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Building a big back takes some work! It is a large muscle group, so you really need to work it harder and more often than you might your arms or other smaller muscle groups. That is why today, I am going to give you 4 of the best exercises to build a big back without heavy weights, especially for you guys over 40. You can still build a big back using lighter weight, the key is to focus on the mind muscle connection. Control the weight and get full stretches and good contractions to still build muscle with light weight. Letโ€™s get started with the exercises to help you build a bigger back.

Exercise #1: CLOSE GRIP LAT PULLDOWN. Get a nice deep stretch at the top of the movement. Retract your shoulder blades, maintain that position and keep your core tight then drive the weight down. Focus on pulling with the elbows, and hold core a couple seconds at the bottom of the movement. Control the weight as you go back to the top of the movement, do not just let it swing back to the top.

Exercise #2: SEATED CABLE ROW. The nice thing about using a cable machine is there will always be constant tension. If you use dumbbells, there are times when your muscles get to relax. It is good to keep your back under tension longer to help get a bigger back. I like to use a dual handle with this exercise, instead of using a fixed handle. Use a reverse grip when pulling, and lean forward to stretch out the lats. Keep your core tight and in a fixed position, and drive your elbows back. Do not use momentum to pull the weight.

Exercise #3: DUMBBELL PULLOVERS. You do not need a lot of weight for this exercise. Lay flat on a bench, and start with the dumbbell over your head. Lower the weight back behind you, and get a big stretch at the bottom of the movement. Keep your elbows out, if you keep them in it will emphasize the chest more.

Exercise #4: DUMBBELL ROW PAUSE. You are going to get in the contraction or shortened position, and hold it there for 3 full seconds. You can do a chest supported row by using an incline bench if this hurts your lower back.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial tutorial with the 4 best exercises to build a big back without heavy weights. Make sure to add these exercises to your workout routine. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and get ripped after 40.

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