Who doesn't want be able last long enough satisfy their lover?

Nobody wants to be a dime-ride drugstore pony finishing too early. We want our ladies thinking they're riding a wild bull.

Kegels have been shown to improve function, with one study looking at men between the ages of 22 to 78. Who did daily Kegels for 3 months, after which 75% of the men experienced an improvement in function, and 40% no longer had ED.

Today we’re going to look at the exact exercises they did. But first, when should we not be doing Kegels?

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The reason we do Kegel exercises is to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles. The stronger they are and the more control we have over them, the better our ability to last longer in the bedroom.

But a weak pelvic floor isn’t the only problem we can have. These muscles can be tight, often being both weak and tight.

If they’re too tight, we need to fix this first. Some signs of a tight pelvic floor are having trouble starting your pee stream and you can’t completely empty your bladder, resulting in more frequent trips to the bathroom.

When we have a tight or overactive pelvic floor, often the muscles around the pelvis are tight too. Like piriformis muscle in our glutes, when it’s tight, it splays our feet outward, giving us what they call duck feet.

Stretching and relaxing are the best ways to address a tight pelvic floor

The pelvic pain foundation of Australia recommends the following 7 stretches to relax the pelvis.

Knee to the chest, where you lie on your back with both legs straight. Then bring one knee up to your chest. Hold, then repeat with the other leg.

Following this, you raise your knee again, except this time, instead of taking it straight up, you bring it diagonally across your body toward the opposite shoulder.

After this, lie with your feet on the floor, your knees bent, and cross your one foot over the opposite knee. Then lift the knee towards your chest. Hold for a nice easy stretch.

Once this is completed, we put our hands out from our sides and lift one knee bringing it over our body and lowering it toward the hand on the opposite side.

A simple stretch called the child’s pose is next.

Then do what they call a flat frog where you lie on your back with the soles of your feet together and your knees apart and relaxed.

A well-known yoga pose called the happy baby follows this.

Another technique we can use to relax our pelvic muscles is a reverse Kegel. And it’s just as it sounds. With a Kegel, we’re contracting and releasing our pelvic floor muscles. When doing it in reverse, we’re doing the opposite by releasing and relaxing the pelvic region.

The best way to figure out how to do a Kegel is the next time you go to the washroom, stop your pee mid-stream. The muscles you’re contracting are the Kegel muscles.

The sensation you’re looking for when you do a reverse Kegel is similar to the release you feel when you relax your muscles so you can start to pee.

Because it’s a similar feeling, it’s best to go to the washroom before trying reverse Kegels.

You can do reverse Kegels in any position.
When you relax your pelvic floor, you should feel that area between your scrotum and anus relax and move downward, giving you the feeling of more space between your pubic bone and tailbone.

If you can’t get the feeling of contracting or releasing your pelvic region, then you should contact your doctor to recommend a physiotherapist that specializes in the pelvic floor.

The kegel protocol used in the study I mentioned at the beginning of the video to reverse ED. Has 7 steps

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