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If you are making any of these mistakes and want to learn how to get into amazing shape through nutrition, workouts and recovery tips then click the link and
Join our 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge for Men Over 40 starting January 6, 2020 –

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    32 replies to "The 3 Top Mistakes Men Over 40 Make When Trying Lose Weight"

    • GeorgeAyodele

      I’m living proof of this. I’m 42 now and I’ve been working out with weights for over 25 years. In my mid 20s I did high cardio and high weight training to great effect, I was well ripped with very low fat. In my 30s I started bulking with ‘bro splits’ to great effect, and that was when I aesthetically looked my best, big muscles and low fat.
      From 40 everything slowed down suddenly, so I saw the need to make changes, I never took protein shakes before 40, cause I never needed it. But after 40 I’ve tried a few brands of protein shakes, used many other supplements like creatine, glutamine, and fat burning supplements too. All just to get back to how I was before 40. My gym time increased from alternate days to everyday, from 1 hour per session to 2 hrs or more. All I achieved is more injuries and a weaker immune system (I get sick much quicker and more frequently now), yet the fat remains and my muscles haven’t got bigger. Right now I’ve missed 3 weeks of workout due to a shoulder injury and catching the flu.

      So this video totally scientifically explains what I’ve been experiencing for 2 years now. I’m happy I watched this, now i know the necessary adjustments I need to make, cause I can never give up weight training, it’s part of my life.
      I wanna see more like this, so I’m 1 additional subscriber

    • RCHW

      I’m in my 50’s and I’ve just started 16/8 IF with emphasis on Keto principles. I’ve done the research, read and watched tons of videos and have a good generalization of the protocol relative to my age. I’ll safely and wisely tweak all the information, including this video, and make it applicable to my situation. Thanks.

    • Mike Pattison

      Great video Funk! Informative and motivating. I’m 50 years of age and joined a gym for the first time in my life 4 weeks ago… really enjoying it. I do some high intensity intermittent training on the rowing machine for 15 mins, then spend about 30 minutes on various weight machines. I have also cut down the number of hours during the day which I consume food. I start work early, so used to have breakfast at 3.30am and my last meal of the day at around 7.30pm. I recently heard a scientist talking about a study he had done which showed we should only consume food for 8 to 10 hours of the day. These things combined seem to be working, although I suspect I am going to find it harder to loose the remaining extra weight I am carrying (could really do with loosing another 10kgs). I have always been pretty active and never had a problem with maintaining a healthy weight, but the slowing metabolism that comes with middle age, combined with too much alcohol consumption really changed that for me. I have almost completely given up drinking now and feeling 10 years younger now than I did a month ago. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Cheers.

    • Gmail User

      Brother, I’ve been making all of the mistakes that you’ve mentioned for years. I’ve always been pretty fit, especially for my age (I’m an old dude), but my last couple years have been plagued with injuries and little results. Somehow, I managed to figure this out by myself, and started doing 3X workouts – full-body – per week. The worst decision I ever made was the 100 pushups per day for 30 days. I saw benefits, but – man-alive, did I pay for those benefits. Continuous cramped muscles, unprecedented fatigue, liquid shits… the whole nine yards. Since dropping the “always cardio” routine, and switching to a 3X schedule of full-body workouts, my core is stronger, my muscles are responding incredibly, and my energy levels have returned. I’ve worn a 44 Regular sport jacket since my boxing days – almost 30 years ago. I bought a 46 Regular jacket last week that fits perfectly. My chest, shoulders and arms are bigger than they have ever been. And, even though I’ve only lost about 7lbs, my pants fit better because my waist is tighter. Belly fat is almost gone. I spent 2 years eating spinach and salmon. I ran almost 3 miles per day, 6x per week, with very little results, except for constant knee pain. Now, I eat pretty much what I want, only in smaller portions, and avoiding useless calories like soda or french fries. I substitute wheat tortillas for bread about 60% of the time. I drink black coffee – which I always drank before my lovely wife poisoned me with the idea of adding creamers. I steam my veggies, and cook everything on stove-top with virgin olive oil. Plus, I add powdered Turmeric to EVERYTHING I eat – without exception. I use it like people use salt. I’ll be 60 soon, and can outwork, outlift, and outlast most kids in their 20’s.

      • Gmail User

        I’m afraid I don’t understand.

      • DronePilot Canadian

        Amazing and inspiring comment . Read this and you will feel an instant increase in T levels like I did! 🙂 <3

      • christopher desimone

        Gmail User,…….Hi, I’m in my 70’s and function as a 35 year old man. Cook only with grape seed oil to prevent free-radicals, (which are reactive and unstable). I use turmeric, (orange color) raw, graded fine, along with ginger also graded, and fresh garlic. I add spring water and blend it in my bullet, or into a fresh made soup from scratch.

      • J. R.

        Gmail User you may have a thyroid issue if you weight fluctuates like Oprah.

      • Michael Boulware

        What kind of full body workouts are you doing? Do you include Burpees in your routine? and how long does it last?

    • Stephen BAM

      Brilliant advice. I was wondering why I was doing these long circuits and not getting the results I needed especially in the stomach region. Please please please do a nutrition video🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥

    • whomadethatsaltysoup

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience with us! I’ve been on the low carb/healthy fat diet for a couple of years now, and I’ve gone from 218 lbs to 162. That all happened within the first 4 months. So, whilst I agree with most of what you say, I’d have to concur with another comment, regarding diet; mileage may vary!

      Hey, we’re not talking 10gr of carb and the rest in coconut oil. I don’t calorie count, or weigh portions of protein, I just don’t eat bread, pasta, rice or potatoes or sugar. And no processed foods!

      After about six months of 3x a week gym sessions – I gave up on the mega-cardio that I’d been doing for over a decade – I’ve managed to put on roughly 2kg of lean body mass with a body fat percentage of around 12.

      Btw, I just turned 56.

    • Daryl Graham


      I’m 54, a former track & field, (hurdler) athlete and I am so impressed with your ability to focus, (in a short vid) on testosterone, it’s low production over 40, “girlie-diets” with low-carbs, compound exercises, short rest-periods, strength-training frequency, muscle-recovery and steroids.

      Well done bro.

    • Corkfish1

      I’m 59 and been weight lifting since I was 20 without interruption. Everything this guy is saying is pretty much spot on

      • 50 Shades of 40

        Corkfish1 it’s like investing in your own body and health 👏👏👏💪💪💪

      • Syl Omope

        You’re the man. 🏋🏾‍♀️👊🏾. You just inspired me. Cheers

    • R H

      Interesting video! im 39, cant get rid of belly fat, or get the gains i want. I still do the Bro split for about 1.5 hours every other day, different muscle group each time. Plus a full body work out on Sundays every week, which lasts about 2.5 hours.. I also recently started doing about a 4 -5 mile run on my rest days but i still cant burn the belly fat. I eat super healthy all the time, i could reduce my sugar intake but its already very low, i hardly eat any fruit. I am not diabetic. But what i have learned was that i was not eating enough protein. So i quadrupled my intake and have lots more energy and stamina. belly fat still here though. Im going to try and incorporate your ideas and see what happens. thanks!

    • Jonathan Wells

      I was ripped most of my life, especially true, before, during and after the Marine Corps. I did both kinds of workout. After 42 I started putting on weight and seemed to have a harder and harder time staying fit. I’m 57 and look like a heavy linebacker. You and this other guy have the body proof and similar programs, so I look forward to following, Jon

    • Kiowhatta IsthetruthC

      Thank you for focusing on this little-known fact in sports science. I’m not an expert in exercise but I have done lots of different types of exercise over the years, and one thing that really caught my attention is how once I hit 35 my reflexes, stamina and mostly proneness to injury changed quite dramatically.
      I took up boxing when I was about 32 and know I am 44.
      The difference in what I will call physiological health started to decline alarmingly once I hit 40. It was as if my body knew it was 40 and suddenly I wake up in the morning and all that hard training, physical work, seemed to catch up with me and my joints and muscles ached until I warmed up.
      I have always been a reasonably thin man until I hit the Creatine in my late 20’s and started bodybuilding hardcore. Now I have the small man boobs, beer belly bits overhanging everywhere – and my diet is actually not bad. I try to walk regularly plus I don’t eat ANYTHING high in fat, sugar, I stay away from fast food, soft drink, chips, chocolate etc, but I think because of the medication I’m on it’s affecting my metabolism on top of the information presented here.
      I am really down about my body image, feel ashamed and unattractive, have bouts of depression and listlessness.
      I am someone who has really gone from one extreme to another with weight, and it’s hard when you’re getting positive feedback, compliments when you’re in shape, then slowly slack off because it becomes monotonous, routine, boring then the weight comes back like a flash and then you can notice the subtle disapproval from the people around you.
      I really think a 1/3rd of the problem is the food industry, 1/3rd the obsessive almost religious fervor generated by the ‘self-improvement’ industry and the last 1/3rd is the way I and others attach social value to people according to their body shape.
      It’s great to feel fit and look good in clothes, but damn its hard work keeping it off. In reality, the investment vs the return just doesn’t seem worth it. You work your butt off for 3-6 months before you even start to see results ( that’s why boxers go into camp for at least 8-12 weeks, training up to 6 hours a day on a starvation diet ), then if you take a break within a month you’re back to where you started. C’mon it’s disheartening, tiring and feels like chasing a mirage and the worst part is everyone is hypnotised by obtaining their optimal body. Meh. I hope some guys out there can just understand what I’m saying without trying to push an agenda because I’m tired of everyone the expert.
      Yes I’m lazy, but happiness surely does not come with a size 32 waist.

    • Junkinthebrain

      Fantastic info! I am 44, and I appreciate this video! Unfortunately it’s getting harder as the years go by just to stay motivated. This video really helps! I really appreciate it!

    • Peachy Cheap

      Hit 43 last October and I am in better shape than ever, even better than my old self in Basic Training in my 20s….never to late to get started.

      • BioHack

        Never too late and now you have access to the best approach too. So, fewer mistakes and faster gains! Stay healthy and strong!

      • Iz Nh

        What’s your diet and exercise like?

      • BioHack

        @Iz Nh not sure about him but mine is very simple. Less is more. Strength training 30-40 min every 4-5 days. Basically, 3-5 sets of weighted pullups, dips/pushups, squats. And some fun endurance fits couple of days a week. Like doing 200 pullups or 500 pushups in 30 min. This replaces my cardio essentially. So all in all no more than 2 hours of physical activity a week. Very flexible. Can shift workout around my busy schedule without too much worry. Diet – eat whatever you like but trying to keep it moderate avoiding junk and sugar if I can help it. Nothing special and nothing too strict. Hope this helps.

      • Magic Mayhem

        What are you doing? Any tips. I’ve stubborn belly fat – I do eat chocolate

      • New Era

        Thank you so much Marine here! I haven’t been to boot camp in 20 years and I’m trying to do everything to stay in great shape at the age of 41. I am better fit than most guys I see my age but I know I don’t eat healthy at all and that is my downfall… any suggestions from anyone anything will help🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Christoph Denner

      Thank you, this was very interesting. I usually do splits, train 4-5 times a week, like when I was younger, and noticed that I need more and more recovery time. Will try the full body workouts 3x a week and see how this feels like – I´m 41 currently. By the way, you look much younger. 🙂

    • Jace Da Ace

      Thank you Funk Roberts!!! Appreciate your advice – makes a lot of sense for me on my journey to losing the “stubborn” weight! I’ve been doing it wrong according to your video so this will help me immensely!!! Thanx again for sharing this invaluable knowledge…

    • uhavemooface

      I was a pescatarian for three years and that really worked well for me. I am 42 now. But this was years ago when we went pescatarian. I was losing so much weight. I just started back again at the gym for three weeks also before I joined the gym I started eating healthy with prepping our foods here at home. It has helped me out a lot. I don’t think any of these diets destroy or kill our testosterone. Being vegetarian helps with energy. I have a high sex drive so my testosterone is just fine. I will be turning 43 next month. I have been working out three days a week starting next month I will up the days to four days a week. I don’t need to work out more then that. What I do now is called a life style not a diet. I am never going on any diet ever again. They never worked for me.

    • Ron Browsing

      This was the video that changed my life. I never work out more than 30 minutes, no more than 3 days a week and have gotten amazing results. I forgot the actually workout video he demonstrated. But pretty much bench press, squats, rows, overhead press and deadlifts, one after an another with about 0-30 seconds max rest in between. Then 2 minute rest between rounds. 3 rounds of those exercises. Warm up and stretch of course.

    • ataman73

      Thank you sir!! I am a Brooklyn, Staten island guy, I love gym and always workout. I have been following your workouts since COVID crisis, I LOVE them. I am 46 and became more fit with muscles being more functional then they were while lifting in a gym. I am 5’9 173-175, I was more buff in mid 180s when I started. BUT I feel MUCH better, save TONS of time and LOVE following ur routines. I send them to ALL my friends to follow. Props to you and Angela !! Keep it up.

    • Bernie Leinz

      Excellent info sir. At the 55 year old mark I definitely fit the profile for over-training: puffy, can’t sleep well, various aches and pains, etc. I have started a workout of yours this week and plan to do it 3 days a week and reserve Tues and Thurs for recovery and stretching. I need my mobility back man! Again, brilliant presentation. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

    • John Wesley

      Great video. I have 100% changed my attitude to exercise since hitting 40. Instead of working out hard, I train smart now. Rather than working out to failure, I do shorter workouts, concentrate more on compound exercises and rarely red line it. Adopting this approach has allowed me to keep training consistently and avoid burnout.

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