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Do you want to tone your muscles and get more cut? Well, I have 3 practical strategies in this video that I’m sure will help you out. They come down to how you can lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

Now, before we answer the question “how can you get more toned muscles” we need first to answer this. What does ‘tone’ even mean? Because, in reality, muscles can’t really be toned, they can either grow or shrink. And this is important to understand because a lot of people out there are on a wild goose chase trying to ‘tone’ their muscles, thinking there are unique strategies needed to get them there. But really, it comes down to these 3 simple fundamentals you’ll discover in this video.

Because consider this. Everyone has a six-pack. Everyone has biceps, pecs, and every muscle that makes up the human body. Now, some might not be as big as others, but the fact of the matter is that we have them. But if they are covered by body fat, they’re not going to show. So when talking about getting more toned muscles, the first place we need to look at is body fat percentage. Do you have weight to lose that will make you look more trim, cut and toned once it’s gone?

Here Are The 3 Fundamentals of Losing Weight To Get A More Toned Physique:

#1 The Importance Of Sleep Or Getting A Toned Look (2:25)

#2 Get On A Solid Diet You Can Stick To (3:14)

#3 Doing The Right Kind Of Workouts

So I hope this video clears some things up about how to get more toned muscles. And again, I just wanted to give you an overview of the three fundamentals you’re going to want to look at for a toned physique. I encourage you to check out our free resources mentioned along with the more in-depth videos in the recommended lists above to learn more about each strategy. We have tons of content just like this on our Fit Father Project youtube channel and over at our blog on

Looking forward to bringing you more training on topics like this, my friend!

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Your friends here at the FFP,

-Dr. Balduzzi + The Men's Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

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    35 replies to "How To Get More Toned Muscles – Lose Fat & Gain Muscle At The Same Time"

    • UmbroRaban

      Indeed, the toning happens when you change your eating lifestyle. I used to go about 4 times a week to the gym. I was combining this with running for a about 20km a week and once a week cycling around 80km. Lots of cardio. But when I started to MRT 5 times a week my body completely transformed. So this is no myth, do Metabolic Resistance Training and you are going to get toned! Drop the fast sugars in your eating lifestyle. At first it is going to be difficult as your brain is hooked on that stuff, but afterwards you do not mis it. No juices, no cakes, nu candy, no sodas, no biscuits,… You can have pasta and brown rice but do not overdo it. Eat healthy fats and you will become what you always wanted to be. Good luck.

      • Whar Score unsettled

        No more doritos….

      • B M Shadman Sakib

        I want to get defined delt and chest

      • B M Shadman Sakib

        How will this eork

      • Hassan X

        Can you eat white rice

      • Roderic Walter

        @Hassan X Only in emergencies when cooking brown rice is not possible. Suggestion: cook enough brown rice on the weekend for the week.

    • Tony Lars

      Losing weight is one thing, getting some good looking muscles in another to boost confidence and this was really helpful, thanks bro

    • Jacqueline Martin

      I learned a lot from this video and seeing the Before and After pictures was very motivating.

    • David Dallas

      This was actually so helpful, thanks so much!

    • Wil R

      Thanks for this another great and informative video, doc! Yeah, it’s nice to have a muscle. That’s what am lacking of. Sure I will be serious with my exercise to have a toned muscles.

    • oksana jatautiene

      nice video, the process takes time but it is well worth it to use these methods – they work once you incorporate them into your routine

    • Steev Tan

      Had no idea sleep was so important for getting toned muscles. I’ve just started working out both to lose weight and get toned, I think I got the diet and exercises down, but I’m always busy and don’t get a lot of sleep. So glad I saw your video, definitely going to try and make sure I get that 7 hours a night. Thanks.

      • VeganToes

        What’s the diet you had? Like meals you ate, list me some if you can

      • Dragapult

        @VeganToes VeganToes?????

      • Nobody

        @Dragapult Dragapult??

    • michelle r

      Great tips. It’s hard to tone muscle and try to loose weight at the same time. Thanks for the information

    • HuabNtxhee Tsaab

      Exactly the most interesting and informational video I’ve seen about toning muscles. Video is very well detailed. Thank you for sharing.

    • Arthur Curry

      Great topic explaining exactly what toned means and how to get there.

    • Jim Jeffries

      I’m not sure when it happened, but there became a point where I don’t pick and choose videos on topics im currently interested in — but i started watching to all of it. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Thanks for the incredibly good and informative videos FFP! 😀

    • 50 Cent

      Never would’ve considered sleep as something that’s important for losing weight. Thanks for the info man.

    • Ravi Sankar

      Primary focus should be on losing fat and then comes toning. Well said. Sleep is very important and many just give it up thinking just diet and workout will work. Very clear and simple explanation has been provided in the video. Cheers.

    • azrael1204

      Great tips for toning muscle, thanks!

    • Nisso Stein

      Hi, please reply to this question. Thanks in advance. One year ago (exactly) I started eating right and doing HIIT to lose weight (lost 32 lbs.) Noticed I lost loads of muscle mass, so put HIIT on told and I’ve been weight lifting 5-6 times a week for the last 4 months (while sticking to healthy eating.) Every day I hit a different part of the body. Ends up doing each part twice a week. But for some reason, my body fat increased since working out and stomach came back! I was thinking of replacing my daily weight lifting with your 24 minute exercise 3 times a week (which is good because it would leave me with more time for my studying the other 4 days.) Will making this change hurt my muscle gains? Can you tell me what extent of the change it will be on my muscle growth? If you need to know what kind of weight lifting I am doing, let me know and I will write it out. thanks

    • Jadas Del Rosary

      Thank goodness sleep is so important. I try my best to get quality sleep regardless of how busy I am because if I don’t I’ll just feel tired and horrible the next day. Now I can tell my friends that I’m sleeping in to get toned muscles too! Nice.

    • iria bee

      Learned a lot from this video. Thanks again Doc.

    • Willie Rice

      Thanks for the video. I’m definitely going to try implement these techniques into my regime.

    • Omar Tawakkol

      2:26 : the importance of sleep

      Me watching this at 4:00 am: yeah indeed

      • Laxman Dissanayake

        Me at 2:09am

      • Amir_ Thomas

        @SauceYCris fax

      • NostyleJack

        Currently 4:12😂😂

      • Kemp Gatlin

        Funny a year later I’m here at 4:00 am

      • kwanza dixon

        Lmao!!! 🤣 🤣

    • Hamza Arif

      Thank you for making this video
      This information has been very useful.
      There is one more type of training that has helped me big time and that is overcoming isometric followed by circuit style training or after all workouts.
      Diet and sleep does about 70% for that goal.

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        You’re very welcome Hamza 😊

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