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I want to help you build bigger legs at home, and today we are going to focus on doing one-leg variations in this workout. When you are at home, you just have access to all the equipment you would have if you were at the gym. The exercises today focus on working one leg at a time, to put in more work with less equipment. All you need are some dumbbells, and for you beginners maybe just bodyweight. THis workout is going to consist of 5 different exercises. Let’s get started with the exercises in this single leg workout to build bigger legs from home.

Exercise #1: DUMBBELL SPLIT SQUAT. You can also do this exercise with just your bodyweight. Get in a lunge position, kind of staggered to have more balance and stability. Do 8-12 reps on one leg then switch and do the other leg, this is not going to be alternating after each rep.

Exercise #2: STEP UPS. The higher you step up, the more difficult it is going to be. You can use a couch or chair, and you are going to do one leg at a time. You can keep your foot on the chair or table through the whole movement.

Exercise #3: SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT. This is similar to a Romanian Deadlift, except you have one leg on the ground at a time. This is a tough movement that will require balance, and it will really work your hamstrings.

Exercise #4: SINGLE LEG SQUAT. You can use a couple chairs to assist because it also requires more balance. If this is too hard for you, you can also use the chairs to offset some of the weight. You are really going to feel the burn with this exercise, especially in your quads.

Exercise #5: SINGLE LEG CALF RAISES. Put a piece of wood or something under your toes to allow you to get a deeper stretch in your calves in this exercise. You can also have your foot slightly behind you to start with your calf already in a deeper stretch. Avoid letting your heel touch the ground to put more resistance for the entire exercise.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with a single leg workout to build bigger legs from home. Make sure to give this workout a try in your home workout routine to build bigger legs. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and lose fat from home.

    5 replies to "Single Leg Workout To Build Bigger Legs From Home (5 BEST EXERCISES!)"

    • Marc Volpe


      • Roberto Lombardi

        A gold medal for you then Lol.

    • Omar Hunedy

      Great exercise 💪 👌

    • Veny50 natural

      we elders don’t have it easy anymore, but we can give it all the more🤗💪😂

    • Roberto Lombardi

      I really appreciate the time and effort you guys put in to the video’s you produce. This video provides me with great tips and techniques for my leg work outs as I don’t always get time to go to mu gym because of work/life commitments. PS, you have a lovely Dog.

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