Apple cider vinegar and lemon water may help support digestion and a healthy liver. Check this out!

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Today we’re going to talk about why you might want to use lemon juice and apple cider vinegar for your liver. 

The key element in apple cider vinegar is acetic acid, which helps suppress fat storage. Be sure to get organic apple cider vinegar. 

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar:
• Acetic Acid (suppresses fat storage)
• Improves insulin sensitivity
• Stabilizes the blood sugar 
• Reduces fat in the liver 
• Speeds up digestion 
• Increase bile release from the liver 
• Helps the pancreas release enzymes

Using raw lemons may be the best choice. If you use lemon juice from a bottle, be sure it’s organic. 

Health Benefits of Lemon:
• Vitamin C 
• Increases glutathione 
• Protects against liver damage 
• Citric acid decreases oxalates which can form kidney stones  
• Anti-inflammatory 

Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice Water:

Mix together:
1-2 oz. Lemon juice 
2 TBS Apple cider vinegar 
16 oz. Water 

Optional: Add wheatgrass juice powder for extra nutrients 

Drink up! 

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Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! Consider using apple cider vinegar and lemon water to help support a healthy liver.

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    • Mona Espinosa

      Vinegar and lemon juice once a day for about a month helped me lower my cholesterol from 240 to 124. Great advice. Thank you.

      • manilowgirl

        How much do you drink?

      • JD

        Seems a lot above average as typically we can see about 20% improvement genetically. I’m glad it worked well for you.

      • Jennifer

        i have high cholesterol so I will try this

      • Your food is your medicine


      • Tiffani Keyes

        Can I just mix 1tsp of acv in my 32oz water bottle or is it better to drink it less diluted?

    • David Cannon

      You are educating people in a fast friendly way. Giving many poor people the information and facts they need to make better choices to prolong their lives and be with their families. The world needs more people like you. God bless you and your family.

      • Cmonstole10 Cmonstole10

        What you be talkin bout poor people up in dis here . Dam yo , I don’t even know how to qualify what you sayin bout some poor people out here.

      • Cmonstole10 Cmonstole10

        @e ml it’s good enough for you

      • Alex Heimler

        @Shek Tarafdar llE

      • Daphne Sinicropi

        Unfortunately many of the simple remedies the doctor recommends appear to go against regular medical practices and most other doctors do not follow the same protocols. 😪

      • Bev Gelling


    • Jo In

      I have liver cancer. I’ve had an ablation (where they go into the liver to remove the cancer). They didn’t get it all so now I’m on transplant list. I won’t write a book on it but they score you from 1-40; 40 being the worst. I was at 38 before taking ACV and Balance of Nature. You need to be at 32 to actually get a new liver. Fast forward 5 years; My score is now an 8. Meaning I’ll never get a new liver because mine is working just fine. Currently, the cancer is undetectable.

      • Ronnie King

        I love watching you learning a different way of living. I’m 57 and I love to exercise with weights.Hoping to get in shape and have muscle. Thanks for teaching us all a new way to live a better life

      • erenlem erenlem

        God is miracle and your prayer and being discipline for a healthy lifestyle me also I have fatty liver gradually I am trying to control eating sweets and drinking especially soft drinks

      • Cavario Online

        Excellent! I will you health and a long, happy and peaceful life.

      • Damien S

        Awesome great work! 😁

      • Sham Bongang

        WOW. This is incredible. Congrats n God bless you.

    • beautifulcrazy

      I really appreciate doctors who take the time out of their busy days to make these videos to educate people. That is service to humanity. Thank you x

      • cameltube9429

        Be nice if the other 9 [/10] would be honest about MaSK capabilitys they learned in 1st year med school imo….I questioned my PCP’s diagnosis about what issue I may have & why I can trust him because the MaSK policy his CORPORATION was pushing is NOT sound advice……….CuPY THAT ???? /;^)

      • Jan Br

        @Nancy Ayers English isn’t my main language but he explains it so well it’s easy to understand and if you don’t understand some words just google them. You will learn something and you can’t expect him to make it even more easier lol

      • Magar6

        Excuse me? He monetizes his videos like crazy, and he even sells his own products. He’s not doing this out of the kindness of his heart, oh sweet summer child.

      • Cheryl Hayward-Ferris

        Thank you Dr. Eric 🙏😀

      • Brent Golden

        @Nancy Ayers You’re annoyed? maybe learn a thing or two. What would you expect him to call mitochondria? Little energy making thingies? This isn’t kindergarten, and you have google at your finger tips. Use it.

    • DKirk

      Doc… your quick, informative, to the point videos have helped me so much❣ as I tackle my next 50 years.
      Thank you

    • Evelyn Gray

      Love you Dr. Berg. You explain everything so a person really understands, especially when you tell us how much to take and when, which is so critical.

    • TheCatcherInTheRye leon

      Super nicely presented, and I stand by everything you said. I felt it on myself how good organic apple cider vinegar with water and even coconut oil helped me. I ve been taking vit C every day for the last 5 years and my health has been awesome. Of course the quantities can be adjusted for every person based on height, body volume, muscle mass etc. God bless you and Shalom !

      • Jesus is my GOD

        Yeah, I have always been fascinated by how fruits and veg can help and heal you. So many wonderful things that the Doctors at doctor’s offices do not tell you, just hand you a prescription for. Cheers,

      • Ernesto Mina

        Thanks for sharing. Which name brand vitamin C did you take and how did u take the coconut oil, on its own?

      • TheCatcherInTheRye leon

        @Ernesto Mina I buy the Vit C from Costco (orange bottle). And the coconut oil I take mixed with some hot chocolate. I use a small tea spoon of coconut oil dissolved in a cup of hot chocolate, and it tastes as if I added milk. The apple cider vinegar I mix it with some cold water (small quantity of vinegar ~ about the width of a finger, or less) and I drink it fast (without tasting it) as if it would be a strong alcoholic drink . The acidity of the vinegar is balanced out by drinking the mixture of coconut oil with hot chocolate. It cures stomach problems and cleans out the arteries.

      • Tang Chee Wai


    • eddie wilkinson

      Great videos and a really good guidance to my own regular fasting regimes, I have one question about the intake of lemon juice.. I tried this, i also donate blood on a 12 weekly basis, I had been taking lemon juice on a daily basis and the blood centre told me my iron levels had unusually dropped.. I read that this may have been due to increase of citric.. So to continue the lemon intake presumably an increase in iron rich foods would be a good option ?

      • Chris Cooks

        Thanks for mentioning this.

      • Ann Jean

        Thank you.

    • Vani Little Star

      I really love how you explain things. You’re a wonderful doctor.🌻

      • Dr. Eric Berg DC

        I’m glad you liked this post.

      • Leatski7

        @Dr. Eric Berg DC I LOVE all your posts! You are amazing in the way you explain everything!

    • Joanne Lucille

      Thank you, Dr. Berg! I’ve been drinking lemon water first thing in the morning and throughout the day for almost half a year and my digestion improved a lot. I used to have indigestion, nausea and bloating often, due to a sluggish gallbladder. I avoid deep fried foods, even fried eggs, soda, garlic and onions, which are like poison to my body and I feel great 😃👍

      • CS B

        He has a video on TUDCA for the liver that helped me a lot

      • seb

        Be careful to rinse your teeth, the lemon will destroy the enamel !

      • D G

        Look into CHOLINE. I lost my gallbladder and wish I knew this first.

      • Jordan

        I believe garlic is beneficial to the body? Does your body react badly to garlic..just out of curiousity? Thanks

      • JustHereToHear

        @D G Hey can you elaborate o the choline gall bladder connection?

    • Gloria Hurtado Lima

      Thanks you, Dr. Berg, for all the important health information that you share with us.

    • Dony Williams

      I just love Dr. Berg! He is so knowledgeable in everything that’s so healthy. Thank you, Dr. Berg!

      • Dr. Eric Berg DC

        Very glad to be of help.

    • Charles Stepson

      Dr. Beeg explains everthing in a very comprehensible way. And at the same time in a soft tone so its very easy to understand. Thanks Doc !

      • Dr. Eric Berg DC

        Glad to help!
        -Dr. Berg’s support team

    • Addiction Alchemy

      This is exactly what I needed as I’ve been intermittent fasting but feeling bloated. Thanks Doc!

      • Dr. Eric Berg DC

        Glad to help!
        -Dr. Berg’s support team

    • Lorica Lass

      I took his advice. I started drinking some apple cider vinegar with lemon, through a straw to protect my teeth, in warm water every day. I had had mild high blood pressure for maybe 20 years.Not long after I started drinking this, it went to normal.

      • Tahmina Khan

        @Mountain Lovers Off-Grid Can you put ACV and Lemon into Hibiscus tea?

      • MamMaw

        @Jumbo 71 Do you mince it before eating and how many cloves do you eat; do you eat anything else with the raw garlic? ty 😊

      • Jumbo 71

        @MamMaw no never crush it as you will then have stinky breath… just 1 piece each morning on empty stomach, if to big just cut it to sizes you can swallow… down it with small glass water … never chew it either or no one will want to get close to you lol lol

        Personally I used to swallow it drinking pure squashed lemons each morning , but understand it’s not what most can do , it’s just I’ve got not a very good taste since losing sense of smell years ago .. so pure lemon juice was not as bitter as most people would taste… but water is just fine…
        Since having gall bladder removed I now cant touch pure squashed lemons as it makes insides like a washing machine on full spin lol

      • JustHereToHear

        @Jumbo 71 Sorry but just to clarify – so you have a clove of garlic every morning half an hour before your meal. You have it whole, without chewing it. Right?

      • Jumbo 71

        @JustHereToHear just eat one bit clove cut if to big into half on empty stomach in morning.. never chew and never crush or it will make breath stink rest of the day…

    • Tim Torkelson

      Can’t stress enough to follow Dr. Berg!! Very good info and easy to listen / learn as his delivery is spot on! Keep up great work Doc

    • JD

      My bloating was out of control. I thought I had some disease. After taking greens supplements and apple cider vinegar my gut has almost disappeared after only a couple weeks. And now no more bloating it’s amazing and really does work.

      • Denise Hulick

        How much and how many times a day do you drink this? Tks in advance! 🙂

      • JD

        @Denise Hulick what dr berg recommends. 1 spoon and 1 spoon lemon juice, or sometimes lemonade.

    • Andrea M

      I love lemon water. Been drinking it for 30 years. The taste is amazing and I drink a lot more water that way. Thanks Doc. You’re a blessing. 🙏❤️

      • Dr. Eric Berg DC

        Glad to help!
        -Dr. Berg’s support team

    • Lori Serrano

      I have a fatty liver so I’m going to try this. It doesn’t sound like it would taste very good but if it works then it’s definitely worth a try. Thanks Dr. Berg

      • cecilia Kalekye

        Speedy recovery dear

      • MSK PT

        Yes the taste is bad, but add a lime and a pinch of Himalayan salt, it would taste much much better.

      • Dr. Eric Berg DC

        Glad to help!
        -Dr. Berg’s support team

    • PCFriese

      Hey Dr. Berg, thanks for all your great videos! We just started KETO today and I have been using your ACV & raw Lemon juice for a liver cleanse, but it looks like I’m not supposed to be consuming Lemons? Do you have any advice? I’m on a 2 meal a day program. Noon & 5:00 pm. Thank you!

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