Old-school bodybuilders loved to do wide-grip pull-ups to build large impressive lats. One thing about the wide grip is it doesn’t allow you to bring your elbow right tight to your side, limiting the range of motion. You hit this with the best resistance band lat exercise you’re not doing, the side lat pulldown.

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The exercise is a vertical pull movement, just like pull-ups. For the setup, you need to anchor the bands up high, like on a door, or, in this case, I’m using a wall anchor.

You use a heavy band for this movement and kneel down with one knee up to brace against the resistance of the band as you pull.

I don’t fully sit sideways to the band as I find it uncomfortable; it’s best to have your torso turned slightly towards the band.

To execute this movement and really feel the lats working, you need to think of rotating your elbow down towards your side and not just pulling the band.

To see how to use this exercise in a full-back workout, click the link in the top comment.


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