Struggling with frequent urination? This video will show you how you can reduce your frequency at home. Watch it to find out! Discover if you have signs of an enlarged prostate here:

Most men as they age find they have to urinate a lot more than they’re used to. In most cases, this is because of an enlarged prostate, a benign, noncancerous enlargement of the prostate gland.

If you’re hoping to find some ways to improve your urinary flow and reduce your bathroom breaks, then you’re in the right place. Here are the top 6 home remedies for frequent urination!

1. Manage Fluid Intake
2. Kegel Exercises
3. Maintain a Healthy Weight
4. Stop Smoking
5. Cut Back on Coffee
6. Take Vitamin D
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    • Lawrence Darkwah

      Very educative. Thanks for the education. Looking forward to more helpful tips

      • Suresh magar

        Same here

    • Frank Balk

      I seem to have a different problem than most. I wake up every couple of hours to pee, but fall right back to sleep when I’m done, so I don’t find it an annoyance. But during the day, I pee almost constantly. If I’m sitting down, I’m pretty much OK. But if I stand up, I have to pee almost immediately and have absolutely no control. I will begin peeing in seconds, even if I just peeed, sat down, and stood up again, and the flow will be full stream. Do ou have an advice for me. I went to a urologist for years, but all he did was run his tests, but did nothing to help. It’s hard visiting friends when you know you’re going to soak your clothes despite wearing diapers. Thanks for any advice you can give.

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic! You can learn more about how thousands of Americans have been able to shrink their prostate naturally with no side effects here:

      • just another opinion

        Hi Frank, my advice would be to drink when you are only thirsty and keep the color of your urine a mild yellow. Don’t drink straight away when you get up. Only when you get thirsty!! See how you go!

      • Frank Balk

        @Reyes Munguia Yes, I have been very careful to check for diabetes regularly over my life. A good friend of mine when we were young had the Childhood version which seems to always kill. He went blind when he was 28 and died a few years later. I’ve never forgotten him or his fate, so kept an eye on those tests. But thanks for the thought.

      • Frank Balk

        I was under the care of a Urology Specialist for many years, and tried everything I ever found, none of which helped a bit, all it did was increase my frustration.

    • Andrei Plesca

      Hello. Thanks for the great video. Can a urinary frequency happen when using a computer or smartphone?

      • Kevin Petitt

        Stop using a smartphone as they are for sheep anyway, why would you allow yourself to be constantly under survelliance?

    • Priya M

      Very educated information on this topic. Need of this hour in every family.

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Thank you for the support!


      I can attest to coffee drinking and frequent urination. If I drink a cup of coffee and a glass of water before I go jogging, I certainly have to pee twice in my hour n a half workout. If I have a cup of chocolate tea instead, I don’t have to pee during workout.

      • LoveFaithLive

        Chocolate tea…haven’t heard about it in Australia. Didn’t know it existed.


        @LoveFaithLive Maybe you know it as cocoa tea

      • Kevin Petitt

        Running is a mugs game, it will destroy your knee joints. Get a bicycle – far better than running. Or are you frightened of traffic?

      • LoveFaithLive

        @DJ SHARPE MUSIC Oh, OK thanks, will Google it to find out more.

    • Writhracing

      Checked my blood I’m low on vitamin D this video might have changed my life! Thank you the inability to sleep do to low vitamin D has been devastating to my life..

    • MS Badrinath

      Practically possible and simple thank u

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Welcome! Thanks for watching!

    • Ann Rasquinha

      Thank you! Just what I needed!!

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You are welcome!

    • Amitava Chakraborty

      Thank you for providing such invaluable guidelines

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You are welcome!

    • Azhar Ali Khan

      Wonderfully pragmatic ways to keep frequent urination at bay! Thanks a good deal!

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You’re welcome! Thanks for watching our videos!

      • Mohammadali Shaikhji

        Read my comment

    • Donald Adams

      Thanks for this video! What kind of vitamin D do you suggest; D2 or D3(or does it make no difference)?

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You’re welcome! You can check our health article about Vitamin D to learn more, here’s the link:

      • Bernadette Grant

        @Ben’s Natural Health it also said too much can cause frequent urination not d other way around.

    • Christian Top Gun

      Thanks God, i’ve been taking Vit D 10.000iU daily for the last 3 months and as i check the blood level of my Vit D a week ago was 69ng/ml. I still fight with my Prostate Cancer which is really disturbing urinating process. Hope i will win to fight the cancer

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Job! If you have other concerns, feel free to check our website and our health articles. Here’s the link:


      Thanks for you advise. I had a very successful prostrate operation. However, I now urinate quite a few times and can empty the entire bladder in a matter of 30 seconds. Excellent but why so much urine coming out every hour / hour and a half. There is no leakage after operation 3 months ago. Please advise if possible. at present I am taking Solifenacin tablets 5mg.

    • Louie

      thanks soooooo much for this video!!! makes so much sense and gave me piece of mind!

      • Ben's Natural Health

        Welcome, Louie! Feel free to send us a message if you have other concerns.

    • Roland Limbo

      I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic 2 months ago! I really pee too frequently! I am so stressed. Sometimes it only took a few minutes before I pee again. Even when my blood sugar came back to normal, I still pee a lot. Checked my creatinine it was okay and did some urine tests and it was okay also! What might be the problem? Sometimes I don’t know what to do!

      • Mbmkdy Mbm

        Same here

      • Sebastien Girouard

        Me too. I’m type 2 diabetic and I also had a tumor and a cancer in my bladder. N away the last two weeks I’ve been peeing every 10 to 30 minutes days and nights can’t sleep well and suck go to work and always go pee all the time. My blood sugar is normal. I don’t know what my problem.

      • Ceasar Esquivel

        @Sebastien Girouard did you ever get this problem resolved.. I’m having it now

      • Ceasar Esquivel

        Did you ever get this problem resolved..

    • Kolluri Rajender

      simple and easy to understanding. thank you

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You’re welcome! Hope you got value from our videos.

    • 5zazen

      pretty simplistic approach. Things like collagen intake, spinach, almond milk all contribute oxalates which kidneys have to filter out. I prefer not drinking water. And as a result 25 ml of sediment built up in my bladder. So now i drink more water. Coffee actually relaxes me if i have had almond milk for breakfast which triggers urinary urgency. All i can gather is that anything with oxalates makes me need to piss more. I reduced spinach intake altogether and almond milk much more. Coffee urinary urgency is nothing compared to the hell of oxalates. To reduce urinary urgency from oxalates, magnesium citrate at bed and glucosamine sulfate during the day. So called “health” foods are often oxalate rich.

    • Random Stuff

      Do CT scan and and Ultrasound (atleat twice) of your lower part. It can be due to anxiety and UTI but in most cases it is due to enlarged prostate and Hyperparathyroidism(in young people).
      I have been facing this issue from 10 years I’m only 22. I have been finally diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism.
      Avoid eggs,fried foods, beverages,soft drinks.
      Get your tests from the most reliable Lab in your city/country.
      May Allah give us shifa Amen.


      Thanks so much , it helped me a lot . May god always bless you ❤️❤️🙏

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You are welcome! Thank you for watching our videos.

    • Murali A J

      Very good tips for BPH patients, Thankyou so much, sir !

      • Ben's Natural Health

        You are always welcome.

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