One of the most used pieces of equipment, especially when working out from home, are dumbbells. When you are at the gym, you may have access to heavier dumbbells as well, for when you lift heavy. Proper form is crucial as you age, and avoiding injury is important! Getting prepped for the live reps is just as important as the actual sets themselves.

Getting the dumbbells into position takes some technique as well because you can get injured even doing that. This is important, especially if you are lifting heavier weights. Start with a lighter weight when you practice your form of getting dumbbells into position.

Here are the techniques to get the dumbbells into position!

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    1 Response to "How To Get The Dumbbells Into Position (HEAVY LIFTING FORM!)"

    • Texas Elvis

      I guess I use a variation of the “swing”. Kind of like a barbell clean, but just bringing the dumbbell up into position. However, I do one arm at a time.

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