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Six pack abs are made from the combination of two things; a locked in nutrition plan and killer ab workouts that push you past your point of comfort. Just like any other muscle group, it’s hard to expect good results if you aren’t willing to increase the intensity of your workouts. In this video, I show you a brutal six pack abs workout that you can do in just a little over 6 minutes, without needing any equipment at all.

With just 6 ab exercises and very little space on the floor, you can do each of the moves in this abs workout and be well on your way to getting an impressive six pack. It’s important to note that the ab exercises shown here follow what I call the six pack progression. By including movements that target the lower abs, bottom up rotation, midrange, top down, obliques, and top down rotation you can get a complete abs workout done in just minutes.

You certainly don’t have to train your abs for hours on end each week if you want to get a six pack. All you need to do is follow the right type of ab exercises and do them with adequate intensity to really get your abs to start showing. The best part about this particular six pack workout is that you can do it at home. With no equipment required at all, the ab exercises in this workout are a great option for even the most advanced trainees.

Like all of the workouts available from ATHLEAN-X, don’t worry if you cannot perform this particular one because of the difficulty level. We scale all of the exercises and provide you with alternate ab exercises that you can do by giving you multiple levels of ability to select from. Both beginner ab workouts and advanced ab workouts are available at the click of a button.

This home six pack abs workout is comprised of ab exercises such as one down two ups, 90/90 crunches, twisting pistons, starfish crunches and more. By simply stringing the ab exercises together in this workout in a specific sequence to target your ab strengths and weaknesses in a specific way, I’m able to help you get much more from every ab workout you do.

For a complete program that will help you to get a ripped six pack while building athletic muscle from head to toe, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. See exactly what to eat and what workouts to do to build ripped athletic muscle in just 90 days.

For more ab workout videos that you can do at home, as well as what to eat to get a ripped six pack fast be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at

    68 replies to "Brutal Six Pack Abs Workout (6 MINUTES OF PAIN!)"

    • Inneryoyo

      My favourite exercise is the 30 seconds rest

      • k kiran


      • roberto almeida

        Yeah its a shame its the only one that passes like it were 10 seconds, and the f starfish feels like it lasts 3 minutes

      • Joseph Lach

        There’s always one.

      • Sedat Sorgun Canyalcin

        Very hard be careful 😱

      • Nota Smiler

        Same, I could do that for hours

    • sam plum

      My heart breaks every time in the last rest break when Jeff says “last thirty seconds of rest, last thirty seconds of starfish crunches” and then the computer goes “60 seconds of starfish crunches”😂😂

    • Bryan Grheh

      I’ve done this for about six months, every other day, my diet and sleep schedule aren’t at their best(I’m a student). But this still helped me get a v shape. 10/10 would recommend

      • MS

        How do you deal with the pain from this workout. Any strategies?

      • Edward


      • Edward

        @LordInfamous same

      • Rupi Mudan

        How long did it take to get a v shape while doing this every day

      • harsh kumar

        Same here bro i am also a student

    • DOHT

      Every day I get closer and closer to finishing the workout without blacking out

      • Demon DA Gamer

        DOHT Holy cow someone actually returning to their comment

      • Diego Diaz

        DOHT Whats your workout routine brother?

      • DOHT

        @Diego Diaz when im doing core I do this and a lower ab workout, when im doing upper body i do a upper and lower chest workout plus usually some curls and some dips, along with a 20 min full body workout i do for both types of days.

      • Joseph Lach

        “Without blacking out” LOL

      • Edward


    • S B

      I watched that whole video without stopping and I’m not even tired. Amazing

      • Andres Torres

        Adrian Cortez whoooosh

      • MyVerse

        Well DO MORE

      • anthony julianelle

        I bet that you can watch the workout twice in a row without stopping 🙂

      • Matt

        S B same dude ! 😱😱

      • BrunoHola

        Do you have the abs yet?

    • morfamike

      I highly recomend this. I’ve been doing this workout on average 3 or 4 days a week for 2 months and have noticed new definition in my abs, got rid of my love handles.

      • Ronash Alves

        How are the abs now? Please I need an honest update

      • morfamike

        @Ronash Alves I’m honestly still doing this workout on average 3-4 days a week, abs more defined and continuing to get more definition. ALSO, definitely worth mentioning I typically do this weighted ab work out about 10 minutes after which has further increased definition (using 10KG dumbbells):

      • Konan

        @Ronash Alves It’ll work if you’re working hard, when it gets too easy then make it harder for yourself. The main thing with abs is that it’s 90% diet


      2 up 1 down- 3:00
      twisting pistons-4:05
      hands free tucks- 5:54
      starfish crunch-7:00
      90/90 crunch-7:40
      starfish crunch-9:20

      • The official Obama YouTube channel


      • The official Obama YouTube channel


      • Rapidos60


      • Joshua Perego

        where are the pauses?

      • DiZ Zkl

        In the hands free tucks, should the knees be joined ?

    • Nomad Man

      6 min and 30 sec, that’s all it takes. Is he not counting the 20 min that I’m dying on the floor after the workout?

      • nvmffs

        @Steven Johnston Yeah, an amazingly good anime at that. It’s been airing for decades now so these days I’m watching it just out of gratitude for the fun it used to give me when I was a kid

      • shore line

        That’s how you know it’s working 💯

      • Edward


      • anthony julianelle

        @Angelo Vila Maybe you do it twice because you are only 18 🙂

      • Adrian steele

        Lol truth

    • Kecker

      I don’t know about y’all but when I hear “shake it out, shake it out” I’m relieved cause I know it’s almost over.

      • cello borromeo

        fr lmao

      • Joseph Lach

        I don’t know about y’all but whenever he says “I’m not looking forward to those starfish crunches at the end,” I lose all motivation.

      • Edward


    • Riley Paige MC

      I’m fairly new to working out, so i’ll try supplementing the twisting pistons with twisting planks and I’m doing an easier version of the starfish crunch, but I still really feel this! Thank you Jeff!

    • yannick H

      Finally first time finished this workout without stopping 🙂

    • Barrie butsers

      Today is finally the day that i did this workout without having to stop i’m so happy😃😃

      • Brady Burns

        Bro I understand

      • Victor Ball

        It’s been a while since I manage it. I usually have my legs so tired that am I not able to straight them hehe. Since this is my deload week, i manage to finished it

      • S. B.

        did you even continue when jeff shook it out?

      • Ben Kaiser

        Good man!


        that dead starfish one is making me question my existence

    • Erina f

      I love the first few seconds of the last starfish crunch…somehow I feel it easier than the first one in the set. ;)))) This set is the best I’ve tried for my abs so far. I feel much much better in the day as my stroger abs can support the whole upper body better. Thanks Jeff!!!

    • Laila Davids

      I just wanted
      To tell you how grateful I am for
      This video .Ive been doing this ever since you posted.

    • Rohaan Nair

      Jeff: acts like he’s tired to make us not feel bad
      Jeff after turning off the camera; warm-up over.

      • Nadz Thomas


      • TSwervo

        pre-warm up

      • Alex T

        Lmao for real

      • Edward


      • Paula M

        My friend said if he’s grunting like that, what can we expect from ourselves?

    • Matt Bartholomay

      I’ve seen this so many times that I have the whole exercise memorized, but there is something comforting about hearing Jeff say the same things every day.

      • Brian


    • Listenchump

      I finally managed to do the whole thing one-shot today after months of this. When I began, I had no abs whatsoever and my back would get all tight, probably cause I work in construction and I have a good back that wants to compensate and overtightens. But now I gave my utmost and managed to do it without interruption.
      It might look weird, but since I took the habit of grunting like Andrey Rublev (the tennis player), I found it easier. BWEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH

    • Jasmine Contreras

      I’m playing some of these exercises at playback speed 0.5 & it’s helping me perfect my form 👍🏼 a tip for anyone else struggling with perfect form

      • Milk Fries

        This is really smart! Thanks 👍🏼

    • Templeton Peck

      1/21/22 – This is just to remind my future self of the date I completed the entire workout for the first time. You did it bud 👍🏻

    • ATHLEAN-X™

      I have a list of popular ab exercises that I ranked from best to worst to help you build your workouts –

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