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If you are trying to build muscle and you are a man over 40, it is important to know how to workout. That is why today, I am going to give you the best workout split for men over 40. Before I get into that, let me tell you about what a workout split is. A workout split is how you choose to divide your workouts each week. There are a lot of different ways to do this. You can choose to divide it up by body parts, or you can split it up by movements like push and pull. What’s cool is, you don’t need to use the same workout split year after year, it is fine to switch it up. However, today I want to help you decide what workout split you should be using right now.

Regardless of what I say in this video, always remember to NEVER STOP TRAINING! You can make it work. There may be setbacks at times, but don’t give up on your fitness goals and improving your health. It is never too late to take back control of your life and well being. This is one of the reasons why I started my AMP Program (Alpha Maker Project). You can click the first link in this description to learn more about it. Now, let’s get started with the best workout split for men over 40.

At the end of the day, the best workout split is the one you can make work with your schedule and built for optimal recovery. You need to ask yourself this questions when deciding what works for you. CAN YOU STICK TO THE SCHEDULE? I recommend working out 3-5 days per week, and your workouts can be as short as 20 minutes, if necessary. The key is consistency from week to week. Here is a list of some of my favorite workout splits that I have used over the years:

PUSH, PULL, LEGS: You can use this split 3 days per week. For example:
Monday: Push Day
Tuesday: Pull Day
Wednesday: Off Day
Thursday: Leg Day
Friday: Push Day
Saturday & Sunday: Off Day
Then pick up the next week where you left off.

Monday: Chest and Back
Tuesday: Leg Day
Wednesday: Off Day
Thursday: Sleeves Day (Shoulders, biceps, and triceps)
Friday: Chest and Back
Saturday and Sunday: Off Day
Then pick up the next week where you left off.

Choose 1-2 exercises for each body part, and do a full body workout at least 3 times per week.

This is when there is a lot of volume for each body part and each workout, and you will only work each body part once per week.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the best workout split for men over 40. Check out our coaching program, and choose a workout split that is best for your style and routine. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle after 40.

    8 replies to "Best Workout Split For Men Over 40"

    • Adam Scott Fit

      Completely agree with you. It’s whatever fits with your life – get a routine that fits your life, don’t fit yourself into a routine!

    • Futuwriter

      You should reupload this video with proper quality. And here is why: bad cut at 0:05, ugly noise pop-up at 0:37, annoying noise pop-up at 0:53, stupid noise at 1:52, etc. Dude, I tired to count and stopped after the first two minutes.

      • Rich Klee

        You okey Futuwriter? 😅🇺🇸✌🏽

    • Chimaera

      Consistency is the key, regardless whatever split you choose

    • Gary Vaughn

      Another great video Gary. Consistency is a real struggle sometimes but when I am constantly working out I feel better and look better. I’ve got to watch those carbs when I go on cruises. Lol. Thanks again brother

    • smithiron 704

      Awesome video man! Thank you so much!

    • johnny joejoe

      there are a lot of weird sounds that are present throughout the entire video and a bad cut in the beginning.

    • Dan Raymond

      This sounds Great. Im retiring in January. Im 60 years old. Will have a lot more time. Need to figure out what would be the best routine for me. One that I can be very consistent with. Thanks for all your posts.

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