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If you want to know how long does it take to build muscle, then this is the video and guide for you.

We dive right into everything you need to know about building muscle in your 40's, 50's, or 60's and over, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, and supplementation.

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    38 replies to "How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle?"

    • Manav Sharma

      How do you not have more subscribers this video was so good

      • First name Last name

        Because there was no new info in this video that you wouldn’t find after googling this topic for 10 seconds. It doesn’t take a doctor to know what this guy said here. Unbelievable that there are people who need someone with a handsome face to tell them the same info they could just get themselves in 10 seconds.

      • Brian B

        @Fit Father Project – Fitness For Busy Fathers so appreciate you! I’m 51 substantial kyphosis, looking at your videos. If you can address I’d be grateful. God bless!

      • Douglas Lawrence

        52 yrs old. I take testosterone subscribed by naturopath. Prior my level was 250 and now 950. Does this count as the bad stuff you referred too? In other words is this a bad thing to do?

      • Trust No one

        Well, you got over 500K subscribers and damn 😂

      • Iatrfa

        You made me subscribe 😅

    • Aleksandr Oleshko

      1:02 #1 Your training age
      2:41 #2 Genetics
      3:43 #3 Supplementation
      5:19 #4 Training, eating, sleep & recovery
      5:34 Training keys (use compound excercise, proper frequency)
      8:42 Nutriotion keys (correct calorie intake, roughly 4 meals/day spaced out 4h, each meal: 30% protein, 50% complex carbs, 20% healthy fats)
      11:10 Supplementation (creatine, protein powder)

    • GamerBody

      I put on 20 pounds (hopefully mostly muscle) in my first year of training and it definitely changed my life. Confidence, strength, intelligence, everything got better. All done with just protein powder as a supplement. Starting weight 165 final weight after one year 185.

      All I did was be consistent, and continually increase my training level (adding weight, get good at basics then go advanced)

      I had a TERRIBLE diet back then and still looked great after the 1st year. Now I eat better but if you are starting out, you could probably get away with eating poorly if you are going skinny to fat. This was also when I was 20 years old so that may have played a factor.

      Be consistent, find a level up program with some frequency, then get some good eating habits and BOOM!

    • Jack

      Factor 1 (1:05): training age
      Factor 2 (2:40): genetics
      Factor 3 (3:40): supplementation
      Factor 4 (5:17): training, eating, sleep & recovery

      • Rony Chakrabarti


      • daphne

        Thank you

      • Universal Service Tech UST

        Sweeeet 👌🏼

      • Duke T.

        Thanks Jack

      • Revo lootion

        Not all capes wear heroes..

    • moe1105

      I really need to share this video with more people. Thank you for being so clear and thorough . Well done !

    • K

      Nice video. I will look into your program. You covered all bases. I especially like age specifics and mostly importance of eating carbs, which erroneously are being omitted in a lot of diets. Keep spreading good health. God bless you+

    • Gary Michael Flanagan

      Thanks for the information! I was down to 150 pounds from 206 lbs and 33 percent body fat at the start at 5’8, felt myself getting a bit skinny, while still having some muscle from a lot of weight lifting, IF, and HIIT cardio all while on keto and 15-1600 calories per day since August. I think it makes sense that since I started lifting heavy and doing legs for the past month, I have gained 3 pounds!! I was a bit concerned, but according to this video, that sounds like I may have gained muscle weight instead. Since my diet remained the same, (did add a little more protein to my meals though). I realize 1-2 pound fluctuations could also be water weight and excess sodium from keto that causes this also. I’m hoping to keep this up and finally get my bottom abs to show. Thanks.

      • A.N Moments

        How do we check body fat percentage? I really need it.

    • Colin Booth

      This video is so good, and you are one of the most articulate fitness mentors I’ve come across on YT. Thanks.

    • Curt W

      I just started trt at 36 after years of trying to optimize naturally. 25 lbs of muscle seems crazy to me because I never had the motivation to be bigger. Now I’m looking forward to the next chapter in life.

    • nick white

      Great advice here. Love the focus on natural gains. So many others don’t emphasise the difference enough. IMO every muscle building video should, by law, emphasise this to its watchers as for many they can’t tell the difference and believe that enhanced looks are achievable naturally. Look at this guy. Been training for years and in great shape but far from massive. That is achievable, looking like Arnie is not! I’ll be forwarding this to those who enquire to me how to start training. It will save me a lot of time 👌

    • Grant Lewis

      Well spoken 👍🏻
      All good info👌🏻
      Thanks Doc! 💪

    • Corv

      INCREDIBLE information. I can’t believe I didn’t find your channel until now. Subscribed, going to check out your program now. Really great info!! I’d love more nutrition information, but this had a ton of information in it. Thanks!

    • Archer

      Solid advice across the board. Took me years to learn this stuff separately. The change in frequency as we age is new though. Need to give that some thought.

    • Taxandria

      I watched many information videos about fitness but this is the best one I’ve ever seen. Thanks a lot for this clear information! 💪🏻

    • Daniel Chukwurah

      This is an excellent video, I’ve been training for four months. Wish I found this earlier 💯

    • Joseph Izzo

      The hardest part of gaining muscle
      1. Starting
      2. Committing


        No the hardest is finding structure not commiting people go to the gym without a good structured routine an they quit because they don’t understand how the science works

      • Febri Bayu Nurcahyo

        3. Leg excercise

      • Joseph Izzo

        @Febri Bayu Nurcahyo ~ leg exercise?!
        What’s that

      • The 100 Rads.

        The hardest is committing. But maintaining your shiny new Greek physique is the impossible fact.

      • UR_AL_SHOOK_UP

        Iv ben lifting natural for 15 years and i look strong but not crazy jacked because poor diet and sleep but at least i look strong and not weak

    • ackerman

      You kept it simple. Easy to understand… Great job. Finally a fitness video that makes sense to me.😄😃

    • jimmy5634

      For all you guys over 50…
      As a 5’6” 30 year old with a average frame and weighing around 150lbs. I was able to add 15 pounds of muscle in around 5 years.
      at 12% body fat I weighed 165.
      I am now 70 and I just resumed serious training about 18 months ago. I had the foundation of my youthful gains to build on and I have added muscle mass while losing body fat. I now weigh 182 lbs, down from 192 when I started, but my body fat went from 30% to 20% and I have put on about 5 lbs of additional muscle. My goal is to get to 15% body fat and add a bit more muscle, let’s say 5 more pounds. If I can do that, I will be extremely pleased, weighing in at around 177. I figure I can accomplish this over the next 12 months with the proper training, diet and of course rest.
      For all those who are over 50, trust me, you can build muscle. It is a challenge and it will take time but it is doable for anyone unless you have a prohibitive genetic issue and even then you can still put on some muscle.

      • Broxine

        Would it be recommend to test for low testosterone levels? As in preventing not training a year for nothing with no muscle gain because of low testosterone?

      • Black Lyfe

        You just said you was 30 years old and now you’re saying your 70? Stop contradicting yourself and make sense

    • Aaron Blackburn

      Thanks for the guidance. I know it’s a few years old video but it really do help me on my training. I started 3 weeks ago. I just found your quality video today. It explains everything perfectly. Thanks👍💪💯

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        You’re very welcome Brother 🙏

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