Has your progress in gym slowed down or even plateaued? Are you not seeing results you were hoping for? It's time to take your workouts to next level!

In today's video we'll focus on the two most important changes you should make to transform you workout, while unleashing the best within you.

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    6 replies to "Take Your Workouts To The Next Level"

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

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    • Daren Bulley

      Exercises I always avoided squats, pull-ups ….I’ve started trying. I started just doing squats with no weight. This past Friday I tried doing squats with the empty bar. Then I added 70 pounds and did ten squats and I started feeling my muscles working and I stopped. Over the weekend I’ve been stiff and sore as I would expect to feel if I had gone to failure or lifted 250 lbs or something. While I do drop sets to failure with arm curls twice a week and I never get soreness afterwards. I’m doing 5 pull-ups in a set now where I couldn’t do one two months ago.

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        Great job building up your pull ups and squats! Often times it’s when you do something new or something that you haven’t done in a while that you feel muscle soreness. My client who trained with me a few weeks ago during his visit always squats, but doing the hack squat and leg press made him feel really sore, because he hasn’t used those machines in a long time. I wouldn’t use soreness as a gauge for effort or effectiveness of a workout.


      Hey bro

      I love going extreme

      Like yesterday full body 2.5 hours with a sauna

      Did most groups except chest

      Good mornings are killer

      I can’t believe how i neglected this exercise

      I found pyramid up and down works

      You got the right thing about being mindful

      Good attitude

      From esquimalt bc bro and you?


      I found if I’m sore the next day my brain feels good

      If I’m not sore my brain is busy


      Just eating protein pan cakes and some eggs and bacon and steak

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