Sedentary behavior is killing you! Learn how to sit less during your typical day.
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According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting is the new smoking! There has been a lot of research published showing why sitting is dangerous, especially highlighting prolonged sitting effects.

Sitting for long hours each day compresses your spine, which can have MANY downstream negative health effects. It is extremely important to break up periods of prolonged sitting to combat the effects of sitting for a long time. In this video, we’ll give you some tips on what you can do to avoid the effects of sitting for too long. We’ll also give you some EASY ideas on how to sit less during the day.

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(0:44) Avoid uninterrupted sitting
(2:14) Walk after you eat
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    • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

      Check out this video on mini exercises you can do at your desk job:

    • Ozzy

      Not sure it it’s mentioned, but here’s your answer: get a Desk Cycle to pedal when you’re at your desk. Truly transformative.

    • Luis Amaro

      I’m a 56 year old that was 391lb now after a year I’m 211lb . But now I would like to build muscle 💪 need help and also I build my own gym at home .please help

    • Kenneth kar

      Hello. I have signed up prior and yet to get any msg or emails ? Send me programs .

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