Weight loss for older men is hard! Follow the 7 best weight loss tips for men over 50!
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What does it take to lose weight and keep it off once you hit 50 years old? Learn how to lose weight while busy by following these 7 men's health and weight loss tips. These tips will help with weight loss for dads on a busy schedule.

7 Weight Loss Tips For Men Over 50:
#1 (2:03) SLEEP – Get 7 hours of quality sleep each night

#2 (3:24) MEAL TIMING – Develop a meal plan that fits into your schedule
#3 (5:51) WATER INTAKE – (Your weight x 0.5) = oz. of water per day
#4 (7:14) DAILY ACTIVITY – Get your body moving! You don't need to be doing rigorous exercise, but you need to be active.
#5 (8:59) MRT WORKOUTS – Combine cardio, strength training, and flexibility into one quick 24min workout to boost your metabolism.
#6 (10:28) SMART SUPPLEMENTATION – We recommend a quality probiotic, multivitamins, fish oil, Vitamin D3, and a quality protein powder
#7 (11:33) MINDSET – Find your source of motivation that will keep you on track

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-Dr. Balduzzi + The Men's Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

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    29 replies to "7 BEST Weight Loss Tips (For Men Over 50)"

    • amajors56

      Great advice. It’s definitely harder to keep in shape as you age and I think this information will be useful to a lot of people

      • Mona Ladyconsumer

        I agree – these videos are super helpful!

    • Malcolm Metty

      optimum selection of seven best long term weight loss exercises for over 50 men , the emphasis on sleep in the metabolism cycle is a great foundation for weight loss , thanks for this fresh and detailed weight loss video.

    • md Monowar

      very informative and well explained tutorial about the 7 best weight loss tips. I will try to follow your tips properly. Thanks for sharing.

      • Nidhi Agarwal

        Kya aapka weight loss hua

    • RD37

      I just wanted to thank you for making FFP. I’ve been sharing all your videos with my dad and your tips and exercises have helped get him into the best shape he’s been in since he was 20. Just sent this video to him as well, thanks for the deep dive breakdown this is really gonna help him.

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        You’re welcome! We are happy to help. 🙂
        -The FFP Training Staff

    • askthemadhatter

      I’m going to save this video to my favorites. I have a while until I turn 50. When I get closer to 50 I’m going to turn to this video and use your awesome tips.

      • Rolling Withthepunches

        If you wait until then, it may be too late. By then you’ll see the damage you’ve done. Start taking care of yourself now and prevent things like fatty liver, sun damage, snd clogged arteries. Oh, and fatty foods when you’re young can block blood vessels. Yes, THOSE blood vessels too. Why do you think there are e.d. medications? Don’t wait until you’re 50.

    • Meg P

      Sending to my dad! Thank you so much for this video. We were just having this conversation over the weekend!

    • Ukulele

      This is great advise and easy to understand and put in place. Thanks for the content as useful.

    • Derp Derp

      Thank you for this, very informative. I’ll try to apply these tips!

    • kassem safad

      thank you Dr. Anthony for sharing those 7 tips with us! so sorry about your dad and hope you the best

    • otacilio moraes

      just wanted to say your videos are definitely super motivating for me to workout! Keep em coming man

    • Kenny James

      Great Job Anthony! Men really do appreciate all your help and its very helpful and informative.

    • Phil Sorensen

      OMAD keto and résistance training dropped 50# on my frame over nine months at 62. Potent tool. Actually gained 0.2% muscle over the period.

    • manbtm1

      Good video, good common sense, And attainable for most men. Too often, people start the schedules that are just not practical for them or they can’t keep up with. You have covered the best basics one can hope for, now probably the most important thing for anyone is to keep dedicated. Personally, psychologically, I always try to tell myself every day , it’s just like brushing my teeth , something I just do every day, and it seems a reasonable request of myself every day.

    • Stephen Jeffreys

      Thanks for the great video – its great to hear so much good advice all in one place. You’ve just gained another subscriber

    • You too

      So true. I’m 50 and it’s much harder losing weight than 10+ years ago.

      • DL Lambert

        I agree. I’m 49. In 2000, I lost 30lb doing 1hr treadmill workouts, 5X per week. In 2015, at 45 it took me 3mo to drop 15lb doing the exact same way. 🏃‍♂️.

      • Marc R

        @DL Lambert yes sir. Dropped 52# in 12 weeks at 40, doing the Body for Life program. Worked out twice a day at 50, not nearly as easy to drop even 5#, but my T levels are in the basement. 😞

    • ODDJOB

      Great Video, At last a weight loss and health program video that is just common sense and not full of money making gimmicks. Well done.

    • Roy Smalley

      Joined FFP after Thanksgiving of 2018 weighing 218 lbs. Fairly quickly I lost 45 lbs probably within 6 months which included a diet and exercise plan. Now, I just stick to the diet plan and have stayed around 185 lbs. Hate to call it a diet, it’s just a life style change, enjoy what I eat and feel better.

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        Fantastic Roy! 💪Well done for your achievements, live style change for better is the main thing 😊

      • Black Thought

        Thanks for your truth brotha

    • David Garrity

      Thank you. I’m a skeptic (and an M.D.). I appreciate your expertise and advice. Well done!

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        You’re very welcome David 👍

    • Greg Manca

      Thank you for sharing this and your advice- definitely looking forward- 50 is coming fast and I need to change my approach.

      Quick question- what probiotic would you recommend?

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