Learn the proper dumbbell deadlift technique to get the most out of your workout.
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In this dumbbell deadlift guide, we’ll teach you two variations of the exercise. These include the classic standard deadlift and a stiff leg deadlift. The dumbbell deadlift tutorial will show you the proper form and technique that you should be using each time you do this lift.

Dumbbell Deadlift Exercise — [Step-by-step technique]

Step 1: Spinal alignment is very important in this exercise. You need to start with your feet shoulder-width apart. You need to be relaxed and stand straight; not leaning forward or back while your weight is evenly balanced.

Step 2: Bend down and position the dumbbells on each side of you. The grip should be in-line with the middle of your foot. This will ensure the weight is distributed evenly through the center of your feet.

Step 3: You now need to assume the starting position. For this, grasp the dumbbells in each hand and lower your butt to the floor while raising your chest. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor and your back angled upward.

Step 4: The weights will almost be coming off the floor at this point. Now you simply need to push down through your feet and move into a standing position. Your arms remain straight and will now be at your sides; just below your waist. Squeeze your glutes as you straighten and grip the weights tightly.

Step 5: Slowly lower your body back down to the starting position by bending your knees; the dumbbells should just touch the ground. Take a deep breath and push back up again.

Step 6: The stiff leg deadlift has a different starting position. The dumbbells need to be in front of your feet; one dumbbell over each foot. Your legs are only slightly bent for this starting position; your back should be flat and you should feel the tension in your hamstrings.

Step 7: Take a deep breath and slowly move into a standing position. Again, move slowly down but ensure your knees bent just a little; your legs should be nearly straight; 15 or 20 degrees is perfect.

Step 8: Repeat steps 3-7 for the prescribed number of reps.

** Pro Tip #1: This is a primary compound movement. You should use dumbbells in the 80-100 pound range if you are able to lift these without injuring yourself. Complete 6 – 8 reps with 2 – 3 sets. You can include these in any exercise routine.

** Pro Tip #2: Adjustable dumbbells are best; you will be able to add weight as your strength improves. This will ensure you continue to challenge your body and build muscle.

** Pro Tip #3: Use your arms just like cables. They must remain straight and tight throughout the entire exercise.

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    • edwrites 2018

      Thank you for teaching us 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🙂 I needed to get my breathing in order ,and this video helped me out tremendously.

      I was using 15’s so I need to upgrade to 25 because anything higher makes me feel 🤢🤕

    • bi0lizard1

      Finally!!! After a hour of searching on YouTube for a decent instructional video on dumbbell deadlifts finally found one! Excellent video! Sincerely TY for taking the time to post this. Helped me tremendously!

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        I agree . Very informative

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        You’re very welcome. We are always try to post the best content for our subscribers !

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      I can’t believe how hard it is to find a simple demonstration of a deadlift. thx

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        I totally agree – these videos are full of great tips!

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        For real! Most informative DB deadlift video I’ve ever seen.

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      Just wanted to say thanks for being awesome. I’ve seen a couple of your videos before, and was looking for dumbbell deadlift tutorials. Saw your face in the thumbnail of the google search and instantly clicked cause I remembered how good your training is. So, good job. 😀

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      That’s some clear concise teaching. Thank you, you left nothing to question.

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      Fantastic cues for proper form, and placement of dumbbells. I needed this, thank you! 💪🏽😊

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      Thanks for the upload brother
      I’ve been trying to put together an all dumbbell workout and I wanted some proper instruction on dumbbell deadlifts
      Not a lot of information out there
      Your tutorial made a lot of sense and was very insightful
      Thank you sir

    • Brendice

      Thank you for the great explanation! I just started doing deadlifts today at the gym and I noticed my upper back was also sore, not sure if it is because of trying to keep my shoulders back and my back straight, so I came looking for proper forms and your video was what I was looking for! And more too. I’m a beginner so I started with 15 pound dumbells (30 in total) lol but it’s something 🙂

      • B05SxBrennan

        You were likely feeling your upper trap muscles. Supposedly they contract very forcefully in order to stabilize the shoulder during the deadlift. I am personally always sore in my upper traps the day after I do deadlifts.

    • Laveyan Monk

      Very helpful. I’m going to incorporate the first dumbbell deadlift version he performed in my routine. As far as the stiff leg deadlifts go I’m gonna stick with the barbell. Thanks for this video and detailed explanation of the exercises.

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      This is really helpful and really clear. Thanks!! 🙂

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      Thank you so much for sharing this video.. I was so confused as to which form is right .. and you video has made it clear that we are good with both the forms as both are concentrating on different muscles .. now I am gonna use both forms in my workout routine.

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      Thank you so much for this 🙂 It really helps me, because I’m too scared to do the traditional deadlift

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      Very informative… As a mid-distance runner at 45yrs old, will incorporated into my cross training routine. Thank you for put it out here and look forward to future videos. And yes, I’ve subscribed.

    • Trailing Arm

      You’re a good teacher I appreciate your help. I’m 58, have trained in a low key way all my life and hope to continue doing so until I tap out. I like the dumbbell deadlift – it feels more natural and easier on my knees, etc, than the conventional barbell lift. I also sometimes lock out my legs and just work my lower back and glutes- I don’t know if you like the sound of this? I have subscribed and will work through your videos.

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      This is fantastic! I watch a ton of you tubers many of which lift 500lb plus in deadlift and they make it sound like just lift and rip the weight and you’ll be fine. I really enjoyed you slowing this down to simplify the lift . I suffer from chronic back pain from a near fatal car accident so I’ve been slowly recovering my back back to normal .

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      This is the first stiff legged deadlift tutorial I’ve followed that doesn’t leave me with lower back pain at the end of my session. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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      Thank you! Plain and simple, been trying to find a simple breakdown of what’s and why’s regarding the dumbbell deadlifts, to add to my leg-lower home workouts, cheers, great video! 🙂

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        Thank you 😊

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      This is by far the most complete and detailed demonstration of this exercise I was looking for…sir I could tell when you were talking during the demonstration of both excercises that you knew exactly what you were talking about…thx alot for posting this video

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        You’re very welcome 🙏🏼

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      I’m a mom, struggle with weight and crepitus, and this video definitely helped me with doing this properly.

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