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Testosterone replacement therapy is gaining more and more popularity in recent years, especially for men wanting better results with ramping up their declining testosterone. And that’s for good reasons. Marketing aside, as you’ll discover in this video, there are some pretty incredible before and after results guys are getting after trying TRT methods. Some guys are using it for better weight loss results, more muscle gains, or just an overall improvement in their energy, libido, and vibrancy in life.

Now, as you’ve likely heard, there are some potential risks associated with Testosterone Replacement Therapy, so it’s important for you to know about those beforehand and consult your doctor to see if it’s right for you. But to get you started, this video will explain the basics of TRT, what it is, the before and after results, the risks, and some safer alternatives you can look towards for boosting your testosterone naturally. Enjoy!

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (3:15)

Is TRT Right For You? (3:29)

TRT Benefits & The Different Forms (5:36)

What Are The Safer, More Natural Alternatives to TRT? (10:00)

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone In Men:

The Summary and Our Take on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (11:35)

Hopefully, this guide helps you discover some of the before and after results of testosterone replacement therapy and gives you a better idea of what it is. This treatment can absolutely have some incredible effects on your weight loss, muscle building, and overall vigor and life, but there are some things to watch out for and you should consult your doctor and get the proper tests to see if it’s right for you.

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Your friends here at the FFP,

-Dr. Balduzzi + The Men's Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

**Disclaimer: This information is for reference purposes ONLY and cannot replace personal information you can and should discuss with your Doctor. If you have any concerns about your health, you should see your Doctor immediately. Results vary by individual, so we do not guarantee you will get the same results as any shown here or on our website.

    52 replies to "TRT Results Before and After For Men – Testosterone Replacement Therapy Pros & Cons For Men [GUIDE]"

    • michelle r

      I never thought much seriously about testosterone replacement until watching this. Thanks for the information

      • Billy Burn

        @bobhea Great!! Isn’t that the point. If it makes you feel great, changes your life. Why would you come off it as some have suggested. I havent heard any horror stories from my own research. Good luck

      • Billy Burn

        @John Black Why did you come off? Do doctors recommend coming off and then restarting a month later? 2 months? I just started, great results so far. And when I visit the Doc in a month….id like to stay on it. Im 50 and never felt this good.

      • John Black

        @Billy Burn I’m on it again. I stopped before for a variety of reasons. It’s just once you’re on it, it’s kinda for good. I’m sure you doctor told you that and I’m quitr sure you do feel great, but it’s not sustainable. You’ll see. After about 18 months, it levels off and you’re already used to it. I’m probably not explaining it very well, but that’s kind of what happens. That’s me though. Everyone is different. How much are you doing? 100mg/wk?

      • Billy Burn

        @John Black I understand. Its like anything you put in your body. Your body gets used to it, and the effects after 12, 18 months aren’t as potent as once was. Im about 4 weeks in, 200/wk. Energy, strength, body looks lean, muscular. Great results so far

    • Ste Ven

      I’ve been looking for some good information on the pros/cons of taking TRT, this is great! My dad’s been thinking about taking it but I wanted to find more information for him first. I’ll definitely be sharing this with him and am gonna get him to try the alternatives you recommended first and see how that goes.

      • TRT and Hormone Optimization

        Sure thing!

      • Bgoodorhell 4U

        What’s up now with your dad?

    • askthemadhatter

      Thank you for making this video. I’ve been wondering about testosterone therapy. I’m going to consider the pros and cons that you talked about. You gave me a lot to process. Thank you for educating me.

    • Mark D

      Thx ! Very informative, you were more helpful than my family physician! I saw a specialist and he informed me to wait , and lose some weight and exercise more. My test level now is a little low, 46yrs old but nothing crazy low at the moment. In my case the cons outweigh the pros for the moment, but you answered a lot of my concerns! Thank you! 👍🏻🇨🇦

      • Chris Grey

        The best advise you can get. First fix diet, lose weight and then revisit test levels. Too many people think Test will solve being fat.

    • Karl Christofferson

      Been on trt for a year. My levels were about 216ish. Now around 650. I’m 54 years old. I honestly feel younger. Ive notice more muscle mass and a clearer head and thinking process. Another positive is that It’s made me very calm…less irritable, people around me appreciate that.

      • Paul Cardoza

        @Nina Taylor I asked my doctor today if it was right for me. She said. “My T level is on the low side, but TRT is not for me”. She believed my symptoms such as low energy, fatigued, low libido, foggy brain, insomni, hair loss, not losing weight and pain in joints is a result of depression

      • Paul Cardoza

        @Bob Rabitt have you noticed a difference

      • Joe

        This would be amazing. I always thought I had high test naturally because I could get so worked up and “rage”


        If you have low testosterone level then you have to take trt every year to keep your testosterone level on normal level let me know please or after some trt therapy testosterone level will be back in normal conditions?

      • I dont care Sapo

        Im 42 and my test was 223 hahah super low but my doctor prescribed me clomid 50ml

    • George Hewett

      Good discussion, for which I thank you. I’m age 62, went to bat against testicular cancer in January 1991, so I knew I was low on testo. My doctor ran the blood test and said I was at the low end of normal. He prescribed the TRT and I wanted to make sure it was safe as I lost both my parents to cancer and had it myself so I didn’t want to invite any more health troubles than come our way naturally in life. Plus, I would get the indirect benefit for my bodybuilding efforts on which I guess have still done okay I guess, but my trouble is that I tend to compare my development to that of guys who are one-third my age and juicing. Anyway … this discussion was very helpful.

    • ChevySS1968

      68 years old. I’ve been self-injecting ~100mg/week for about 6 years now. Easy to do. Good results. Testosterone levels returned to normal very quickly upon starting TRT. When Hematocrit goes up to ~52, I decrease the dose for a while to lower the RBC, but quite a few docs (online) say this does not matter very much at all.

      • Craig

        I am 59 feel pretty much like LowT is the symptoms I have, but Urologist says I have to be under 300 for these symptoms to be really LowT. I think he is irrefutably wrong. Everyone’s range may differ, someone typically at 600 goes to 400 that’s their lowT from the research I have been doing. Am I missing something?

    • mr b

      I am a 60 year old male. Have had TRT since 2015. I get the pellets, usually last 5 to 8 months for me. High energy, high sex drive, it works. Side effects for me , night sweats at times, get dizzy about the last month on it, guess pellets wearing off. I have PSA checked once a month. Your PSA will go up mine was around .5 to 1 when started. When get pellets it goes up to about 4. Never been more then that.

    • Jake King

      I have to compliment you. With all of the varying opinions on this topic I have to say that you touch on the pros and cons as well as the commitment to the therapy and the importance of lab monitoring.
      Job well done…. A+. Thanks 👍🏻👍🏻

    • ayron

      Very informative video, very well done!

      I have a quick question / concern that i think many people considering trt should be aware of. Someone please correct me if im wrong, but to my understanding, steroids of any kind can/will accelerate tumor growth. This obviously would not be an issue if you dont have a tumor, but i think that should be heavily considered for males approaching mid to late stages of life. Obviously this is all a decision made on benefit vs risks, but that is a considerable risk that i havent seen mentioned on many videos like this across youtube.

    • David King

      Been on TRT for 2 years. It’s truly amazing. Taking hcg and anastrazole as well. 60 years old, doing resistance training 3x per week. Intermittent fasting 20/4. At 9.3% bodyfat. Feel like I’m 40. I’ll never stop taking it.

      • syed wasiq ul hasan fitness first gym

        How do you cycle HCG and anatrazole on Trt please explain

      • Twerk For work

        @syed wasiq ul hasan fitness first gym ye how does ine cycle

      • Sagar Vishwakarma

        Can we see a picture of before and after?

      • corknakovastein

        where do you get your trt

    • Randy K

      I am 72 years old and started on trt injections when I was 50. I’ve always gone to the gym regularly since I was a teenager. I had a good physique but got some fat around my waist in my mid-forties no matter how much I exercised. I got liposuction and was very happy with the result. I had my doctor check my testosterone level and it was just below the normal range. So I started testosterone cypionate injections – 1 ml weekly. I didn’t expect it to have much effect but about 6 months later I noticed that I was much more muscular. I also noticed that the weights at the gym seemed so much lighter. That was very motivating and so were all of the positive comments I was getting about my amazing physique. My dating life took off and I was very popular. My self-confidence soared. Trt was a real life changer for me. If you don’t workout hard and aren’t already in shape, I don’t think you’ll see much effect. I do think that it probably increases energy and self-confidence.some regardless.

      • Kwame Paul 9

        I agree ☝🏾 u need to have a active lifestyle (eat clean diet gym resistance training sleeping well) along with TRT will show mega results

      • Jason Bourne

        Even if you don’t work out you will still get leaner and stronger, this has been proven.

        Granted, work out so you get the full effect.

      • Dev Glover

        Hey there Randy, I really need to hear your story — You Rock! I can def relate to exercising and eating right and sleeping but not seeing belly fat go away. Thank you very much for sharing. Plan to start TRT soon. Continued success to you!

      • Jason Bourne

        @Dev Glover Do it, I get my third shot which is 140mg in the morning. She gave me an initial 200, then for 5 weeks it will be 140 then see where it’s at.

        I already noticed a big improvement on my work performance, energy level is higher, less tired, my back and feet was killing me before at work, now I barely notice most of the time.

    • Sean Tull

      Great video! Thank you! Gave me some direction and took these talking points to my doctor. He saw that I was serious and we put together a plan. It has been six weeks and my overall mood is better and I have more focus and drive at the end of the day.

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        Awesome my friend! Really happy to hear that 🙏

    • Qarl Kitty Organ Music

      So clearly stated and well-explained. Best video I watched about TRT thus far. I was thinking of taking this, but having second thoughts if I really need this, but I wanted to gain muscle mass but I’m not getting any younger

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        Thank you my friend! I’m very glad this was helpful for you 🙏🏼

    • JanJanNik

      What an amazing presentation. first time i’m seeing this channel and am already mind blown!

      I (29 year old male) just recently had my testosterone tested at a urologist/andrologist and when the doctor called me to say it’s low enough (didn’t run me through the actual results) to warrant TRT, without explanation of anything he immediately wanted me to make a decision between gel and injection. I haven’t tried any of the natural methods to boost free T before, neither clomiphene, human chorion gonadotropin or any of the likes.

      there was no talk about the risks or prevention of heart problems, gynecomastia, hair loss or liver problems (given an injection) either.
      I’m considering cancelling the appointment to inform myself better on this topic before making such a life changing decision.

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        Good call. At 29, going on TRT is not a decision to make lightly. We made a supplement that has the core stuff you’ll want to optimize T (Zinc, Mag, D3, Boron, Ashwagandha)… this may help: https://store.fitfatherproject.com/products/fit-father-testosterone-booster-rx

        Also, definitely see if you can try a run on Clomiphene on its own… a lot of guys have great success using 25mg every other day for 4-6 weeks under doctor supervision to test lab work. This is something worth exploring for you before starting TRT.

        Also, optimize your sleep… work on improving stress levels as best you can… those are big factors alongside what I shared above.

        You got this brother. Blessings and Godspeed. 👊🏼

      • TheScholar74

        Maybe should report him to the AMA. Sounds like he’s using high pressure sales tactics to push you into making risky and expensive decisions.

      • ghernandez1610

        I to am 29, an have considered getting on TRT because of low energy/fatigue , have not gotten tested but deff going to , to make a better decision in doing so.

    • TideFan Yankee

      I’ve been taking “T” for about 5 months now and I’ll second what a lot of guys have said about it. What I experienced is getting it is the tough part. It wasn’t my Dr who was against it, it was the insurance company. What I found was one test isn’t enough. Testosterone varies day to day, and throughout the day. I had to take two tests for verify I was on the low end. And speaking of being on the low end, your test may come back with you in the “normal range”, but if that blood sample is taken early or earlier in the morning it’s not going to give the full picture. “T” is highest in the morning, and WILL go down throughout the day. Again, you might be in the “normal range” in the morning albeit at the low end but you’re GOING to go below that, it’s going to happen, it’s not even an “if” or a “maybe”. I printed out some info from the Mayo Clinic (their low “T” checklist) and talked to my Dr.. Few if any MD’s or DO’s are going to question pretty much anything the Mayo Clinic has to say.

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers


    • Michael Baker

      Very informative video, at 41 years old & on the lower end for testosterone, I weighed the pros & cons & started TRT today to help battle my Multiple Sclerosis chronic fatigue & brain fog, we’ll see how it goes!

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        Ty Michael 🙏

      • mark Vincent

        Hey Michael how did your therapy go?

      • Jarrett Vasco77

        How did it go michael?

    • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

      Want to find out what your Testosterone levels are? Visit our friends at Let’s Get Checked => https://trylgc.com/fitfather You can purchase an at-home testing kit and they mail it straight to you. No prescription or doctor visit required. It’s easy, private, and confidential. We’re a big fan of their “Male Hormone Advanced” and “Male Hormone Complete Panels” as you get to see Total T levels, Free T, Estrogen, and even things like blood Cortisol levels.

      Let’s Get Checked is cool because you can order a kit and do the testing on your own… AND we also recommend working directly with your primary care doctor who can help you interpret lab results and potentially prescribe medication or Testosterone if indicated.

      Knowledge is power. When it comes to hormone levels, getting clear on your current numbers is the best first step. Good luck gents 🙂

      • SymbianBlack

        DHEA kills the kidneys but you suggest as a doctor……

    • Ghost Ape

      I’m 52, my testosterone was at 215. I’m 10 months in on TRT. I have never felt better in my life. Lost 14 pounds of body fat and gained about 3 pounds of muscle. No more feelings of malaise and tired all the time. And the sex drive is back.
      I am currently on the pellets and my testosterone is at a steady 900

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        Awesome my friend! Happy to hear 💪 🙏

    • AwesomeBlue 7

      I’m 26 and have had two tests both showing sub 250 total T levels. Looking forwards to discussing options with Urologist in near future. I’m curious if injury which resulted in a hydrocele formation can be partially to blame for the sub par levels in otherwise healthy ~14%body fat lifestyle

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