Check out the top remedy for dental plaque to help get rid of it and keep it from coming back. 



0:00 Introduction: What is dental plaque?  
1:12 How to prevent dental plaque 
2:05 The top remedy for tartar 
5:55 Check out my video on vitamin K2!

Today, I will share how to get rid of tartar. Tartar is dental plaque. But, what we’re really dealing with are biofilms. 

Biofilms are like little calcium houses for bacteria. An overabundance of biofilms can cause bad breath, receding gums, and inflammation. 

If you chew gum, it’s best to chew gum that contains xylitol because xylitol has antibiofilm properties. 

There also seems to be a positive correlation between vitamin K2 and inhibiting dental plaque. So, you may want to start taking vitamin K2. 

Natural herbs that help prevent dental plaque:
• Rosemary 
• Clove 
• Thyme 
• Garlic 
• Curcumin 
• Oregano 
• Cinnamon

The top remedy for tartar:
1/4 tsp baking soda 
1/4 tsp hydrogen peroxide (3%)
1/2 cup water 

Mix the baking soda and the hydrogen peroxide in the water. Then, use your toothbrush to brush your teeth with this mixture. Do this after you brush your teeth with toothpaste. 



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Thanks for watching! Give this simple remedy for dental plaque a try. I’ll see you in the next video.

    49 replies to "The #1 Top Remedy for Dental Plaque (TARTAR)"

    • Bride Zorko

      Ok as a dental professional I want to add something. Be sure that baking soda is WELL disolved since it’s very abrasive. Also tartar is calcified dental plaque you have about 12 hours to brush it off before it starts the process of hardening, but it takes about two weeks to actually fully harden where it has to be chiseled off. This is what gets under your gums and leads to bone loss. Thirdly….a lot of medicines cause somethign called dry mouth. If you have a problem with cavities even though you brush and floss religiously, cut all the sugar. This is the only way to curb/stop dental decay in dry mouth.

      • Sanjay Patel,MD

        If we drink alkaline water and use toothpaste with sodium bicarbonate . can that be helpful?

      • Cheyenne S

        P0ison toothaste creates a biofilm !!! Praise the Lord (Jesus)!!!

      • Jenelle 152

        Baking soda is actually very low on abrasion scale. And beneficial for autoimmune disorders stopping inflammation

      • honey bee

        ​@Anitra Moore There’s a method called a luminate implant that is for ornamental purposes. I’ve heard lots of Asian celebrities use this method to get fresh looking teeth where you literally carve your original teeth and place a single or a row of teeth implant over your carved teeth with glue or something.

      • Jessica F

        Wouldn’t the abrasiveness actually be useful in scrubbing off the plaque? If it takes 12 hours and you haven’t brushed it off, it has started hardening, to the point where a metal tool is literally used, so abrasion EVERY NOW AND AGAIN seems to be what you want, no? I’m not saying every day, but maybe, say, every week…

    • liam98

      The fact that he speaks so calmly…. Being a doctor is not just his profession, it’s his passion… Thank you doc Berg..,, 👏👏

      • Adam Klase

        @Repent or you will likewise perish. Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces” (Matthew 7:6) … so….Byyyeeee

      • Blessed.2.Teach.4.God

        Yeah he speaks calm, but not lame. Special Doc.

      • The Fifth Element

        Plot twist : he’s touching him self while he speak

      • Jessica Jane Abraham

        he isnt a doctor, hes a chiripractor

      • Myrna Trev

        Yes and there’s not that many docs like this in the world right now, thank you Dr. Berg

    • Louis Kinnard

      I have had a lot of plaque buildup over the years even though I brush my teeth three times a day and floss often. About four months ago I went on a ketogenic,gluten free,very little sugar,no fast food and switched to meat,poultry,fish and lots of vegetables. The tartar build up was reduced by 85%.

      • Shiv Inder Singh

        Where did you come to that make number

      • Louis Kinnard

        Ooops!!! Fell off the wagon” had to take care of 90 year old relative (hip fx)who absolutely loves Southern cooking with lots!!! Of carbs. Im the cook and there is no way to cook fried chicken potatoes,corn bread and follow Keto. The tartar came back with a vengeance, now she has gone home so I am back on Keto. In my opinion (62 years in sports medicine-series A) this is mostly about excessive sugar consumption(guilty) and how our individual physiology responds to sugar.
        PS. Don’t be concerned about my 85% reduction thats just a rough estimate,could be 65%+/-.

      • Louis Kinnard

        This might be of interest to someone with blood sugar problems. My blood sugar was getting to high(110) I like to keep it below 100 fasting. Yesterday morning test was 104. I am in training to go to Italy for one month of hiking and mountain climbing (via Ferrata 9000 feet) I am a Florida flat lander and to suddenly go to the Dolomites with 23% less oxygen and climb/ hike 8 hours a day, I need to do some serious training at 78 years old. I did 25 squats with 60 lbs.110 situp/backups, 500 reps like jumping jacks, and most importantly ran and walked for two hours in 90 degrees. I wanted to see what effect it would have on blood sugar—“Surprised Me” 104 down to 84. Also as you burn off sugar and insulin your hunger is much reduced and I skipped lunch with no snack.

      • Melissa Grace

        2 months ago i went gluten free and reduced sugar and have never felt better. I have Ulcerative colitis and pre-diabetes…

      • Zaya Amad

        @Paul K what does the immune system have to do with tartae formation

    • Chris J

      As a licensed dental provider I’d like to point out that dental plaque and dental tartar (in the dental world it’s known as calculus) are not the same and often not related to one another. Dental plaque is a compilation of food and dead cells. It’s what we are supposed to be brushing off every day. Tartar is closer in make up to coral, yes, like in the ocean. Tartar is a product primarily of your saliva, and this is why we tend to build it on the upper back teeth (adjacent to the second and third molars and the Stenson’s duct) and the lower front teeth (tongue side, adjacent to the Wharton’s duct ). Dry brushing those areas prior to regular brushing works miracles in preventing tartar buildup. I definitely agree that vitamin K2 D3 helps as well.

      • JJ Wang

        @Chris J Triclosan is something poisonous and should be avoided. No??

      • JJ Wang

        @Chris J Triclosan is poisonous and should be avoided. No??

      • Chris J

        @JJ Wang well JJ… Oxygen is poisonous if you have too much. So is nitrogen. Sorry, that was over the top. There is a tiny amount and you use it in a super specific place for a very limited time. Try reading up on it for oral use in toothpaste specifically? In reputable journals. Not websites that… Nevermind. In peer reviewed medical and dental journals.

      • JJ Wang

        @Chris J I see. Thanks for replying. What do you think of chloride?

        My daughter’s cavities are ongoing and almost non-stop. 6 pulled already. I tried everything over the years. Do you have any suggestions ?

      • Chris J

        @JJ Wang so sorry to hear that 🥺 I assume you mean fluoride? #1 is diet, #2 is brushing/flossing . Fluoride can definitely help. So can silver diamine fluoride.

    • Lindsay R

      I’m going to try this out, I had one of those metal bars glued to the back of my front bottom teeth for like a decade after I had braces when I was younger and the tartar plaque buildup I got from it and being young and not knowing how to properly clean back there definitely made it worse

    • Linda Pow

      Thank you Eric to all this amazing teaching WHAT A CHANGE in seeing you change since listening to some of your health tips. What a strong change!

    • LeLlamas

      So happy to see Dr Berg getting famous on Youtube!
      I personally recommended Dr Berg word-of-mouth whenever mentioning ketogenic diet or natural health!
      Dr Berg <3

      • Bonnie McCormack

        me too 🙂

    • Hela Asgard

      Your videos are just the right length and quite informative as well as not boring.

      • Dr. Eric Berg DC

        Happy to know that you found the information useful.

    • Lenns Music

      I removed all of my Tartar real easy, I took K2 (mk4 and mk7) Plus I did 10 minute Rinse with Wheatgrass Juice (must be Juice) everyday and in about 6 weeks all of my tartar started to loosen up. I bought me a Dental Pick and as they loosened up I picked at them to pull them off. I didn’t have to pick to hard since they were loose and coming off.
      Within 8 weeks all of my Tartar was gone. Pretty Cool.

    • Gonzalo Castro

      In one of your videos you recommended VIT A to make the gums healthier and give stability to the teeth. I tried your recommendation and in just 3-4 days I have proven your observation and thanks so much for helping me. After taking VIT A for just a few days, in my case, my teeth have become a lot more stable, practically 100%, quite strong, as when I was young. So, it appears that I developed a deficiency of VIT A. I have the feeling that most people, as we become older, after 55 years old, we obtain problems absorbing nutrients and therefore no longer have the ability to absorb easily critical compounds, like amino acids, vitamins, etc. For this reason, we must take them in higher doses to compensate the weak absorption. So Dr. Eric, thanks so much for your care, yes, VIT A does revitalize the gums and therefore the teeth; in my case, I had complete success because I suppose I had VIT A deficiency.

    • Neiljjm

      Love your videos, Dr. Berg! Keep up the amazing work!

    • Justin Ostrowski

      I really hope people appreciate all the clear time and energy you put into your channel. Thank you so much! Stay gangsta.

    • TomTomazack

      Brilliant info. As I’ve gotten into my 30s and got kidney disease, I’ve also been having issue with much more plaque buildup, to the point that I have to mechanically remove it twice a week. Really annoying, brushing and flossing is not enough to keep it away, so I will try the remedies suggested, and look for a K2 supplement and see if that changes anything.

    • Ricochet Rabbit

      This is a great video and I cannot wait to apply the two components together to use them as described. I was introduced to the wonders of hydrogen peroxide many years ago in Mexico by a pharmacist and have used it ever since. A few years ago I was introduced to what is known as food grade hydrogen peroxide and I find that it is much Superior to the brown bottle 3% hydrogen peroxide that you get at the drugstore. I personally feel it does a better job no matter what it is you’re trying to accomplish with it. The brown bottle 3% hydrogen peroxide has stabilizing chemicals in it which I have found to not agree with the body very well and actually slows down the incredible benefit of the pure H2O2. A slight downside to the food grade H2O2 is the fact that it is sold in much higher concentrations and you must educate yourself on how to use it, in that is it it is very strong and you must be careful with it. Absolutely has to be diluted properly before being in contact with any part of the body.


        Does 6% peroxide work?

      • Ricochet Rabbit

        @SONIE LEWSHIRU …I would think that would be fine as long as it’s food grade and bought from a reputable source. You will still have to dilute it and different parts of the body can take differing concentrations. Better to erorr towards starting off with less concentration than what is needed and then slowly work up to the ideal concentration.


        @Ricochet Rabbit thank you so much

    • Andrew

      Ever since I started taking your d3 supplements with k2, i have noticed more smoothness on the inside of my teeth. You’re right on that one dr. Berg 👍

      • maria Ivana


    • Debz

      You have such a gift for researching, and then sharing all you have learnt with us all around the world. Blessed you Dr Berg, immense respect and gratitude, watching from New Zealand 💖🙏💖
      For those people who are intent on wearing face nappies, be mindful that bacterial loads are increased and can exacerbate gum disease / other systemic infection too

      • Paula Jones

        That is so true

    • Steven Seven

      Glad I found this video! I remember my father telling me that growing up in the 1930’s, he did not have toothpaste. His family used baking soda to brush their teeth and rinsed their mouths with peroxide before going to bed. He still had most of his teeth at 80. Thanks again.

    • L2

      Ive always taken pretty good care of my teeth, starting with not eating candy (especially hard candy) much at all. Every blue Moon, I’ll buy a small bag of gummi bears. But when I started brushing with hydrogen PEROXIDE, I noticed that the slight bleeding I would experience as a result of flossing, actually stopped in a couple of days. So, twice I brush with baking soda and Hyd/Perox…and before I go to bed, I brush and then I use a mouthful of peroxide after I brush to swish around my mouth, to keep the “cooties” away, overnite.

    • Rob Oxier

      This was recommended by my oncologists when I was undergoing treatments for throat cancer. It was a tremendous help in keeping my mouth and throat clean and healthy. It also helped with the dry mouth a bit. But it was extremely beneficial for me. I still use this after ending treatments 4 months ago. Turmeric was also very good for the inflammation, bacteria and bio-films. I suffered an injury recently and broke my back. The vitamin supplements mentioned in this video also helped in healing the fracture more quickly.

      • Dr. Eric Berg DC

        Awesome. Glad it helped you.

      • Ricardo Ibarra

        @Dr. Eric Berg DC ❤

    • Sophie Hawkins

      I went to the dentist for the first time in 5 years to get a mercury filling removed. They thought I had just had my teeth cleaned. I am vigilant about flossing and brushing due to my fear of dentists ( childhood experience), so I’ve never had an adult cavity and no build up – lots of veg (and baking soda to whiten on occasion), activated charcoal, and now I’ll try this combo. Thanks! Sometimes fear can be a great motivator!

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