Are you looking for exercises that you can do at home to build your chest? Today, I am going to show you the 4 best resistance band exercises for chest, and you can do them from the comfort of your own home.

When working chest, we are going to use higher tension resistance bands because our chest is a stronger muscle. There is nothing better than having a big chest that pops through your shirt. So, let’s get started with what I think are the 4 best resistance band exercises for your chest.

Exercise #1… CHEST FLIES. This can be done with a high anchor point or a low anchor point, each targeting different parts of the chest. Stretch the resistance band out so there is already tension before you start the exercise. Have a slight bend on your elbow, and maintain that throughout the exercise. If you need more resistance, step farther away from the anchor point.

Exercise #2… CHEST PRESS. We are going to do this exercise with the anchor point at the mid-level. You can have the bands on top of your arms, or you can put them under your armpits. Step away from the door and push straight forward. We are engaging the same muscle group, but we are hitting it from a different angle with a different technique.

Exercise #3… ONE-ARM CHEST FLIES. We are going to change up the angle to activate different muscle fibers. You are really going to feel this exercise in the upper chest.

Exercise #4… RESISTANCE PUSH UPs. The resistance band makes it tougher at the part of the pushup that is the easiest. And you are just going to do some good ole fashioned push ups.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with a workout for your chest that you can do at home, and all you need are resistance bands.

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    • Live Anabolic

      Hey man, here are some really great chest exercises you can do at home using nothing more than resistance bands. Comment below and let me know what you think of these!

      • James Allen

        @Conrad Gordon 2

      • Jim H

        @Jay Davids Hysterical.

      • libation14221

        @Jay Davids That’s not his fault.


        @Jay Davids dramatic much

    • Paul Dunstan

      Another great workout – clear and easy to follow. Thank you. Greetings from Luxembourg. 😉👍🏻

      • Live Anabolic

        You’re so welcome, Paul!

    • marathon332

      Love the resistance band workouts. You introduced me to these workouts and you inspired me to order a full set online. Actually all your stuff is inspiring. Nice work Mark!

    • MrPaskowsky

      Great work out! I’ve ordered a set of bands and look forward to using them with your workout.

    • Richard James

      Loved the video and the exercise ideas – perfect!!

    • Mike Scott

      I’m 78 and resistance tubes are the best thing that ever happened to me. Since I’m indoors during this corona virus I happened to find a single band with handles and started using it immediately. I’m so impressed with the results that I’ll be ordering a complete set. One of the big secretes for improvement at my age is to have a 2 to 3 hour catnap after each workout then go back and “hammer” the muscle all over again. As we get older we are not usually strong enough to properly “destroy” the muscle during a single workout. What I accomplished by a lot of extra rest between workouts really made up for my age. After a workout I can pack my entire workout kit in a shoe box. My friend is following in my footsteps just because he doesn’t have the space for equipment in his apartment! Thanks to your “squat” program I’m climbing hills better on my bicycle! As it turned out all the muscles your training during your leg workout are exactly the same muscles I’m using while riding my bicycle up any hills. (Mike Scott, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

      • Erik Vin

        Good for you for staying fit as you get older bro. Right on

      • Bad Santa

        You already sound like a fit dude as I can figure you were out there cycling since before starting your training with bands.

    • Rick Shupper

      Terrific. Just what I needed to get an overview of using these bands. Very clear explanations.

    • Alan M

      Thank you! , I have these bands and couldn’t really think of a good chest exercise but this it great 👍

    • James Todoroski

      This was honestly really helpful! I’ve always struggled to build my chest and this definitely helped! Cheers! 💪

    • Julio César del Gallego

      I like your exercises, your explanation is very clear. Very good. I ‘ll perform them

    • Juan José Ortiz Becerra

      This is by far one of the best chest vids with resistance bands ive seen. thanks a lot! big fan from Colombia

    • Ankit

      Chest Flies: 0:57
      Chest Press: 4:32
      One-arm Chest Flies: 6:24
      Resistance Pushups: 8:55

      • Kaustubh Sharma

        Why do y’all have to destroy all the fun in the video by giving the summary


        @Kaustubh Sharma Because ppl

    • Preetam

      Amazing chest exercise. I could really feel the soreness the next day, thanks much !

      • Live Anabolic

        My pleasure!

    • preston heil

      Another great video swicked awesome!! For super wicked really feel it..great to learn from pros and gain experience points.

    • Jimmy Segovia

      wow, good stuff man!!!! thank you for sharing that! very well explained! I am going to follow that routine.

    • James Allen

      What I have found using bands – I usually have up to 4 bands or more for many exercises- is the indirect leg workout as the legs and core really have to work hard to maintain stability the further you move away from the anchor point.

    • mick clee

      *_Didn’t include a rating for durability since this product hasn’t been used long enough to evaluate that _**_bestgym.equipment_**_ These bands are very portable, as for travel use, and very compact and relatively lightweight. Suggested uses are included in the literature, but these can be used in the same way as tubular bands can. They can be used separately or combined to increase resistance at many levels. It is my suggestion to cover the band with some form of cloth or other when they are exposed to rough surfaces such as underfoot against concrete just a preventive measure, like wearing lifting gloves with weights._*

    • Rishi Raj Singh

      You rock Mark. All exercises beautifully explained and demonstrated.

    • Richard Rocca

      absolutely brilliant, I am 65 and in just 2 days I feel the difference, cant wait for results after three months, its working because I do healthy eating as well, and cycling thank you

    • David Young

      Great instruction Mark… I’m 55. Just retired from LE and recently retired from USAR… Ive been fit 90% of my life. I got fat for the first time about 5 years ago. Lost my discipline when I retired from the Army. BUT, I lost about 60 pounds since January using bands and my treadmill. I cannot use free weights anymore because both shoulders have been replaced. I really enjoy band workouts. Keep’em coming. Thanks!

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