Did you know that there is new research available that shows you don’t need to stretch to increase flexibility and joint range of motion? In this video, I am going to show you how you can ditch your boring static stretching routine (that you’re probably not even doing in the first place) and can replace it with something that is simple and easy to follow.

What this new research shows is that traditional strength training is just as beneficial as traditional static stretching when it comes increasing a person’s flexibility and joint range of motion. So, that means that if you were dreading adding a few extra minutes to your routine in order to go through some uncomfortable static stretching, I have another option for you.

When it comes to stretching and flexibility, some will argue that it is the most important thing that you can do. In fact, they might call it the “fountain of youth.” I’m not going to argue its importance, but I too find myself often skipping it when short on time, especially since it is relegated to the end of the workout anyways.

So how do we replace the boring static stretch routine? Simple, we incorporate loaded stretching into our weight training routine – yes, you will still be doing SOME stretching, just not the kind you are probably used to doing. We can add these loaded stretches very easily by utilizing the contracted and stretched position of commonly performed exercises.

Now to achieve the best stretch and to maximize flexibility and joint range of motion, you want to make sure you are hitting full range of motion of the muscle on each exercise. Going from fully stretched to fully contracted is the best way to do this and I am going to show you specific exercises that allow you to do this every time.

The first exercise that I want to highlight is the lat pulldown. When incorporating the stretch aspect of the exercise, I like to use the v-handle as it allows me to get my elbows out in front to increase the stretch on the lats. When you perform this back exercise, allow yourself to hang out for a few seconds in the stretch position at the top of the rep. You should really be able to feel your lats getting a good stretch in this position which is good feedback for each rep.

Next up is the cable crossover for your chest. This exercise is awesome for achieving what we want to do in terms of flexibility because not only are we able to go from a good stretch position to start each rep, opening the chest and getting those shoulders back, but we can hit adduct the arms across midline too. While the pecs are stretched to start, at the end they need to be fully contracted.

Then we move on to the triceps with an overhead cable extension. This exercise not only allows you to get your arms up and behind your body to get maximum stretch on the long head of the triceps, but will also help to achieve a good, tall standing posture at the end of each rep. Hang out in that stretch position for a few seconds and really feel your triceps working.

We can get a good stretch on the biceps too, this time with an incline dumbbell curl. By leaning back and getting our forearms into a pronated position, we are making sure that biceps are elongated with load (that being the dumbbells in hand). To really get the most out of this loaded stretch, when you reach the top of the curl, give a little shoulder flexion too so that you take the biceps through full range of motion.

Next, to apply what we’ve been doing to the hamstrings and glutes, you are going to use a simple dumbbell Romanian deadlift. You are going to want to use dumbbells during this exercise because, like the rest, the loading of the stretch is meant to be light. We are not seeking out hypertrophy so the weight is drastically decreased.

For the quads, we go back to the dumbbell bulgarian split squat. This exercise is a great choice because it allows you to stretch the quad of one leg while getting a quad AND hip flexor stretch on the other leg. Not only that, at the top of the rep you can get into hip extension as well. This is a great way to apply loaded stretching to the quads.

To target the hard-to-hit middle delts when it comes to stretching, a simple PNF pattern known as the cable sword raise is the choice for me. Getting the arm across your body with load is the important part here, remembering to hold this stretch for a few seconds at a time before completing each rep.

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      • John Paul Sousa

        what about wrist stretches/ for arms ?

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        Would you be willing and able to take another person like Jesse under your wing, like me? I’m interested, for sure!

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        @Tiger too much of anything isn’t good. Depends how hard your going. But rest is what builds you up

      • Frank LoVerde

        Could you post the 100 version workout for legs and/or back

      • Matthew Kennard

        I really want good week workout what can repeat each week also needs be something what can use callisthenics and dumbbells

    • Englewood

      Thank you so much for giving me the motivation to work through my disability and injuries.. it bleeds over into other areas of my life like making music. You’re the man!

      • Cory

        @pill dickle “Glow up?” Did you mean “grow up?” Maybe you need to pay attention to your elementary school teacher.

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        @pill dickle Exactly. It’s time for a glow-up!

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        Be careful not to message that spam bot posing as athlete X. It’s nothing to do with Jeff it’s a scam, I’ve reported it.

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        @ynghuch lol nark

    • grape

      If you were working with a client and trying to improve their squat mobility, do you realistically expect all people to be able to achieve a squat much deeper than parallel without raised heels? If so, how long do you think this should realistically take to achieve?

      • tyson rosales

        Some of those clients actually need a physical therapist rather than a personal trainer.

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      I would love to see a video about tight hip flexors, especially in regards to anterior pelvic tilt.

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        The theory is that you don’t fix something that’s naturally ‘wrong’ such as APT. Hence this video…

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        @Rysn Parmleee Do you think learning the splits would help with something like that ?

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        @CryptoCSguy no

    • Jesse Richards

      This is a great idea, I’m usually sore enough one day a week that I do strictly stretching so adding this to my daily is perfect to get that volume

    • Andrew Dwillis

      I love seeing the crossovers between channels like Andrew Huberman and Athlean-X. I’m a fan of both. Its nice to see that Jeff and his team are also fans.

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    • Jim

      Like pretty much everyone who lifts I also hate the boring stretching routine. Jeff’s advice here is great to incorporate into my lifts right away. Another solution for me has become hot yoga. On my rest days or even before or after a workout I go to a 45 min class. The class and music part makes it fun, and the heat raises your heart rate and loosens you up. This is tremendous at opening hips and hamstrings, wrist and calves. It loosens neck and lower back. Great all around.

      • Pedro Ormonde

        same here! Specially in winter

      • Jamyn Cartwright

        I gotta find a class this winter. It’s already frigid in AK

      • McMerry

        Me who always stretch never got any injured playing contact sports…and then we have the gym boys who never stretch and are constantly injured by just making curls and 💩 😂

      • Anthony Richardson

        @McMerry I totally agree here. Weightlifting as a way of life requires stretching as well. Many people go for short 45-60 min training session and skip stretching like Jeff said. I spend long time every practice but it calms me down. It’s ‘me’ time away from outside world. Love to stretch and I feel much better and ready to lift. I just don’t know enough to do better routine.

    • Gia Khalsa

      This is brilliant, as usual you are. !!!!
      I am a 75-year-old senior. I do more yoga / stretching than Weight lifting.
      I definitely need more weight lifting. But this concept you have presented is giving me much food for thinking. And I’m sure I will utilize this concept to A very good benefit. Thank you so much.

      • Kelekona H.

        That’s awesome Gia! I’ve been yoga and weight lifting for over 20 years and I can say that yoga doesn’t necessarily detract from my exercise routine. Yoga is typically a great way to help me recover from heavier lifting/cardio days. Also, I typically enjoy maintaining/gaining general body balance that lifting alone doesn’t necessarily provide.

        If you end up dropping yoga for time reasons to increase the time on weights I’d be interested to get an update as to how it goes for you or anyone else in a similar situation. Cheers to finding your ideal exercise routine!

      • UnknownMortal

        Amazing i wish you continuous prosperity in health ❤

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      Hey Jeff,

      It’s been almost 3 months since I started watching your channel and joined the Athlean team.

      I want to express my gratitude for all of your content and motivation I’ve gained from you.

      We’re living through really hard times here in Ukraine and Athlean-X is what keeps my physical and mental condition in normal.

      To notice, I’ve gained the best shape of my life so far.

      Big thanks to you and Jesse, keep doing a great job🤘

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        Slava Ukraine 💛💙

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        Strength to you. Hope everything gets better, rather sooner than later.

    • David Forrest

      I do primarily calisthenics and I’ve always felt that just doing exercise with Rom and increasing it to add difficulty has kept me more flexible than most people I know

      • McMerry

        Most people are average people and thus they have average flexibility 🤡

      • FSacri369

        Yeah dead hang pullups are the ultimate stretching and most people can’t do it

    • Big D Fitness

      I literally recently started incorporating this method at the end of each of my exercises. I did it all on my own idea because it felt good, and I too always skip stretching.

      • situation unchanged

        Same! I’ve done a similar method for a while now, after a heavy set I’ll drop the weight off and focus on rom. You can really feel the stretch and it’s awesome

    • KAM26

      Stretching this way actually feels good (rather than a dedicated stretch routine). Now I’m much more likely to add a 4-5th stretch set knowing that the science states it actually provides a benefit!

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        Use your intuition to

      • McMerry

        When I do a 15 minutes stretching routine I sleep like a cat.

    • Kasuke Urahara

      I would love to see a video on legs, hips and low back.

      Primarily hamstrings, hip flexors, QL and ankles.

    • Daniel Mulero

      Thank you Jeff for another eye opening tip. I can tell for sure that I will incorporate this tip into my routine. Being functionally strong and mobile, isn’t that the ultimate goal of any athletic training?
      Please make more of these videos 👍

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    • Robert

      I would love to see your updated shoulder workout. How you’ve been warming it up and strengthening it over the last few months since the test results. You’re the only game in town that touches on working around an injury and chronic pain. I have a similar diagnosis and am working through movements that don’t cause pain. Everyone else, including doctors and physical therapists, only recommend healing and avoiding the gym for months which seems to make things worse, for me anyway.

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    • shizyninjarocks

      I enjoy the stretch routine at the end of my session. It releases my tight muscles and relaxes my body.

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    • FSacri369

      Stretching made me younger, literally. When I had a big back and knee pain crisis at 51, the doctor send me to therapy and I learned on my self how muscles protect your spine and joints. At one of the last sessions, the therapist did a stretch session, and I can remember the exact moment my body was released of old age prison. Years and years of tight muscles were painfully released that day and I literally felt 20 years younger. I started doing strenght training and stretching, and never look back. Now at 57 I look younger than in my 40s. Incorporate the stretching into your exercises like this but never forget deep muscles like the psoas, rotator cuff muscles, etc. You need to keep some specialized stretching exercises always on your routine, at least weekly. Learn to enjoy them and reap the benefits.

      • Anthony Richardson

        Yes! I’m 41 but started lifting at 37 and slowly improved the condition of my body. We shall never stop lifting and keeping those muscles active and strong!

      • Mario Radoev

        Hey man, I’m 31, but want to prevent getting stiff rather than try to fix it after old age hits me…can you recommend any good overall routines that you do, that helped you the way you described? Thank you!

      • Hobo Sapien

        Can anyone please share a basic stretch routine or some recommended Youtuber?

      • Binoy Mathew

        You’re right. You have been learning. 👍🏽

    • one man

      This message resonates with kneesover toesguy’s. Ben doesn’t do static but can do full splits. I have been incorporating this to almost all my movement patterns, loaded full range, sometimes hyperextended range with full control. It appears if you stretch with weights u get hypertrophy, and do weights with stretching position gets flexibility. As with many other aspects of life, different sides of the same coin 🙃

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    • Eric Merten

      As a personal trainer, this has been one of my favorite concepts to incorporate I’m my clients (and my own) training. Utilizing resistance training exercises that put the muscles in their stretched positions! 🙌🏻

    • J Proxenos

      Hey Jeff,

      Just found your channel! Love your work!

      I was wondering… can I superset with cardio based exercises like skipping, jumping jacks, butt kicks etc? Or will this affect my ability to build muscle?

      Thank you in advance for your advice.

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