. Putting us into a dangerous cycle.

So really it all comes down to improving blood flow. We can’t just supplement directly with nitric oxide either as it’s a gas that doesn’t last more than a second or two. So from a food or supplement standpoint what we have to take is a precursor which is another substance that is a part of the chemical reaction that makes nitric oxide. The 3 main ones are L-arginine, Citrulline, and Nitrates which are most commonly studied using beetroot juice.

L-arginine is made in our bodies and can be found in high protein foods, with turkey and pork having the highest amounts, then there are seeds like pumpkin. And legumes including chickpeas and lentils.

It used to be the most popular supplement to boost Nitric oxide, but over time it has been shown to be less effective. With one exception, when combined with Pycnogenol which is a pine bark extract and it has been shown to improve erectile dysfunction.

L-citrulline has shown positive results in reducing mild cases of ED, but just like L-arginine not to the level of Viagra or Cialis. It is kind of like comparing cocaine to coffee, but let’s face it most of the time we really just need a cup of coffee.

Where citrulline really shines is in sports performance. Most often combined with malate which is an ionized form of malic acid found in foods like apples and watermelon. Interestingly enough L-citrulline was first discovered in watermelon.

Citrulline malate is a common ingredient in pre-workouts advertising it as being able to give you a skin splitting pump, but more important than this, research has shown it can improve our performance during an individual weight training session with one study having the participants able to perform 53% more repetitions in a fatigued state.

Beetroot juice is the next one and it along with nitrates.

Nitrates are what are in beets that get converted into nitric oxide with one study showing nitric oxide levels increasing by 21% in just 45 minutes after ingesting.

Beets aren’t the only vegetable high in nitrates, some other examples would be spinach, lettuce, celery and kohlrabi.

While beetroot juice hasn’t been studied with regards to ED it has been shown to increase nitric oxide, lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. All things that help with erectile issues. but if you are on medication for high blood pressure you should consult with your doctor first.

I have used beetroot juice to improve my running and found it to be effective. One thing I should point out is that you shouldn’t use mouthwash for at least 12 hrs before taking beetroot juice as it kills the oral bacteria needed to convert nitrates into nitric oxide.

I think most of us are aware that exercise along with proper recovery allows us to perform at a higher level in future workouts. One of the ways it does this is by increasing our nitric oxide production.

One study I looked at showed improvements in as little as 10 weeks after exercising with moderate intensity for 30 minutes 3 times a week.

A meta-analysis I looked at connected the dots between aerobic exercise and how it increases nitric oxide to successfully treat erectile dysfunction.

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    • SilverSage

      Really informative. I thought my supplementation knowledge was current, but apparently not. Also didn’t know about mouthwash and beet root juice conflict. What about stacking creatine and beet root juice?

      EDIT: Really enjoy your videos. BTW, I’m 62 but don’t feel it, even when an ancient back injury decides to make an uninvited appearance. Well, maybe a little…

      • Fit and 50

        As far as I know there are no issues with combining beetroot juice and creatine. I have read some articles recommending it.

    • Kevin Clements

      increasing our knowledge yet again Larry !!! Thanks dude

      • Fit and 50

        Glad you enjoyed it Kevin, it is an interesting topic nitric oxide provides a lot of health benefits which in turn translate into better performance.

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

      Very informative Laurence. Interesting to hear about the impact of mouthwash and nitrates. I never heard of that before.

      • Fit and 50

        It’s interesting how our bodies work, with the digestion process beginning as soon as we put food in our mouths.

    • Santhosh Vijayan

      Informative.. Thank you so much Bro 👍😍

      • Fit and 50

        Glad you enjoyed it!

      • Axel Sprängare


    • Edward JandA GlobalBeveragesFZC

      Precise and to the point, without any BS. Thanks for the informative video.

      • Fit and 50

        Anytime my friend. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    • Gil AKA MMAFAN3

      Great info man, thank you! Just subscribed.

      • Fit and 50

        Welcome to the channel!

    • Sobriquet

      Question: You say not to use mouthwash 12 hours before drinking beet juice, but can you use mouthwash after you ingest beet juice? Thanks for the succinct and very helpful video.

      • Fit and 50

        I’m not sure how long after you should wait but I’d give it a couple of hours at least.

      • Sobriquet

        @Fit and 50 Thank you!

      • Fatelvis2

        @Fit and 50 so say I use mouth wash while brushing my teeth at 7 am I cant use beat juice or pumpkin seeds until 7 PM and then it should be a few hours before I use mouth wash again hmm kind of gives me only a small window

      • Infentie MK

        @Fit and 50 What about toothpaste, when i brush my teeth?

    • Douglas Grilletto

      Just found this just what I was looking for. Thanks. so its it safe to say you can take citrulline,beet root juice and pycongelo to help with ed blood pressure and boost NO

    • jai ho

      L arginine vs l citrulline.. which is best ??
      Nice work sir 😎

      • Fit and 50

        I pick exercise over both, but I was to chose between the two I would go with l citrulline.

      • jai ho

        @Fit and 50 wonderful

      • Assassin Legend

        @jai ho you can get both in one pill from Amazon

      • jai ho

        @Assassin Legenddo combination of both work efficiently???

      • Ibrahim Bhat


    • Angel Serrano

      Arugula is good, too. It’s low in oxalates. Pomegranate juice is also recommended. I blend both in blender and add chia seeds, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon, and unsweetened dark chocolate. I do my kegals, and work out as well. Resistance and HITT. I’ve noticed improvement.

      • Angel Serrano

        @Mighty Healthy I wasn’t aware either until I began researching foods with low sodium. My mother died from a stroke due to hypertension as a result of her high sodium levels. She used lots of salt. It’s the reason I steer clear of salt. You can’t avoid it entirely, but you can reduce it. Eating out is where you encounter the added salt. One celery stalk has about 88 grams of sodium. Spinach about 90. Sweet potato 45. Carrot about 50. I don’t use salt when I cook. So I avoid the unnatural added salt. Yes, arugula is nitrite rich with low oxalates. The only green high in both oxalates and sodium is spinach. It has great properties, but I don’t want that much sodium. The oxalates can form kidney stones and inhibits bone from absorbing calcium. That’s why stopped eating it. For some people, it’s great. It’s not for me, however.

      • Mighty Healthy

        @Angel Serrano sorry to hear about your mother, I now understand your cautiousness over salt.
        Oxalates, so those are no good then, bc they block calcium absorbtion and promote kidney stones?

      • Angel Serrano

        Some people might be ok with it. Different things affect different people differently. For me, I prefer not to find out. So I avoid it.

      • Trinidad Rodriquez

        Also watermelon and pomegranate

      • Angel Serrano

        @Trinidad Rodriquez I just drank a smoothie a few minutes ago blended with watermelon, pomegranate, Ceylon cinnamon, chia seeds and Ginger

    • vasco1983

      Great info on the video! 👏👏👏👏👏One question, do you consider beet root pills would work as well, or as close as natural beet root juice? Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, I’m 39 and trying to do anything at hand to avoid meds and to resort to natural ways, exercise as well in order to get to my 40s the best that I can while I have time and health.

      • Fit and 50

        I haven’t researched the pills. All the studies I have read used beet root juice. So I would recommend the juice over the pills based on current research.

    • Andy J

      Thank you for the information. Well appreciated.

      • Fit and 50

        Glad you found it helpful

    • HM

      I like your videos. Compact, informative and no bs

    • mohan singh Rawat

      Thanks for precious and vital health advice sir. One thing i came to know is we should do regular excercise & should take beetroot spinach juice. That will maintain good harmones,get more oxygen,more nitric acid, increase melatonin, haemoglobin & our partner will also be happy.
      Thank you and have a energetic and productive day.

      • Fit and 50

        I’m glad you find the video helpful. Have a good one, my friend

    • Fidel Adi

      Am 37, have been having E D. After the first round I won’t have erection again, it will take upto 3-4 hours before I will have a weak erection. I have not been doing excercise and I don’t sleep well in the night. I will sleep for 2-3 hours and wake up.
      I will key into this very important useful information. I need lasting solution for my ED.

      • Mos PC

        Hello, Fidel

        Try the fundamentals: good sleep, reasonable healthy diet, and some form of physical activity. Those alone would give you more than enough to perform well. Your own body is telling you that you need to up your game, and it is telling you by means that really catch your attention.

        Take care. Cheers!

    • Saalim Rashiyd

      Just subbed.. Your vids are easy to understand

    • Vinay Temburnikar

      Thanks for the great video!

    • Mic Powers

      Im only 36 but i love this channel.I think any age can benefit from these.

    • Marcus Jasso

      Hope this helps, I’m also blending organic celery, pineapple and beet root. Taste great. Keeps the juices flowing.

    • Georgia Prixs

      Awesome stuff man I’m 26 and I suspect that my body changed instantly at like the worst time possible… And I need to start taking supplements and everything because I noticed that I went from constant erections to one maybe two a day and when something that like that since you notice it 🤣🤣 hopefully I start doing the exercises in the last video I watched and I start changing my diet for the better over here

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