The Only 3 Leg Exercises You Need To Build Muscle…

Guys, you don’t need to go to the gym to build muscle in your legs. All you need are some dumbbells and I am going to give you the only 3 leg exercises you need to build muscle. Make sure to stick around for the whole video because I am going to give you some different techniques for doing these leg exercises with dumbbells. We are going to utilize TRICON TRAINING in this video. It is 9 total reps, the first 3 are explosive, the second 3 are 10 second isometric holds, and the last 3 are super slow reps. Let’s get started with the 3 leg exercises you need to build muscle.

Exercise #1: TRICON DUMBBELL GOBLET SQUAT. This gives you more mobility than using a barbell. Hinge at the hips, squat down, and get a nice deep stretch. For the isometric hold, hold it at the midrange of the motion.

Exercise #2: ROMANIAN DEADLIFT. This is going to work your hamstrings and glutes. Hinge at the hips, do not just bend over to your feet. Keep the dumbbell close to your body. Go down slowly and squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement. If you go down too far, you will start to work your lower back and you do not want that because we are focusing on working your legs.

Exercise #3: HEEL-ELEVATED DUMBBELL SQUATS. This is going to put more emphasis on your quads and the front of your legs. Elevating your heels naturally will remove lack of mobility in your ankles, which could mess up your knees during the squat. Make sure your knees point the same way as your toes, drive your knees out to keep them safe.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the only 3 leg exercises you need to build muscle using dumbbells only. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

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    • Live Anabolic

      When it comes to building your legs at home…Chances are you don’t have a leg press or other fancy machines…Maybe not even a squat rack. But you don’t need those to build strong legs…And in today’s new video on the Live Anabolic YouTube channel…Coach Gary will take you through 3 awesome leg exercises to build strength and muscularity with dumbbells!

      • Commander Thorkil J. Amundsen

        I always liked being able to outrun and outjump dudes who focused on having huge legs.

      • jose carlos

        This is a good one, I was looking to fine tune my leg work for the calisthenics routine I am doing. Thanks!

      • Eagles Sixers Fan Keepingitreal

        Sooo with the tricon exercise how many sets, or just that one set of nine?

        I ask because you showed three exercises but n sets range, and if I’m going to get my over 50 sexy on then I want to do it right.

        Thanks in advance coach G!

      • Troy Bennett

        Sets and frequency?

      • Vic Treadwell

        do we do exercise 2 and 3 9 reps each like exercise 1?

    • Mountain Turtle Adventures

      Thank you! This channel is great! Really appreciate they way you explain and show each exercise.

    • John Shadow

      When I was younger I used to do front squats. I like goblets better now. I also do Zercher squats because it keeps the torso upright. In the future can you do a video on how you would do them safely. Thank you. You have excellent form on your movements

    • I am Nemo

      Definitely need to do these just to help stabilise my back more, used to be a gym rat so to speak but genetics has caught up with me over the years so now I have to change up my training to have mobility and strength instead of being able to do a workout and then seize up like the rusted Tin man, my back has definitely seen better days, can’t do barbell sqauts or barbell deadlifts, now I’m more or a dumbbell guy which has definitely shown which side has the strength imbalance develope over the years.

    • Alan Barksdale

      Incredible coaching and freely offered! Thank you for all you do for us!

    • Ross O.

      Thanks for the video sir! I had reconstructed hip surgery when I was younger so it’s painful to do a lot of exercises. You talk about older men. I’m 42 and trying to get in the best shape of my life…. I think it’s possible

      • Ryan Brue

        Stay strong Ross. I had fai/cam repair/modified hip when I 32. Did a lot of reserve single leg lunges and hip bridges. I’m gonna concentrate on squats and deadlift this winter My glute secret last year. Single leg reverse lunge with a DB in opposite hand of leg working.


      Think I will be incorporating this leg work instead of doing the old traditional barbell squat. Thanks Gary

    • David Murray

      Im definitely going to use this. Thanks a bunch 👍👍👍

    • Jelly G.

      Thanks a lot for the video and all the tips. It would be great to see a similar approach on what exercises to do with DBs to hit the calves and the shin muscles. The lower part of the legs is what I’ve tried to develop better but haven’t got good results.

    • Michael Soler

      Hey GREAT videos! Can you give some tips on how to strengthen inside leg area?

    • Phillip Weatherspoon

      Freaking awesome video brother and I have to use a two by four to elevate my heals. I stretch a lot and recently I had back surgery. If you ever have the time to reach out to me I would greatly appreciate it. Keep rocking

      • Live Anabolic

        Thank you Phillip!

    • Alan Macdonald

      Gary, many thanks for this workout. I have just completed it. It smoked me! I thought I was reasonably fit, started with 47 lbs DBs, managed 3 rounds and had to reduce the weight to 36lbs. Even so! Holy Banana! My thighs were pumped, my mid back knew all about it (from the goblets) and it was a good cardio workout.
      I’ll start with 36 lbs next time and focus on the form and making it to ten seconds on all the Tricon holds.
      This should be a time saver but it’s going to take me ten minutes to get off this chair!
      Thanks again!

    • bossdog bossdog

      So much content on here are from young trainers ,its nice to see one for an age group that knows the changes a person goes through as they get older. Every one of your series i have tried i have less joint pain and much faster recovery. Thanks for the great content ! You are awesome!

      • Canuck3 3

        Same, less joint pain and faster recovery. Excellent channel for older guys

    • john kennett

      Thank you for this Great Leg Option. I am age 78, and built a home gym Squat rack, Cables, dip bars etc. But at 6ft 2in. I feel very insecure in lower back doing dead lifts and 100 pound bar squats. Now your technique gives me a safe way to confidently build legs with confidence. John K.

      • Iceman 23


    • Derek Thomson

      Really great information and well demonstrated, will be trying in gym, thanks
      Derek 🥋💪

    • Taptap Industries

      Awesome Video. This is pretty much my new leg workout. Do you recommend doing anything additional for calves? Or are these three exercises adequate to develop reasonable calves too? Thank You very much for your high value videos!!!


      Here are the time stamps for each exercise

    • Iceman 23

      Thanks buddy – i hate doing legs BUT this work out is doable! 🙌🏻👍🏻

    • jerry mander

      Thanks for such a great workout,,,,,,,this is exactly what I was looking for !!!!! 3 uncomplicated exercises

    • Sergio Tarin

      How often do you recommend to do legs at 40 years of age? I usually do them once a week, and I’m trying to bulk.

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