Zinc is one of the many nutrients the human body needs to function correctly – in fact, the nutrient is critical to our survival.

It has a vital part to play in the function of the immune system, ensuring viruses, bacteria, and other invaders can be fought off effectively.

But what role does it have on prostate health?

Zinc is naturally found in high levels in the prostate gland. There, it influences transcription factors such as NF-kappaB. This transcription factor regulates the release of cytokines that cause inflammation.

And since inflammation is often a precursor for cancer, zinc may be protective against prostate cancers by keeping inflammation to a minimum.

Zinc also directly attacks inflammation. And if the prostate is enlarged, there’s a lot of inflammation there. In one study, doctors tested zinc levels of patients with prostate enlargement. Those with BPH had 61% lower zinc levels than normal.

They also found that the men with enlarged prostate eliminated more zinc in their urine than the others without the disorder.

Could this powerful trace mineral, hailed for its immune-boosting properties, benefit your prostate? Keep watching to find out!