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Fat loss from the three most stubborn zones for men can be quite difficult, unless you have a plan. In this video, I share with you a three phase plan for losing fat in the abdomen, love handles or waistline area, and the chest. These spots are where most men carry their fat and are the last to lose it when dieting or trying to cut down. The reason for this is actually based on our genetics, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot do something about it.

Before we get started however, here is a list of the videos that I referenced in the video for you to watch:

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The first thing you have to realize is that all three of these areas share the common problem in that they look bad mostly because of the abundance of body fat. You may even have developed muscles underneath, but as long as the fat is present you will never get a chance to see what it looks like. This means that your priority has to be on cleaning up your nutrition. If you refuse to eat better, no matter what else you do, you will never look better.

Early on however, you don’t have to get too specific with your eating. Simply make a pass through your diet and get rid of the obvious garbage that you know is not helping your cause. Sweets, excessive alcohol, sugars, etc can all be removed and replaced with more nutritious foods. You don’t have to necessarily worry about your macros at this point but just getting rid of the junk food and liquid calories.

Realizing that it will take some time to see the results of these changes however, you should start chipping away at the trouble spots in another way. For the abdomen, you want to first ensure that you can properly activate the muscles in the rectus and transverse abdominis. Most find this difficult and even when they do perform ab exercises they get frustrated at not being able to feel them. Next, you want to start adding in ab training but mostly in the form of rotational ab exercises. Instead of trying to do crunches and having the fat get in the way of the movement, you can work your abs without having to crunch. Finally, you want to incorporate moves for your entire core, such as with the 7 minute ab workout included above.

When it comes to the love handles, you want to start by working the lats. Here especially, you want to focus on full contractions and range of motion to ensure proper development of the muscles that actually insert onto the top of the pelvis near your waistline. The more you can build these muscles the greater the visual differential between your waist and your shoulders and the better the v taper. Next add in direct ab work and finish up with direct oblique training for the best look as your diet gets dialed in.

Finally, for the chest you want to stretch it and strengthen the muscles of the rotator cuff to posturally improve the visual appearance of your chest. From here, work the serratus anterior. This will give your chest more natural underlying support will helping to visually chisel out the area underneath. Finally, you want to make sure that as your body fat levels decrease and fat loss continues that you are working your chest in all three heads. Use the angles of the band work as an example of how to hit the upper, lower and middle chest.

For a complete program that helps men to lose fat day by day in a step by step way, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Start training like an athlete and watch how much more easily your body will get rid of fat and allow you to build lean muscle.

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    • Hexadecimal Dreams

      “I believe that small improvements are what give us the motivation to continue to make bigger improvements.”

      100% this. I really needed that.

      • Jesus Christ

        How are you a year later?

      • Ashvinder Singh

        So how it went ? 3years later? 😂

      • Endorphin Rider

        I was told I had diabetes in July of 2021. Nine months later I had hypOglycemia because I over corrected. Small, incremental things I did had big effects months later.

    • Benny Lee

      Another great video, Jeff. I look at your videos for inspiration everyday. Continue the good work. Thank you so much.

    • Jeffrey Bolivia

      Hi Jeff…Just a plain “thank you” with no conditions or reviews, I am an older man
      and you have aided me with your motivation and sincerity. The info. in your videos is
      logical and no nonsense. I may not be getting ripped again (over 60 and then some),
      but just keeping a good refined workout going most days, and for me, cutting
      back about 2/3rds on the saturated fat and sugar intake, has began to noticably
      change my physical appearance and my mental outlook. Thanks again. Paul

    • Ritchie Iwanski

      Love the video! I started out with incorporating these exercises into my work out and it’s going well. Personally I have always struggled with getting that perfect round deltoid shoulder cap. Can you do a video on how to get that where it needs to be please? Thanks in advance!

      • Progressive Transformation Fitness and Weight Loss

        When it comes to having a rounded deltoid we often overwork the anterior deltoid because most of the chest exercises recruit the anterior deltoid to some degree, I would advise you to focus on the lateral and posterior deltoids to achieve a capped shoulder, do lateral raises and Face Pulls. But I am pretty sure there are videos Jeff must have made on the subject!

    • ATHLEAN-X™

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      • Moe Saqib

        👉🏽 Does taking WHEY protein-shake whilst training contribute to saggy chest ❓ Does it create a hormone inbalance❓

      • jonathan galvez

        You’re the best 🙏

      • Meorme

        I could barely do 3 push ups🤣

      • AnimalTube2

        I show ya how to get a six pack in one day

    • rx4pain

      I’ve used many of your videos and I’m really enjoying what I’ve learned. Thank you for the help!

    • Bill

      Very helpful info and very inspiring, I have been working out for a while but I am not seeing the results you’d expect, (somewhat shapely but minimal considering the effort) I think if I follow this advice I will start to see the difference, great video and thanks a lot!

    • Mike Hawk

      We love you Jeff ! Can’t thank you enough for all the valuable information you put out for free. I think I speak for all of us when I say it’s very much appreciated

      • oeisawi

        Yeah man… I fucking love you and your videos.
        I love how you break down the science behind everything and the little tips.
        Thank you very much.

    • Keith Saunders

      I appreciate the consistent message about nutrition in the videos, it gives me motivation as I change my eating habits to obtain my goal of having abs again. Great videos.

    • Steve Nunya

      I want to thank you for this video. It was very motivating to me. I have lost 20 pounds in 9 weeks. My doctor told me that I was 26 pounds overweight, cholesterol was 100 points over average. I cut all garbage out my diet and my family’s as well. My wife and I are both extremely busy, but we have dedicated at least 45 minutes everyday to working out. 20 minutes we dedicate to cardio and the rest is to muscle building. We found that our gym memberships were wasting money because, we have full time jobs, a home and most importantly, 3 son’s. We’ve started investing our money into a little gym in the basement. It’s much easier to work out in the comfort of our own home, than to find the time to pack a bag and drive to the gym. I hope that this channel and others, can give us home gym people good ideas to work out, when we don’t have all of the equipment at our disposal. Thanks again and I pray you can continue to help myself and others.

    • Nick Martin

      I’ve watched several of your videos and I love your approach to working out and your emphasis on nutrition. I want to watch all your stuff. I’m in my late 30s and need to work out smarter. Your the man Jeff. Thanks. Nick

    • Tito Real

      This is totally true!
      Two months without junk food, no beer and no sugar. Lost 25 pounds and feel awesome. Motivation for more serious training

      • Mcknuckels

        Any tips?

      • Schyler Miller

        @Ender Zebak same with me, lost 25 pounds and nothing changed

      • V211

        @Ahahaja whole wheat pasta is, not white pasta. Same goes for breads, whole wheat only.

    • rosaplektrum

      Hey. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving me the inspiration and motivation to start training and losing weight. It’s been 4 months now and I’ve lost 11 kg of fat and i have never been happier. I have a long way to go but I’m loving every step of it. THANK YOU!!!

    • David Hill

      Thanks for such great content. I’ve been going hard in the gym and with eating better but felt like I couldn’t get past a certain point. This video specifically has eduome on ways to improve and target these trouble areas. Thanks and much success.

    • Dave Croden

      I didn’t realise the the abs start to appear from the top and the lower abs last. This alone is really useful to know. That’s exactly where my training is at and inspires me to keep going. Thank you, love your channel.

    • Mr Nobody

      small improvements are what give us the motivation to continue to make bigger improvements

      – Jeff Cavaliere

      • tssuhvc

        Sometimes just stay what you say to say or say.

        – Me

      • Cesar Rivera II

        “Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly.” -Aristotle

      • Slayer

        Literally just coincidentally read this comment when he started to say it.

      • Sand Boy


    • Tom

      This is how I lost weight: I started going to the gym a lot. My body was asking for more food, and I obeyed, I ate a bit more. I wasn’t losing fat initially, but I could clearly notice my muscles growing rapidly. After 2 months of hard workout (and eating) I started cutting food very slowly while maintaining muscles at the gym (not growing, just sustain). It was very clearly noticeable that my muscles used up a lot of calories and I simply lost weight by barely putting effort. My tip: dont start losing it alltogether with sudden hard workout AND cutting food. One at a time

      • Miguel

        Bro that’s some good advice, I did this and it works! 💪
        Gain 5 pounds of muscle in a month, then lose 20 in a week was my move

      • Ajmal Abdulla

        But how?
        I’ve been working out for the past 20 days, for an hour daily, and still stuck on 170 pounds 😕

      • Aryaman Adivya Singh

        Mad respects bro!!

      • Lars Heijne

        @Ajmal Abdulla late response but try maybe cutting rice or carbs at night? just as an example, just reduce some food. no desserts goes a long way. No second portions for example

    • Kevin Wang

      Wait…what you said just made me realize what’s been holding me back in my career, “small improvements are what gives us the motivation to continue to make bigger improvements”. I’m now at a point where it’s extremely hard to see small improvements, so I almost never feel motivated to improve. I see people that have years and years more experience than I do, and I think to myself that I’ll never catch up. I do know that the gap is built by tiny improvements, but not being able to see them is really demotivating!

      For example, if I’m starting at skill level 1, and I make an improvement of 1, I’ve now effectively doubled my skill level. But if I’m at 100 and I make an improvement of 1, I’ve only increased my skill level by 1%. That’s 100% increase vs 1% increase. Imagine 1,000 or 10,000. The people with skill level 1,000,000,000 built it up over an extremely long time, and knowing that the difference between us is like 900,000 and I’m gaining visibly nothing is demotivating.

      I’ve tried to focus on my own improvement and forget about “catching up”, but it’s easier said than done. I’m sure the best of the best usually don’t focus on their own improvement, they just love to do what they do. And eventually they end up miles ahead of everyone else.

      Anyways, now that I know what the cause of my “problem” is, maybe I can find a solution. Thanks!

    • YAS2388

      Thanks man. Cut the junk food and startet training from jan. Lost 35 pounds. I can almost see my six pack. Still long way to go though.Sometimes I watch your videos just for motivation. It really helps

    • Albert Rubino

      74 years old now. 5’4″
      Was 195lbs. Have been 145 lbs for 6 years now. No more insulin, A1c from mid 8’s to mid 6’s. Won’t be able to stop the aging process but goal is to stay living independently. Diet control, stair climbing, and most importantly your instructions w/exercise bands keeps all nice & in control. It wasn’t my goal but looking much better than many guys 20 years my junior. THX MUCH !!!

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