Giving your lady the best oral sex she’s ever had isn’t difficult. Use these oral sex tips for men to give your lady the mind-blowing experience she craves.

By learning a few techniques and how to guide your lady’s mind before and during the fun you can become a cunnilingus master in no time at all.

Unfortunately, it appears many men either can’t be bothered or lack the necessary combination of skills, attitude and mindfulness to take their lady to a very, very happy place.

It’s time to fix that – quickly and easily. Your significant other will thank you and you will have the satisfaction of being with a happy, happy, happy partner who chances are will want to reciprocate in kind.

Unfortunately most men learn the delicate art of oral sex from watching porn. While porn has it’s place, it’s definitely not the suggested point of reference for the ultimate, please-your-lady, oral sex tips for men you can use to to make her eyes role back in her head over and over.

Gents, we can do much better than that. Read on for my tips and suggestions.

Take notice that giving great oral to your lady can take time to perfect. It’s not always “magical” right away but I guarantee it can head there rapidly if you pay attention to your lady’s reaction as you go.

Communication is vital. An intelligent man gauges his lady’s response and adjusts accordingly.

First and foremost, incredible sex happens in the mind before anything else. Creating anticipation in your lady’s mind as the day goes on can lead to a far greater and more intense experience for you both.

Simply put, I want my lady’s mind to drift multiple times during the day to what may or may not happen when we meet later on. I want her happy but wondering what I might have in mind. 

A simple text or a brief conversation earlier in the day can have her building anticipation in her mind. This is a very good thing! 

Many women find that orgasming has both physical and mental aspects. They need to feel happy and relaxed. You can now set the tone for this. And when the time comes to get physical, you should continue to build the anticipation in her mind by TAKING YOUR TIME!

Tease her by exploring other parts of her body with your mouth and hands. Slowly head towards her pussy only to get side tracked elsewhere as she begins to crave the feel of your lips and tongue. Done correctly, this can have her begging for you to get started which is exactly what we want.

Ok, on to the good stuff. Use these specific oral sex tips for men to stimulate and please your lady. Done correctly and in conjunction with guiding her mind correctly, these tips can lead to a wonderful evening for you both.

1. Breast/nipples

You can turn on your partner by gently cupping, lighting stroking her breasts and if she’s in favor, move to pinching her nipples with increasing intensity. Wet your fingers before pinching  and blow on her nipples for added stimulation

2. You can nibble and/or lick your inner thigh.

Build anticipation as you start to go down by nibbling on or licking your inner thigh. You can also explore the stomach and butt with your hands or mouth.

3. Keep her underwear on to start

You’re creating anticipation suggesting foreplay is all that’s on your mind for now. It’s all about her.

4. Your tongue and breath should be used

You can use your breath to warm the entire area before using your tongue to trace the shape of her pussy from top to bottom. When you’re done teasing, either pull the underwear to the side or pull them off to signal it’s almost time for her to feel you. 

Clitoral stimulation – When and How

By now, your lady should be in a state of high anticipation. Possibly her hips may start to gyrate as the excitement builds.

Now’s the time to pay her pussy the attention it craves and deserves but, not exactly how you might think.

Her clitoris is now directly in front of you but resist the urge to go straight to it.

Start by paying attention all around her pussy but not directly on it. Do this for a while then slowly move down to the bottom of her labia and using an “ice cream cone” lick move gently from bottom to top. Slowly move up finishing at her clit. Start slowly  and pay attention to her response. Gently increase pressure as she starts to relax and go with it.

If you can do this several times without or barley touching her clit, it can have a brilliant effect.

The clitoris queen is.” “Always and forever. Never forget it.” Keep your eyes on the prize and listen to your partner when they react to the different types of clitoral stimulation.

5. Move around it with your tongue

It’s best to start slow. To build sensation, dance around the clit using your tongue or lightly touch it. 

6. You can either lick it sideways or up

7. As her level of excitement grows, you can try sucking it

If they are into it, you can gently suck on her clit between strokes.

8. Your tongue should be moved in a figure-8 motion or as a former girlfriend suggested, spell the alphabet with your tongue. 

Again, use her response as your guide. 

9. Be consistent

Keep your partner happy and continue to do the same thing. It can be difficult for your partner to feel the sensation if they are constantly changing their techniques and speeds.

10. Use the alphabet method

Another technique to write the alphabet is to wrap your tongue around the clit. Many different letters can create a lot of sensation.

For extra stimulation

While many women can handle clitoral stimulation alone, others may prefer additional stimulation like penetration. Here are some suggestions to help you get there:

11. Kiss the labia or lick it

The lips are important! You can stimulate the labia (both inner and outer) to get a more holistic sensation.

12. Spread the labia

Don’t be afraid to target her clit. Spread the labia out and your partner will feel it all more strongly.

13. Say Hello To Her Breasts

Breasts and nipples can be extremely sensitive. Some people even enjoy nipple play by themselves. Reach up to their breasts and/or rub/pinch her nipples while you’re descending on them.

14. Use your fingers in Combination with your mouth

Once she’s into you, you can use one or two fingers to penetrate her pussy. Using her response as your guide, gently rub the G-spot on the upper forward wall of her vagina using your fingers in a gentle curling motion while licking their clit.

15. Check to see if She enjoys tongue penetration

While some people like to get their head through the tongue, it isn’t as stimulating as licking the tip of the clit. You can observe how they react and, if they are interested, you can alternate between the vagina and clit with your tongue.

16. If they are into it, play around with their butt

Some people like anal stimulation, either through their fingers or by using their mouths. Always get their consent and be sure to know their hygiene preferences.

17. Incorporate toys

You don’t have to go out with your partner to enjoy sex toys. There are many options, depending on your preferences. You can think vibrators, butt plugs, or nipple clamps – whatever you like.

18. You can watch porn

As previously mentioned, learning to give great oral by watching porn isn’t recommended. However, for a more advanced and open-minded couple watching porn together can definitely enhance the fun. Just know what you’re doing before reaching for the remote.

Oral sex tips for men – positions

It all depends on what feels right for you both and how long it takes for her to have an orgasm. Switching between positions can help stimulate different areas and create different sensations. Here are some suggestions:

1. The Kivin method

The Kivin method has the recipient partner lying on their back and the giving partner from the side. They are perpendicular to each other’s bodies.

2. Oral sex from behind

In a doggy-style position, place your partner’s head behind their back. If your partner enjoys rimming, this position can also be great.

3. Sitting on your face

This is a popular position that many people prefer. It offers the giver a great angle and allows the receiver to access the rest of their body, such as their breasts or butt. If you want to turn up the heat, you can throw out a “sit in my face” whenever you first start hooking up or whenever you need to switch positions. For more inspiration, check out our dirty talk guide.

4. Oral on your knees

Although it might sound more associated with blowjobs than anything else, putting your head on your knees can be very hot. Spread the labia here to get more clitoral exposure.

5. Oral can be done by sitting down

Place the recipient partner in a chair. Bonus points if the chair is not standard, such as a kitchen table or living room chair. You can easily access the chair from below by having their legs wrapped around the sides.

6. The pillow method

Place a pillow underneath their hips. A pillow can be used to slightly tilt their hips up to expose their anus.

Extra oral sex tips for men:

Encouragement is the key

It’s important that your partner understands how much oral sex you are willing to offer. Sometimes oral sex is not for everyone. Relaxation can be achieved by making them feel relaxed and sexy in the body. Relaxed women are more likely to have an orgasm!

Tell her how excited you are to be please her

Openly discuss how hot your partner is and eating her pussy makes you feel. She will appreciate you having as much fun as you do.

Make noise

You can also make sure to lean in on their vulva and let them know that you are into it. It’s also possible to look at your partner periodically and maintain eye contact throughout the experience.

She can have multiple orgasms

While not everyone can have multiple orgasms it can be very enjoyable. “This trick is not for everyone. If they ask you to stop, you should listen.

Keep in mind that every partner is unique

Every lady is different. It takes healthy communication to find what her preferences are in bed. Don’t be afraid to ask her what they would like. Again, her response to what you’re doing should always be your guide. 

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