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Men over 60 can get into killer shape – Hey guys, in this video tutorial for men over 60 can get in killer shape, I am going to give you some tips on how to help make that happen. I am going to give you a few tips for getting in shape after 60, and yes it is possible so here we go.

The first thing you need to do when getting in shape after 60 years old is to realistically determine your starting point. Make sure your health is in good condition and if you need to make sure to go to the doctor to get cleared to make sure you are good to go for working to get into killer shape.

We want to focus on improving 3 things. The first thing we want to make sure of is that you are increasing your hormones, increase your metabolism, and of course increasing your energy. You want to have enough energy throughout the day to make sure you can have effective workouts, the more energy you have the more you can function properly. To do this and focus on getting in shape after 60 years old, the first thing you will need to focus on is your nutrition.

Nutrition is always the key to determining what you want to, whether its losing, gaining muscle, or just getting fit. Find your goal and determine your goal. The first thing you want to do is eliminate the junk food and processed foods. That is the first key for how men over 60 can get into killer shape. Get rid of those things first, and replace them with good nutrient dense foods, lean proteins, essential fats, and good complex and fibrous carbs. Something to keep in mind though is now that you’re older, your metabolism is already slower. Because of this, you don’t need carbs all the time, so I am going to have you do carb-cycling.

Eat carbs on the days that you workout, so that you can use that for fuel and energy. It will also help you replenish and recover from your workouts. Complex carbs is what you want to have on the days you workout, and on the days you don’t workout you want to have fibrous carbs. This is important for how to get in shape at 60.

The next thing you need to do for how to get fit at 60 years old is you have to optimize your sleep. Make sure you are getting really good sleep, your body really requires a good, deep sleep. When you hit REM sleep, that is when your body releases growth hormones which helps repair damaged tissues and helps your body to recover. Another important key for how to get in killer shape.

The next step for getting in shape after 60 years old is to get active. Wherever you are starting at, just make that progression. If all you can do is walk, then that’s fine, go walking. You need to start somewhere for getting in shape at 60. Also, you want to try and do compound lifts, compound lifts give you a bigger bang for your buck. Compound help to increase hormone levels, doing squats would be a great place to start. Also, try doing a bench press and focus on going slow and in control to have proper form and get the best results. Make sure to hit your legs and your chest and your back, get the whole body.

Doing these compound exercises will not only increase your testosterone levels, but it will also help you boost your metabolism and help burn fat. A huge benefit for how to get fit at 60 years old.

Just to recap for how men over 60 can get into killer shape. You want to focus on your nutrition and carb-cycling, make sure you are getting good REM sleep each night, and get active. Put all these things together and it will help you with getting in shape after 60 years old. Again, go at your own pace and take it gradually because we are all starting at a different fitness and conditioning level.

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    • Live Anabolic

      Hey man, so you can get into killer shape at 60+ and I’ll share how in this video! Comment below and let me know what you think.

      • Golden Warrior - the art of longevity

        Are you over 60? I’m 51 myself and stand behind EVERYTHING you said here. This vid is really targeting complete newbs and you’ve covered the bases really well. I hope all your viewers just start doing anything because age is reversible! I want to shout from a mountain how incredible fitness can make you feel. At 51 — I feel 30.. you can too!

      • Out of Compliance

        @RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He’s a dog) You can get your hormones and T up without replacement therapy, use food instead. And you should NOT go to the gym every day. In fact, your body may need 2 days or more to recover if over 60.

      • Out of Compliance

        He doesn’t really tell you how to get into killer shape, just better shape, all the usuals. And he completely misses HIIT and intermittent fasting.

      • RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)

        @Out of Compliance
        Would you like to compare your body and strength to mine. Do you get ifbb pros telling you they wish they were you .
        Let me know. Do whatever you want .
        But ill always be better than you. .

    • Dave

      Super great advice…..Love how you focus in on more than just the workout. I was overweight then about 15 years ago I lost 90lbs and have kept it of for 12 years now. I still have this little roll on my lower abs that I have not been able to get rid of. 6’2 155 with a 6 pack and a small roll……a bit frustrating. Never tried carb cycling

      • Chippy NZ

        Same for myself

      • Live Anabolic

        Carb cycling will work great for you Dave. I have a bunch of other videos on the topic on the channel if you want to check them out.

    • Mark Mac

      Good stuff Gary. I found your channel and it motivated me to get into shape. I am 52 and I started on the 25 Feb at 200lbs, now today I am 171lbs. Looking to maintain at 165 lbs and when I get there and gunning for my first ever 6pack…..haha…………….Been doing just what you have explained in this video and all others I have watched. Awesome stuff keep it coming>

      • Live Anabolic

        Way to go man! That’s a huge accomplishment!! Glad you’ve found inspiration from these videos. I’ll keep them coming, man.

    • Eddie Ohearn

      I’m 69. Walk at a fast pace 3 to 4 miles then return home. Relax 15 minutes, start my workout with 100 pushups. Then depending on the day chest or back or legs or shoulder. biceps I like to do on back and shoulder days
      I never thought about complex carb day and veggie days but I think I shall.

      • Mountainhead Fabrication and Off Road


    • César Mejía

      I’m 52 and I’ve started doing squats recently. It has helped me strengthen my core and cleared up some of my lower back issues.

      • Live Anabolic

        Way to go, Cesar!

      • Joe Ordinary

        Weighted or bodyweight? I do bodyweight squats at least every other day and they are working wonders for me! Legs are much stronger and toned. Everyday tasks are noticeably easier. Brisk walking, stair climbing and getting up from a sitting position. Resting Heart rate is lower as is blood pressure. Occasionally I get a little sore in my knees probably due to going a little too high in reps or after several workout days in a row, then I just take a day or two off and I’m back to good again. Keep ‘em up! They work wonders!

    • Baron

      Appreciate the comprehensive and realistic info. Have been using your advice from your other videos and am seeing results. It’s challenging but not hard to eat right. Salt, fat and sugar are ridiculously pervasive in processed foods. You mentioned mobility and I couldn’t agree more. Increasing range of motion has been the biggest benefit for me , whether from whole body dumbbell workouts or mobility training. Last but not least. I’m 61 and quit smoking 10 months ago after 47 years. If anyone still smokes do whatever it takes to quit. If I can do it so can you. God bless.

    • John David Maher

      Working out was off and on my whole life. I am now 65. I do workouts of three days of weights, alternating between cable, dumbbells, barbells, and kettle bells. I also alternate types of exercises each session. I am walking 20 minutes three days a week on days I do not use weights. I am still overweight, but I can now see my belt buckle. Thank you for your advice. One thing that has helped is joining the Bentonville Recreation Center. It has a variety of machines, weights, fitness classes, indoor track.

    • Remko Jerphanion

      Motivating video! I have lost 35 pounds by working out, cutting sugar out of my diet, limiting carbs to a minimum, and only eating within a 6 hour window. The rest of my diet is natural food only and making sure I get all the essentials. 60 is the new 40 guys, and women love it!

    • M Burns

      I’m coming out of a tough year. Almost 70, diabetic, lost half a foot. Had vascular surgery, stroked. 2 years from a he as r attack. 5’8″ 190#.
      I’ve started with the nutrition and the right level exercises. The most important thing I think you said is , get moving. Thanks for the encouragement.

      • gene978

        M Burns Mr. Burns you made my ailments look like a walk in the park compared to what you went through. Mine is Constant Mental stress of operation my own diner for the past 35 years and nothing is like it use to be. The food part has become much easier it’s the Staff that is Stressful. I have very bad deep sleep always tired and worn out feeling.

      • Shane Kasper

        M Burns…keep it up!

    • Ron Dade

      I’m 72 and working out 4X per week…I’ve been working out for 10 years, started long ago and stopped. I’m in pretty good shape but watching your video alerted me to go over my nutrition patterns….My goal is to be in phenomenal shape not just OK for 72….I can handle most compound movements but having had two hip replacements within the last year has curtailed any meaningful squatting…The other movements no problem. Great video. Short and informative.

    • jamie t

      Sleep is so important. It’s just nobody gets enough. I’m single, the house is quite and dark, but no matter how hard I try or want to, about 4-5 hours is all I can get. But yeah, go light, go slow, go often. It’s not how much you lift or how far you walk/run/swim, it’s that you show up and do it.

      • DEE

        Absolutely agree!!! 🤜🤛

      • Walt Lutz

        Yep showing up is half the battle!

      • mark marcinik

        Try liquid zinc supplement for sleep.,

    • Rob Lewis

      I’m 66, have lost 45 lbs in the last year (228>183) and have been gaining muscle and definition the entire way, not a newbie, have been working out in various ways for about 40 years but decided that I had to get serious as I go into my 70’s, recieved virtually no encouragement but succeeded anyway. You can do it!

      • Paul Paulson

        Good for you man

    • Clive Turner

      im 63 still workout 3+times a week im in good shape my tip is chill out your not in a race your not going win the olympia take your time big weights=big injures cruise along watch your diet most of all enjoy what your doing good luck

      • Richard Harris

        Clive, good for you. Thanks for your message. One thing I do… remove all the stops in losing weight and keeping muscular….is that I fast 2/3 of the day, which includes sleep time…..and I do weight lifting and cardio/walking/jogging. This works for me. If somebody can find a routine that keeps them in shape…..over a long period of time…then that should be the plan they stick with.

      • Clive Turner

        @Richard Harris back in the day i used to fast one day a week maybe i will give it a go,during lockdown i started walking 2/3 times a week i found it realy helped and i enjoyed it,keep training good luck with all you do !!!!!

      • Mountainhead Fabrication and Off Road

        Solid advice

    • Dr Craig A Westoby D.C.

      I am 61 doing great lost 70 lbs at 56 eating no sugar no caffeine low carb, good fats grass fed protiens, lots of vegtables. Water with apple cider vingar and minerals salt, potassium. Sun, great sleep exersise with heavy weights and swim for HIIT. Intermitant fasting. Life is Great!

      • Bernard Barbour

        How many likes can I give this comment, Cheers! Same here.

      • Stephen O'Keeffe

        Love the way you’re thinking. Hope to be that disciplined one day. Very motivating. Well done. SOK Australia

      • Tony R

        why No caffeine?

      • RichS

        “…lost 70 lbs eating no sugar, no caffeine, low carbs…”. No offense but that fairly obvious and when I do that I lose weight, and fast. Unfortunately I love breads and pasta, and coffee. It’s a huge part of my enjoyment in life. And when I cut them out I am miserable. Seriously miserable and life sucks. I’m 59 and should probably lose 20-25 lbs. So it’s be in good shape and miserable or enjoy life and be a bit overweight. Yeah being overweight sucks. But not as much as being miserable cutting out a huge part of my life enjoyment. Yeah I know I’ll die earlier. Maybe. Totally conflicted.

    • Mark Mullen

      Good episode; I’m motivated. Sleep has been an issue, but I’m still full of energy in the morning.

    • Coach Hebert

      Great video man. I am 67 and workout 4 to 5 days a week. I feel I am in above averageshape for my age,however, I want to take my training to another level .I need to increase my muscle mass and lose some body fat, and feel your video will help me achieve my goals. Once again, great video.

      • Nickname unavailable

        why would you feel you need to add excessive, non functional bulk at your age. Perhaps focus on flexability, nm control/balance and functional strength ( which most certainly has nothing to do with ‘bulking up” / adding muscle mass).

    • Bernard Barbour

      Bro! You are preaching the gospel here. I’m 61, started when I was 57 with a goal to get abs, lol. I’m in the best shape ever, feel great, look great, and everybody wonders what is my secret? I tell them there is no secret, just doing exactly what you say in this video has produced fantastic results. It’s a lifestyle change and I ‘m looking forward to always maintaining my health from here on out. Thank you and I’m sharing this video. Cheers!

    • Robert Bollinger

      It’s important to start your new exercise routine slow. At 66 was set back over four months when I messed up my shoulder and arm doing dips like I did in my 20s. I’ve since recovered from that, but it only highlights that slowly building back up after a long period of non-exercise is critical. Concerning dips, use an assisted dip machine if available.

    • Peter Larsen

      I turn 60 this year. Your information really motivated me to lose weight and get in shape!!!

    • John James

      I’m 56 and watch all your videos even if it’s for old. I’ve just started doing some of your workouts and I can feel the difference from what I have been doing (been in the gym for about 2 months). Would love to see a program for sciatica. Thanks for your videos. John

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