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It's no secret that exercise is an important factor when it comes to fat loss, but not all exercises are created equal. Some are much more effective and time-efficient than others. So we put together this list of the 8 best weight loss exercises, specifically for men over 40, to get you going.

Our list of the 8 Best Fat Loss Exercises for Men Over 40

#8 Kettlebell Swings (0:32)
#7 Kettlebell Squats (1:15)
#6 Burpees (2:09)
#5 Mountain Climbers (3:06)
#4 Jump Squats (3:57)
#3 Rowing (4:47)
#2 Battleropes (5:45)
#1 A Healthy Diet (6:33)

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-Dr. Balduzzi + The Men's Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

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    26 replies to "The 8 Best Fat Loss Exercises for Men Over 40 (Try These Today)"

    • Chocolate Harambe

      Really useful tips on the exercises here. Great video, thank you very much! 🙂

    • Steve T

      Glad I checked your channel before my workout today. Thanks to your other videos I am doing most of these workouts in my routine but I’ve never heard of mountain climbers, gonna try them today. Also going to get battleropes, I’ve seen so many athletes use them and it looks like an intense exercise.

    • James Smith

      going to add the last one to my routine, thanks man!

    • Malcolm Metty

      really nice 8 exclusively selected compact weight loss exercises list and their accompanying sets , reps and proper form , the metabolic boost of some of these exercises is amazing.

    • Arthur Curry

      Great exercises, will add to my routine to keep it fresh. Thanks.

    • Steven Nelson

      number 7 squat press and 6 burpee are two of my favorites!!! will add some of the others from this list to my routine. thank you

      • oscar milan

        First time trying the burpee‘s and squat press they are killers

    • Allen A

      Thank you so much for this! This information was incredibly helpful to me!

    • Carlos Swinney

      Thanks for the great lessons. I really like the kettlebell exercises. I can’t wait to try them and see some real results.

    • Dennis Stauffer

      Great video, definitely added to my favorite list and also my workout videos.

    • Nelio Afonso

      I`m a 40 years over father, who found your channel recently and became a subscriber immediately, so much great information and amazing tips and videos!! Thank you very much for sharing it with everyone at no additional costs, so rare these days, well done!!!

      • louis cyfer

        Nelio Afonso most of this is silly. none of these burn a lot of fat because you can’t dobthem very long. fat is a slower energy source, walking on a treadmill at a high incline, stairmaster, brisk walk outside, elliptical are all much better fat burning exercises. btw, i am over 50. the rowing is pretty good, but he has no clue how to row.

      • Michael Bathurst

        Nelio Afonso yes I couldn’t agree more, over 40 as well. I’ve subscribed

      • Michael Boughton

        @louis cyfer And you are?????

      • louis cyfer

        @Michael Boughton ???

      • louis cyfer

        @Escaped Away where are those calories coming from? makes a difference. what do you consider a long time? now look in the mirror and look at my pic.

    • Martin Jarvie

      Great routines much appreciated.
      Please could you inform me of the excersise times per excersise ( ie 30 seconds on / off ? if you did all these for a circuit ) and ideally for how many rounds and often in the week would be most beneficial ?
      Thank you

    • Obaid Farghani

      Absolutely loved your no 1. I play 4.5 tennis singles 3 times a week 2 hours each and hit the gym 2 times for Hiit but till i cut down calories and red meat, was not losing weight all 🙂

    • It's your World

      Thanks buddy for this helping workout I’m on my weight loss journey I lost around 80 kg in 365 days only through healthy diet and running but now I’ll follow these for final journey of 🤩

    • ruhuone

      Great Video! I’m definitely going to incorporate this into my routine. Keep up the good stuff!

    • TexFlix

      I’m 56 and have been seriously working out for the past 22 years. I used to be able to beat a bad diet, but over the last several years thats gone out the window. I recently started the “carnivore challenge” and I’m dropping just under a pound per day! I will incorporate this regiment in to my workout schedule! Thanks!

    • William Booth Jr

      I’m a 62 yr old man, who has always been active, and loves to run, jog and even walk fast. but since I’ve been on disability, I’m not as active as I once was. I recently started back walking and some jogging on my treadmill. I’ve also been doing about 30 minutes of calisthenics before I do 45 minutes on the treadmill. I am feeling better than I have in a long time.
      I’ve lost about 28 lbs and I plan on getting down to about 180. So I’ve got about 20 more lbs to go

    • Duane Wolgast

      Will be 63 in a couple days, and then off to a cruise, and along with my intermittent fasting for the last 3 weeks I am always looking for simple exercises and routines to do in the garage. Well done!

    • cisco rodriguez

      Love this video. Simple and to the point. Great work

    • DonSilva 115

      I am 52 years old. I’ve always worked out/ trained in some form or another. I’ve been in some form of combat sport since my late 20’s. Graduated high school at 160 pounds and weigh about 167 now. All this to say that I have worked very hard throughout my life to stay fit. On that journey I have used various training routines to meet my goals. What has become so prevalent nowadays are “trainers/instructors” on YouTube who are typically in stellar shape, younger than 40, and often shirtless as they impart their “wisdom.”

      I truly appreciate your channel for your humble, reasonable instruction. You know your audience and don’t promote some ridiculous training plan that is not feasible or sustainable for most people over 40…and, thanks for keeping the shirt on 😄

    • Matt Wicks Jr

      A minute in and already good. Straight forward and to the point 👌🏾 thank you sir.

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