2022 has done my body, mind, and soul a world of good. I’m up almost 6 pounds after 10 months of being in a gentle calorie surplus. I’ve stayed pretty damn lean during this time, so I’d like to think that I gained a bit of muscle throughout the process.

I began practicing yoga, starting by following YouTube videos at the beginning of the year and then joining Modo Hot Yoga studio 6 weeks ago, which has had a tremendous impact on my mobility, flexibility, correcting muscle imbalances, and weakness. It’s also brought about an incredible sense of body awareness.

I went through the 300 day Optimize Coach course, which has helped me express the best version of myself from moment to moment to moment.

I’ve never felt more in-tune with what makes me tick and brings great joy to my life. I’ve been living my life to the fullest with confidence, pride, zest and vitality.

I’ll be giving the absolute best of myself to these final weeks of 2022. Learning and growing as much as I possibly can so I can begin 2023 knowing that I’ve got everything it takes to make it my best year ever.

I’m wishing you days filled with priceless opportunities to unleash the best within you and express everything that makes you uniquely freak’n awesome!

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