If you’re a man in his 40s, it’s likely your priorities have shifted a bit. Whether it’s kids, a wife, work, or all of the above, you don’t want to spend two hours in the gym each day like you did in your 20s. You just want to be able to show up, get your lifts in, and be done. And since you don’t have too much time in the gym, you want to make sure you’re making the most of it. The last thing you want is to wander around the gym aimlessly, not knowing what you should be doing, or even worse: injuring yourself in the process.

The truth is, there’s no need to do crazy long workouts like you may have done in your twenties. You can get the exact same results, if not better, by spending less time in the gym when you’re a bit more purposeful.

You see, as you get older, sometimes less is actually more.

And that’s why in this video I share the only 3 exercises you need for muscle growth, specifically for men over 40.







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    • MassGainingGuy

      Man over 40 here…Let’s stay fit!

      • tazboi81


      • tazboi81

        ​@24k gold buffalo. You got this bro!!

      • Jeffrey Babino

        Man at 61 agrees

      • Just You

        Staying alive, mate! Stay strong also! 💪😎😁

      • Jeremy Booth

        Let’s get it! Turned 42 three days ago. Army Vet, just lost my 30th pound yesterday. LET’S GOOOOO!

    • leslie saunders

      Will be 68 at the end of this year. Still working out 4 times a week. Haven’t missed a single video from you guys. Best info on YouTube. Keep up the good work!

      • Ismael Rodriguez

        It’s not easy, and stress and anxiety doesn’t help either. But let’s keep our head up and lot’s of determination… 🤙😎

      • SneakyP

        4x a week got dam buddy good for you, meeting any cougars?!

      • Rocky Click

        @Peaceful Music for you

      • Edward Newman

        You’re so cool 🥴

      • boomstick900

        @Edward Newman Way cooler than you cringe face boy

    • H Athlete4ever

      I’m in my mid 30s right now and am already loving these new methods. Definitely save me time training plus I get to keep my results that I trained for years getting. Thank you guys so much for this video 👌👍🦵💪

    • Espen Dahl

      1 Push(Bench,Press.Dips), 1 Pull(Row,Chins/ Pull ups) And 1 Lower body (Squats/Leg Press / Deadlifts) and 2 weakness / isolation exercises at the end and You got a great program.

      • GoCD1

        How is deadlift not a pull? How is deadlift a substitute for squats?

      • Espen Dahl

        @GoCD1 In my experience,doing heavy squats and heavy conventional deadlift on the same day is to much.Give each their own day so the focus is on moving more weight/rep/intensity.Deadlift (conventional) is a full body exercise and the most taxing,even more then Squats.

      • GoCD1

        @Espen Dahl exactly. Deadlift on pull day.

      • T.k. Kirkland2000

        @Espen Dahl squats n deads would crush ur CNS. Deads would make me feel sick the next day cuz they tax the body so much. Instead of deads, u can hit rackpulls and yes do deads in a pull day .

      • Espen Dahl

        @T.k. Kirkland2000 That would be smart to put them on a pull day.Squats and Deadlifts are hard on the body,but awesome to build strength and muscles.If You feel wrecked the volume or weights are to much and sleep,daily stress, nutrition also plays a factor.Have You ever tried stiff leg deadlifts or romanian deadlifts?They are easier to recover from and has more carryover to the deadlift.

    • Kevin Gordon

      I’m 60 , I have lifted from 25 to present! How often should I used these three together as a stand alone workout? Thanks for the great information!

      • M Haas

        I’m thinking twice a week

    • GACXVI

      1:21 Low incline bench press.
      3:34 Pendlay row.
      6:21 Barbell back squat.

      • OoIl


      • Paul Christie

        @Daniel Stewart Curls are completely pointless. If u want bulging biceps do chin-ups.

      • Paul Christie

        @xstoneralcy how did you get a slipped disc ?

      • Paul Christie

        @Raaka Reiska how did you get a slipped disc ?

      • Raaka Reiska

        @Paul Christie I took trashes out and threw them into dumpster and BAM sharp pain in lower back. Which is kinda funny cause day before I was in wrestling practices normally and nothing indicated that coming

    • Ziutek Kowalski

      I’m 43 now, and I’m in better shape than when I was 25. ✅ Slim waist ✅ Abs ✅ Lower back finally not in pain ✅ Feeling great in my own skin ✅ healthy AF. Will not stop 💪💪💪no matter what.

      • NaNo Rodriguez

        Good stuff im 35 now im doig great better shape than 20s crazy how we get older and take it more seriously

      • Yan

        Hey. Im 43 also.. and about to recover from Leukemia (AML). Not 100% yet free from it but things looking positive.
        Im starting to start doing light exercise and weight now.
        The leukemia was a wakeup call for me to take care of my body plus i lost alot of fat in my body. 🙂 I was at 58kg when i was diagnosed and im 71kg now.
        Im more determined than ever to gain some muscle and keep fit.
        Hope i can recover 100% from Leukemia and gain some muscle also. Wish me luck.

      • Ziutek Kowalski

        @Yan good luck. Leukemia is a nasty disease. I hope you can fully recover. If that helps, my weight is even less – just under 69kg – for 178cm height. I’m actually struggling to put on more muscle, after all that fat is gone.

      • Yan

        @Ziutek Kowalski Yeah leukemia is nasty and the treatment’s even nastier. I was almost 90kg with big belly, love handles and man boobs before i got sick. Now most of those stubborn fat is gone.
        If not for Leukemia theres no way im gonna lose that kind of fat and weight. Haha. (Trying to be positive). Now im in recovering zone already migh as well try to gain some muscle. Its like having a second chance at life. What doesnt kills you make you stronger right.

      • Jon Ch. Henningsen

        ​@Yan Hi, Yan! I´m happy you made it this far on your recovery journey. We´re the same age(I´ll be 44 this winter). I was diagnosed with a teratoma tumor(non-seminoma) in 2013. I lost 20,6 kgs by adopting a much healthier lifestyle after I came home from the hospital(from 109,6-89 kgs). I struggled to regain the lost muscle mass in the years after(low energy, being fearful – our daughter was just 3 years young at the time, old injuries holding me back, and lack of consistency). When I addressed and healed physically/mentally/emotionally(still working on this), I turned my life around(total personal transformation/living a meaningful life with happiness and gratitude). Now I weigh just under 100 kg(I´m 193 cm tall), and I´ve regained 8 kg of fat-free mass. My strength is also returning (I will hit my goal of lifting 200 kg/RAW in the deadlift before the end of the year). Keep going and you´ll get there, Yan! I salute your efforts and wish you/your family all the best in life! I´m sending you uplifting Viking Warrior energy from Denmark! Kindness and gratitude, Jon.

    • Full Body Joe

      At 57 years old, I would never do just 3 exercises as a workout. I do full body 2-3 times a week.
      Dumbbell bench. Weighted dips. Weighted Chin-ups. Leg press. Leg extensions. Shoulder press. Triceps overhead extensions and curls.

    • Ricardo Castillo

      This is really great and should be the core of any workout. However, I find that when I JUST do this, I eventually lag in certain areas. So I do this as the focused core, then throw in some supplementals. And I’m 51.

      • Joey Wilson

        46 years and Ive found the same thing

    • Charlie Parker

      Bench press, pull up and trap bar deadlift is my 3 exercise minimalist routine I do occasionally. Hits just about everything and I enjoy all the exercises.

      • David IsAnIdiot

        What kind of set/rep scheme do you use for that workout?

      • Charlie Parker

        ​@David IsAnIdiot I do 10 sets of pull-ups. EMOM (1 set every minute on the minute).

        Then I do 5 sets of bench press. No time limit.

        Then I do 3 sets of trap bar deadlifts. No time limit.

        I time limit the pull ups as I like to have good endurance in that exercise to get good max reps scores.

    • Jacob Forrester

      I’m 50, and it’s nice to know I’m doing something right instinctively. These 3 are part of my routine.
      I mainly work with dumbbells.
      My rows are from about as low as I get with Romanian deadlifts, planked pretty solid.
      I dumbbell bench with my back on a 75cm exercise ball, it fires up all sorts of microstablizers as well as the larger muscles. Again, planked pretty solid. I could see dropping my butt a little to try that small incline.
      My squats are basically box squats. You have to control eccentric phase or the tailbone and lower back take a jolt when you sit down. For me that’s extra important because I’ve had back surgery.
      I also do curls, skull-smashers on the exercise ball, vertical press to isolate front delts, bent over rear delt flies, Romanian deadlifts, body curls, and sit ups. I do one set each daily Monday through Friday, using enough weight where 20 to 30 reps is possible with decent form, but getting really difficult for the last 5reps. I take weekends off. I sleep okay. I eat a pretty high protein diet, fair amount of fat, getting some veggies, while avoiding carbs for the most part.

      • John King

        I love your routine! I’m 48, I also do a full body routine but I prefer higher reps, like 50 to 100. I don’t schedule days off, only take one when I feel I need it. I lost 25 pounds in about 3 months on this routine along with walking and changing diet.

      • Dont bug me

        Do you wear those gay pants?

      • Jacob Forrester

        @Dont bug me no. I wear pansexual pants.

      • Jacob Forrester

        @John King I go up to 50 when it comes to legs and core. But those are pretty high endurance muscle groups. I honestly should walk more. I still have some chunk to shed.

    • Stevey Ray

      I really enjoyed this video mate, very informative, interesting and helpful. I’ll be 45 on the 6/11 and I’ll be trying out this routine tomorrow morning. Thank you.

    • jose carlos

      I’m 67, my formula for a minimal workout, even for a regular workout, consists of bodyweight squats, pullups and pushups. I am no where near the shape I was in in my 40s but I’m holding up. This was good information, I think I will replace squats with weighted lunges, thanks!

      • Scott Petermann

        I do calisthenics a lot too

    • James Smith

      61 yrs here, hurt my back 18 yrs ago, ballooned up to 210lbs. At 5’4″ I was extremely obese. Two years ago I decided to do something about it, I now weigh 145lbs. I still have some stubborn belly fat to get rid of, about 10 to 15 pounds. I need to start lifting to rebuild muscle and these exercises might just be exactly what I’m looking for. Subscribed.

      • Lone Ranger

        Try planking for Ab-work . All of it hurts eventually. I’ve listen to decades of cackle babble. Roofer/Landscaper/Army/now a Tree Groundman . Fkd my back up many times. Its Life. Work . Just stay active . Dont worry about physique , just sweating daily and you’ll ride on through . ✌🌐

      • Mark

        Fantastic summary, and great that you had the courage to start at 59…inspirational.

    • Besokool

      I have fully switched to resistance bands, and a total gym. Just turned 60. No more sore joints at all. I am not building large muscle mass whatsoever. But, I’m quite lean, and definitely look toned and strong. A boxer type physique. This is my goal.

      • firstbornjordan

        Perfect! It’s not all about muscle mass. I am almost 60, and have a boxer / gymnast physique.

    • Mil-Spec Muscle

      Great content overall! Love that you’re encouraging people in their 40’s to continue to train…and to be more cognizant of how their lifting. Just a couple of questions. At 1:09, did you mean to say “pushing muscles?” Since muscles can only contract to produce force, all 600+ skeletal muscles are “pulling” muscles. Also wondering what your opinion is on changing elbow position specifically to focus more on the triceps and engage the shoulders less. I am a subscriber, by the way…not just a troll. 🙂

    • Mr25thfret

      Thanks for this. At 72, I need all the help I can get to stay fit!

    • Joe Doe

      Thanks for the info. I’d also add a regular stretching and flexibility routine. Do it as often as possible. Walk as often as possible. These two habits will keep you loose and limber. More water and cruciferous veggies will also help to keep you tip top. Moving forward, everything is about taking preventive measures to keep you on feet and out of the hospital. OMT, stay on top of your checkups so you know what’s going on with you. Peace and good health fellas.

    • Adam Taylor

      Very well done and useful information! Thank you 🙏🏻

    • Jo Dizzle

      I’m 51 and I still workout 4xweek. I would also recommend trap bar deadlifts, DB presses, single-leg work and working all planes of motion. The 3 exercises mentioned are only in the sagittal plane. An exercise or two from the frontal and transverse planes would definitely help out. Also, if you still can, try to get a HIIT workout in once or twice a week. Older men and women definitely benefit from HIIT.

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