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If you're looking for an exercise to add to your routine to build bigger forearms, the reverse curl is a great option. And in this short video, you're going to discover exactly how to do a reverse curl. I'm going to demonstrate the finer form points that make this exercise so effective, along with some recommendations on sets and reps for your routine. Enjoy!

How to do a reverse curl – the setup (0:35)

Not surprisingly, the setup for the reverse curl is pretty simple, just a pair of dumbbells. And if you're unsure about what weight to use, try starting 10-15 lbs lighter than the weight you use for regular bicep curls.

Now, what makes the reverse curl different is how we position the dumbbells. Instead of having your palms facing out, we're going to turn our hands over to target the forearm muscle (brachioradialis).

The Reverse Curl Form Tutorial (1:12)

Now that we've covered the basics of the reverse curl setup let's look at how to do this exercise properly. As you'll discover, there are a few key form points that really drive the effectiveness of this exercise. The reverse curl is all about staying slow & controlled.

And if you're interested in taking the reverse curl to the next level, using a pair of fat grips on the dumbbell handles will work those forearms even more.

How to work reverse curls into your routine (3:08)

Because the reverse curl is more of a finesse exercise, it's best used at the end of your arm workout to get an extra pump on your forearms. Generally, doing something like 3 sets of a higher rep range (10-20) is going to get you the best results.

Hope you enjoy this quick guide on how to do a reverse curl. Subscribe and stay tuned for more great tutorials like this!

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    31 replies to "How to Do Reverse Curls With Dumbbells – Great Exercise for Building Bigger Forearms"

    • kuneeya kanna

      this is really amazing. but it looks quite difficult to workout. somehow i will give a try to maintain good shape. thanks for your wonderful videos.

    • 4by4 Circuits

      Great tips. Great video. Keep up the great work.

    • SaRE fIn

      Great tutorial, Doc!This seems like an awesome workout I can do before going to work. This is really gonna help me.Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

    • Jeff mann

      I love how simple and easy it is to follow your instructions. I often get overwhelmed watching these workout videos. This is easy to understand and follow

    • Ste Ven

      Reverse curls are such a great and easy exercise for forearms. Never thought of adding fat grips to the dumbbells, great idea!

      • Shanell Bryant

        That is a great tip to your arms from getting injured.

    • James Fallon

      Thanks for this been looking to build bigger forearms for a while and this seems like the perfect way to do it.

    • azrael1204

      Definitely going to add reverse curls to my routine

    • Jay Reszy

      I used to do this exercise a while back but somehow got left in the dust. Great FORM here. Thanks for reminding me. Will start doing again!

      • James Smith

        haven’t done it in a while super sore rn

    • Lil Rose

      Great way to show form and exercises, too many other people play around, nice and straight to the point.

    • Arthur Curry

      This is a great exercise but your tips are really valuable to get the most out of it. Thanks.

    • mrsinik12

      My forearms are growing ever since I incorporated doing reverse forearm curls!

      • Ufc predictions 313

        @dsskater539 sckupty famer carries helped alot top

      • Kishore Kumar

        Can some tell me how to exactl increase my wrist size? What exercise did you do and did it work?

      • Ciro Di Marzio

        @Kishore Kumar ok

      • AS

        @Kishore Kumar reverse curls and wrist curls

      • Sen


    • Lam Par

      Great tip on getting a bigger form , will try that in my next workout . Thank !

    • Melissa Dee

      This is a great way to strengthen your arms. I think everyone should try it!

    • Zachary Kollmann

      This will be super useful for future workouts. Thanks for the tips! Keep up the good work.

    • mani N

      Reverse curls are such a great and easy exercise for forearms.

    • Nino Guarisco

      Great video! I’m working on pull ups but have found them difficult, due in part to weak brachioradialis muscles. This exercise will help strengthen these weak muscles in my forearm. Thank you!

      • y0urmak3r

        Im sure its because your lats not your forearms

    • IppTak

      Great tips. My form improved ten folds. There was one in particular where you mentioned positioning the wrists upwards and where to focus your mind (on the forearm). Super helpful. Thank you.

    • German English Engineer

      Thank you for the tip about the lighter weight dumbbell with this exercise. I am adapting to doing 24 lbs per arm with bicceps, reverse hammer, and cross body curls and thought I could adapt with the reverse curl. However, I began doing 2:19 a lot. I knew it was wrong but couldn’t control it no matter how i placed my arms. I checked this video out. That 10 lbs drop (in my case less than 9 lbs) made a world of difference. Dropped my 24 lbs which is 5 1/4 kgs per side of dumbbell down to 3 1/4 kgs and that got me 15 1/3 lbs total per arm. With that, my forearms could maintain control in my elbows and lower arm with that weight in bending motion with ease. Really direct to the forearm muscle I needed.

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        Awesome my friend! Lowering the weight and performing the exercise correctly makes a huge difference 💪

    • Toquelibre

      Thanks for the tip for proper form. I will definitely incorporate this into my workouts.

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        You’re very welcome Brother 👍🏼

    • WETRIX

      one of my favorite arm workouts … two weeks of this exercise and you’ll see results, guaranteed.

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        Awesome my friend! Ty 🙏

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