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Aside from abs being made in the kitchen, we are going to focus on building the abs today. We are going to do an at home abs workout for men over 50, to help build your abs so they show when you lose belly fat. This workout is going to consist of 4 different exercises, and will be a little different, depending on your fitness levels.

For BEGINNERS, you are going to do 10 reps of each exercise.

For INTERMEDIATE, you are going to do 15 reps of each exercise.

For ADVANCED, you are going to do 20 reps of each exercise.

This is going to be a circuit-style workout, where you do each exercise back to back with little to no rest in between. You will then rest after you complete all 4 exercises then start the circuit again. Let’s get started with the exercises in this abs workout for men over 50.

Exercise #1: SHOULDER TAP PLANK. Get in a push up plank position, and alternate from side to side tapping your opposite shoulder. Keep your back as straight as possible throughout the entire exercise.

Exercise #2: SEATED PUNCH. You are going to be in a semi-seated position, hold that position then do cross punches from side to side. Turn your torso with each punch, don’t just throw a small punch.

Exercise #3: MOUNTAIN CLIMBER WITH A TWIST. The twist is going to add more stress to our core. Instead of going straight up with your knees, bring your knee up to your opposite side, almost touching your opposite elbow.

Exercise #4: CRUCIFIX CRUNCH. Have your arms out wide to your sides, and your legs straight out together. Bring your knees all the way up to your chest then extend them back out. Keep your feet off the ground for the entire exercise.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with an at home ab workout for men over 50. Make sure to give this workout a try to build your abs. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle after 50, and lose fat at the same time.

    6 replies to "At Home Abs Workout For Men Over 50 (GET A SIX PACK!)"

    • Asmont Osborne

      Damn, I’d love to be the guy in the photo

    • Bodybuilding Inspiration

      Awesome instruction.

    • James Ward

      Always enjoy your videos. Some of the excesses you demonstrated. are very bad for those with a bad back, ex-specially the seated punch. Make a video for abs work, for those dealing with a herniated, degenerated disc and so on, with a bad back. Thanks

    • Zippy Doo

      My girlfriend and I are both over 60. My girlfriend and I have started working out together. I wonder if these workouts are suitable for woman?

    • Roberto Lombardi

      I will certainly give these a go, love working out.

    • Billy Brown

      62, and after working out everything else for years ,I finally started hitting my abs 7 months ago along with losing 35 pounds. Landmine abs, different types of leg lifts… especially the ones laying on the bench or floor and pretend that you are swimming, those really hit the abs. And some situps. It took no more sweets everyday and ab work to get my 6 pack back after not seeing it in many years. 5’10 170.

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