3 Best Exercises To Lose Love Handles After 50…

There are a lot of things to think about when you are trying to get rid of your love handles. Stick around as I go through how to lose love handles after 50. The first thing I want to talk to you about before the exercises is NUTRITION. If you want to get rid of your love handles, nutrition is the very first thing you need to focus on. Now, you also need to combine that with exercising. If I had to pick, these are the 3 best exercises to lose love handles after 50. Let’s get started with these 3 best exercises.

Exercise #1: SQUATS. We are using multiple different muscles, which is great when it comes to trying to burn more fat. I recommend doing these exercises in front of a mirror because that will help you focus on activating your mind muscle connection.
Exercise #2: PUSHUPS. I know it is old school and has been around for a long time, and that is because it works! This is another compound exercise that works multiple different muscles. If you are just starting out or you struggle to do pushups, it is okay to do them on your knees. Just push yourself to do more reps.
Exercise #3: LUNGES. Make sure to protect your knees in this exercise by keeping your front knee behind your toes to keep stress off of them.

If you notice, these exercises do not focus on working your abs. You are not able to spot reduce when burning fat. These exercises are designed to use multiple muscle groups and keep your heart rate high, this will help you to burn more fat. Well guys, that wraps up this video with the best exercises to lose love handles after 50. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to burn fat and get ripped at home.

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    • Live Anabolic

      Stubborn, pesky love-handles weighing you down?

      In today’s new video I’ll give you 3 exercises… that if I had to pick, are the top 3 exercises to get rid of love-handles…

      And I can promise you that they’re not what you think… comment below and let me know what you think of the video!

      • Jim Meven

        I belong to the skinny-fat club and I appreciated this video firstly because you give some tips about the correct form for the exercises which I haven’t heard before and secondly because we’re exactly the same age. But oh my Lord, that constant background music! 😠

      • Jimmy Carney

        Good info I have to modify a lot but never stop at 77 yrs old

      • Live Anabolic

        @Jimmy Carney Love to hear it!

      • John Adams

        I have bad knees, no squats or lunges for me. Would riding a bike substitute?

      • J F

        Love the way you break these exercises down. Well done. Professional, simple and to the point. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    • Vivien X

      As a woman, I always feel a little like I’m intruding!😅 Nonetheless, I follow you because you have such a gift for explicating technique and inspiring motivation. With no gym experience or access to a gym, I’ve learned how to plan workouts and have made great progress with just dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. Thank you so much! This has been life-changing for me!🌹

      • Live Anabolic

        Welcome! Keep up the great work

      • andychatt23

        Don’t worry Vivien, as a man I never feel like I’m intruding when I watch the ladies keep fit clips!

    • Andrew Seeker

      This was a great video…so simple 😎. I needed this, can’t tell you how many of these I watched. Abs start in the kitchen and the garage💪

    • Jay Elias

      Great job mark, I just turned 53 years old a few weeks ago. And I’m definitely going to start doing these love handle workouts thanks for sharing.

      • william hannah

        Hope you are still at it bud.Dont give in to age.From a 57 year old powerlifter from Scotland.

    • John lamar

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Just bought two of the different types of sand bags, just filled them yesterday, and looking forward to putting together a nice routine! Great video, I’m always learning a lot from you! I’m 55, recently lost 60 lbs, I have another 50-70 to go! Thank you!!

      • Live Anabolic

        That is great to hear John! Keep working hard man.

      • Bow Hunter

        Where do I find a sandbag with handles?

    • Giovanni Sestili

      Thanks for your videos: your generosity in helping us to get fit is wonderful and your enthusiasm is contagious. A very heartfelt thank you!

    • Patrick McCord

      Great insight on HIIT. Totally agree. Before I learned about HIIT, I was a post-multiple surgeries mess. In Nov 2017 I was 6’2″ 245, prediabetic,
      44″ waist, testo was lowest 20% for men 65+, and I was addicted to oxycodone, showing inflammatory pain and cardiac abnormalities. I
      had been high carb, plant based for 35 years and was taking more than a dozen Rx for arthritis, Gerd, prostate, statins, etc. Circling the drain, anyone? But I got wind of law carb/keto.
      At first, the stories sounded like BS, but as I looked at the science (and the money) I decided I had nothing (literally) to lose. The drain was swirling closer. In t months, by March, 2019 I had quit eating carbs (30g max per day mostly in cheese, nuts, or salads). I was eating mostly fats and beef and eggs – as much as I wanted – and upon arising, lots of gently seasalted water; good news, I dropped 45 lbs, lost 6″ at my waist and I wasn’t hungry. My testo shot up to top third for ALL men over 30, and I was able to get more serious about exercise, esp HIIT. SINCE THEN, I’m up to 214 new, defined muscle mass, no longer the fat, pre-diabetic, anemic, B12 deficient (vegetarian problems)mess I was! And I kicked oxy, stopped taking 11 Rx (some of which caused the skeletal-surgical problems, just BTW) and my HDL/triglyceride ratio is 2/1, so I’m improving cardiac.
      Diet and exercise are transformative.

      • Lee Eppel

        Wonderful story Patrick👏👏

    • H B

      Thank you great video. I am 56 y/o ripped my left pec 2 years ago doing HIIT workouts. I had surgery still hard to do 12 push-ups today. Psychologically it set me back because before was doing 30 push-ups easy all cut up. I gotta get back to the basics.

    • 4himsanctified

      10-20 knee pushups are great warm up and stretch for sets of your regular pushups. Better longterm results and fewer injuries.

    • Steve Abraham

      3 of my favorite body-weight exercises right there! If love dips & pull-ups as well 👍🏾

      • Steve Rogers

        Agree with you Steve. Pull ups are a great upper body workout. The entire body has to be tightened to be pulled up.

    • srbaruchi

      First-timer here (65 y.o.) with your videos. GREAT exercise recommendations. (I like the 2 leg exercises and 1 upper-body combination. Legs are my weak area.) Great demonstrations and tips for proper form. THANKS!

    • Gary

      Thanks for all your great videos! I’m 52 used to exercise a lot in my 20’s and was working out at a gym prior to Covid. I also work remote from home and when I weighed myself a week ago was the heaviest I’ve ever been at 230. In 5’11. I’ve now been eating healthier and drinking more water . Your videos are so educational and I’ve already dropped 5 pounds. Thank you man! 👍👍

      • Scarlett Martha


    • Joe Frisbie

      Right on with some suggested variations. For the squats keep the bag on your chest. With the weight on your back, we have a tendency to lean forward putting more street on the lumbar and causing back issues. Weight in front you stand taller keeping the spine in its natural alignment. Bonus builds the heads of the quads faster. Protect your knees put them on that sandbag until you can do 35 pushups nonstop. Then start your pushups as shown until you can’t do anymore then return to the sandbag and complete the 35. Once you get to 25 in the traditional position forget the sandbag and just add 1 or 2 a week until you reach a number you like. The lunge instruction is all good. Once you get to about 25 challenge yourself with a changeup. Keep the knee of the back leg straight and go as low as you can until the front thigh is parallel to the ground. This requires more balance, aka more muscle groups, and it improves flexibility in the hips. Loss of hip flexibility is the leading cause of back strains because you can’t get low enough to lift. To compensate you bend over and lift with your back and .. well we all heard that story

    • Farren Davis

      Thanks so much for this video! Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma last July. Have lost so much muscle tone because a tumor destroyed the T7 vertebra! slowly coming back but need some simple, all inclusive exercises to do while in the hospital for the stem cell transplant. these three fit the ticket. going to beat this through attitude and strength. need a video about the Corvette in the backround. looks like a late 60’s or early 70’s. must be a blast to drive. thanks again.

    • Joe Kavanagh

      I’ve been doing these exercises the last 6 months and a few more that my doctor told me to do .But I like the sandbag,will get one and where you said to step to the side when you lunge.Picked up a few tips from you thanks ,all the best to you and yours.
      PS -25 years ago I used to do 50 push ups in one shot but now I’m 63 ,10 to 15 is enough for me! You’re in great shape for your age.A friend of mine is 70 and he married a30 yr old! Diet and exercise is very important as you get older

    • Jordy Zelaya

      I watched this video two months ago.Back then I could only do 15 pushups.I can do two sets of 60 now.I incorporated this workout half way through my 6 mile beach hike.Go for a swim then walk home.Im 64 years old and also an avid surfer,so I’m catching more waves,bigger waves,and it’s improved my balance while surfing.muchas gracias,pura vida from Costa Rica…

    • DVT Co.

      Good stuff! I’m 65 years old and used to be quite active. Now, used to not being so active. Up to the pandemic, I was up to 40 pushups non-stop. Then got lazy. I’m ready to take it all back to where I was. Thx again for the reminders and demonstrations… very motivational! Really like the sandbag idea vs. bar. (& Love the ‘vette too… 68 or 69’?)

    • Kelly Perkins

      I’m 34 and found this extremely helpful especially with the lunges. I’d always go straight forward and lose my balance constantly and wonder how everyone else would stabilize themselves hahaha. Thanks!

    • Thomas Bohmier

      At 57, 6′ 2″ I’m 220lbs shredded. Along with proper diet, I do squats for natural “T” boost every other day, and push ups as well at home. Gym results have been awesome for my muscle growth and fat loss. I need to add the lunges to my weekly routine as well, thanks for the tip.

    • Todd Donnelly

      Just discovered your channel yesterday and love how you show that surpassing the 50 YOA milestone does not prevent us from getting after it. Excellent job! Not trying to nitpick but you might want to reconsider the old thought process of not going beyond your toes when doing lunges. While training for a 100k race last year that took place in the Andes Mtns of Argentina I began to experience knee pain during my elevation training (I was 2 yrs removed from meniscus surgery at the time). I can confidently say that it was only after discovering, “The Kneesovertoesguy” that I was able to resume my training and complete the race pain free. It’s worth checking out this guy’s program, he’s the real deal and it will likely convince you to reconsider the old adage when it comes to the way you do lunges, and other training surrounding your knees for that matter. You look awesome, keep up the great work!!

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