Imagine a workout that helps you build more muscle, lose more fat, AND BOOST TESTOSTERONE! Well, you don’t need to imagine it because we have the workout here for you right now. Testosterone is a crucial hormone, especially for us men over 40. There are many ways to boost testosterone levels naturally, like nutrition, good quality sleep, and resistance training.

Some of the best exercises to do when trying to boost testosterone are compound movement exercises. These are bigger bang for your buck exercises. Obviously it is good to work your smaller muscle groups with isolation exercises, especially when your goal is to build muscle. However, if you are trying to boost testosterone levels, compound exercises are the best choices.

This is a great workout you can do to boost testosterone, build muscle, and lose fat at the same time. It is also a full body workout, so make sure to add this to your workout routine.

Here are the 5 best exercises in this full body testosterone boosting workout for men over 40!

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    3 replies to "Full Body T-Boosting Workout For Men Over 40 (BUILD MUSCLE AND LOSE FAT!)"

    • BigJig180

      Do have workout plan for full-body

    • Derrick Hamilton

      Thank you for this.

    • John Gomillion

      Thank you for the hip hinging advise, being one with a weaker lower back. Enjoy all of the videos you and G.B. Make..

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