The best squats for amazing sex (Go Deeper)

Today we’re going to look at how squats can improve our sex life and make it truly amazing. We’re going to cover different variations and how they improve blood flow to where we need it, to get harder, strengthen our pelvic floor, so we can last longer and increase our testosterone levels.

Nothing gets your heart pumping like high rep squats. Anyone who has done a set of 20 plus repetitions knows it kicks your heart rate into high gear! And more importantly, it’s pumping blood into our lower body.

We see from this picture that the blood flows to our legs from the aorta into the common iliac artery. Now, this is what we want to pay attention to.

The offshoot of this artery is called the internal iliac artery. It’s a branch off of here that supplies our little chicken, turning it into a great big roster!

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So how does this apply to squats? Well, off this iliac artery, blood is also supplied to the glutes, pelvic floor and adductor muscles. Those are the muscles of our inner thigh. When we do squats, we pump blood into these areas improving the flow to the entire region.

This is only part of the benefit squats provide. They also strengthen these muscles. Which does more than improve our thrusting ability. A strong pelvic floor keeps us erect longer.

To illustrate how squats strengthen our pelvic floor, I’ll reference a study done on children with incontinence. It found after a 4-month squat-based pelvic floor rehabilitation program, they had strengthened their pelvic floor to the point that 86% of them no longer had incontinence. Granted, we’re not children, but Biomechanically we’re built the same.

How we squat makes a difference too. For example, a wide stance or sumo squat puts a greater emphasis on our adductors.

Before starting any squat, we want to brace our core which means tightening our abdomen, low back and pelvic floor. Then once we’ve lowered down and we’re ready to drive out of the bottom position, focus on tightening up your butt and pelvic floor as you return to the starting position.

To get the most out of these squats, use a weight that brings you close to failure between 10 to 15 repetitions.

Another exercise that’s great for the adductors is a lateral lunge. This is an advanced variation that’s good for people who want to be able to move more athletically. It’s important you don’t overstep or lean too far to the side, as this will compromise your form.

In a study published in 2019, they measured the leg muscle growth of the quads, hamstrings, glutes and adductors on two groups of untrained men before and after 10 weeks of squats, with one group doing a full range of motion and the other only doing half squats.

What I want to look at is the growth of the glutes and adductor muscles, as they are the ones around the pelvic floor.

It’s probably no surprise that the full range of motion squats built more muscle than the half squats, with a 6.2% increase in adductor muscle volume and a 6.7% increase in the glutes. When doing squats, we need to go deeper!

One variation of the squat that allows me to do a full range of motion is the band sissy squat. I like using a band because the resistance curve complements the movement as you’re weaker at the beginning and stronger at the end, where the band provides the most resistance.

Whenever you do a heavy compound movement like squats, you will get a spike in testosterone, but this isn’t what we are after we want a permanent increase in our resting T levels. To do this, we need to do regular resistance training, adding muscle to our legs and our whole bodies. This works exceptionally well for those who haven’t been training for a while or are new to lifting.

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    • Fit and 50

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      • micky buck

        Bb. Nokia u

    • The B Man Show

      My man, you inspired me to start my fitness transformation at the age of 46. I am almost two years into the journey now. I have a long way still to go, but I want to thank you sincerely for helping me to see what I could accomplish. You are the best! 💪🔥🙌

      • Fit and 50

        That is so encouraging to hear! Keep working out while having fun 💪

      • The B Man Show

        @Fit and 50 You know I will!

      • Anonymous Legion

        Let’s go! I’m 48 and been going strong too👍

      • The B Man Show

        @Anonymous Legion Don’t give up! Keep on going!

    • George Edmond

      Once again Laurence, you’ve done a bloody good job at explaining a difficult subject with good humour and intelligence 👍🏻

      • Fit and 50

        Thanks man!


      Excellent tips on doing squats. Elevated heels make a big difference for me as well.

    • CaliCreationsC4

      Possibly the BEST reason to never skip leg 🦵 day!!! Thank you!

      • Kshitij Singh

        Oh yeah now no leg day skipping 👌😁

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        So am i😃 guess will never skip leg day anytime soon👿

      • Yuri Aizava

        And they say women are the only one who enjoy leg day
        You should just grind for the whole body, without skipping exercises that make the rest of your day painful
        If it hurts, it’s just a progress, you’ll soon be there
        Stay hard and keep it up

      • Zahid Rosli

        Do leg day one day in a week or every day?

      • Beats by Gemsmiff


    • Boromir Of Middle Earth

      Great video! Thanks for the clear explanations and graphics. Helps me want to do more squats correctly.

    • Tomorer

      Ive been diggin into squats as part of the foot tap ending to the Shaolin Excercises of Chi Kung 8 Brochades. Its really hard going all they way down and I was thinking probably abd bad idea anyway. Uve just cleared it up. Just need to focus on no back bends, afterall I began incorporating squats into this routine after a trapped nerved hit me after doing a squat hold. Its that lower back bend, of course. Cheers!

    • Rabbi44a Rabbi44a

      Ive been doing 100 squats per day and I’m long and strong again. Thank you mate!

      • Calli Dawkins

        @Bossman Million must be less than 4 weeks cause the video was posted 4 weeks ago

      • George Constantin

        Wow a rabbi with a real sex life!

      • Anthony Liningham

        Regular squats or with weights ?

    • Jeancarlo Rivas

      this one right here provides immediate results. After a good leg/core workout along good slep, my friend feels stronger and more responsive for a longer time

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        Your friend as in your mickey????

    • TRAVISTEN com

      i knew it lol as i approach 40 i really feel the need to do these from now on 💪🏽

    • Robin

      Hey bro. I just want to say thanks for the inspiration! I love your channel I subscribed today. Didnt even realize you were that old. I’m turning 39 this year. I been bodybuilding since I was 14 and I’ve been really sad lately that i cant train like I used to. I’ve noticed my body recovers slower. I need more sleep, where back in the day I used to train 5 days a week and work six , sleep for 4 , had a crazy horny Gf and did it without much issue.

      I’ve been very worried about one day just letting it go and getting fat, which I’ve never been. Scary thought.

      Anyway. Keep doing what you’re doing! Great content. Looking forward to more videos.

    • James Bennett

      I started 30 pushups in the morning right out of bed and just added 30 squats. Did a hike the other day and my mobility and strength was so greatly improved!


        How long did you do the squats for before the hike, I’m very unfit and I just started squatting

      • James Bennett

        @SWAGZ GAMING the squats were added at the start of the month. But pushups since february…but i started keto in july of 2020 anf started working out in the gym in march of 21. With the pushups or squats on may 1st just do 1 then…may 2 do 2 etc and so on.

      • James Bennett

        @SWAGZ GAMING overall abou 70-80 lbs off and kept off.

      • trappz _io

        @Bolle wtf are you talking about

    • G Cruishank

      Yep, so many benefits from squats, especially doing heavy barbell squats. Too many to list in fact. Yes, if you haven’t ever done barbell squats, bodyweight squats will be of benefit but to get the max benefits you really need to do fairly heavy barbell squats (and on any basic compound lift for that matter) either at a gym or investing in your own setup. My recommendation is a power rack. That way you can squat AND bench-press safely without a spotter. I went to gyms for 20 years but finally got fed-up with the travel time, gym fees, and putting up with all the idiots you get in gyms. Investing in my own home gym has been one of the best investments in my life (Health is wealth!) I bought the basics at first (power rack, olympic bar, 300lbs of weights) and have slowly been adding over the years. I now believe that lifting heavy weights is THE BEST WAY to increase longevity and avoid disease. Creating and maintaining muscle mass is THE KEY to this especially into your later years in life. I don’t care what age you are (50, 60, 70, 80 , 90!) unless you have a debilitating disease, . male or female, ANYONE can do this. I’m not saying you need to squat 500lbs, but you need to get to weights where you REALLY struggle on those last couple of reps. There are lots of set and rep ranges on different programs but I keep it simple. For squats I do three sets….11 reps, then 10, then 9. When I can do those numbers, I add 5 lbs. Just learn the movements (pretty easy to do online now) with light weights (you can get a 15lb Olympic barbell to start) and slowly add weight to the bar every workout or two and work your way up. You’ll be AMAZED at what your body is capable of. You’ll know you did it right if you’re sore a day or two later. All you have to do is get used to putting in some hard work a few times a week. Then you’ll feel the benefits, slowly, magically appear. It truly is miraculous. And yes, heavy squats DEFINITELY make your sex life better 😛

    • the real thing

      Wow, I had no idea about any of this. It explains precisely my experience; during quarantine, I spent my time doing constant resistant training with the X3 Bar and squatting heavy resistance aiming to go to 40 reps+ until failure. I had only assumed that losing 150 lbs and eating a ton of meat boosted my libido. This is excellent info sub’d. I just hit 40, and I want to keep going, man.

    • V Twin Power

      IM GOING TO WORK THIS IN ON TREAD MILL DAYS!😎✌ I don’t think just the cardio for my walking is enough. I do still lift but no where like I did in past decades, heavy weight hurts the joints now days

    • Scott La Roc

      Everything that’s being said here is spot on. But you have to keep in mind that many people have knee problems and squats put tremendous pressure on that particular joint. There are many other exercises that can build the legs and give you blood flow with stressing your knees. So just keep it in mind because although now I’m older and still train, everyone I trained with in the past that squatted heavyweights all have hip and knee problems. Just food for thought, so squat away with discretion 😀!

      • Scott La Roc

        Typo “without” stressing…..

    • Mohamed Alpha Jalloh

      Whenever you are pulling the band ensure nothing harmful behind you just in case you let go of the bands by mistake. Safety Always.

    • Anthony Wallace

      full squat lighter and half squat heavier and the stronger you get the heavier you go ,there is nothing wrong with half squats do both

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