Big Arms After 50…

Guys..I don’t care how old you are, I am going to show you how to build big arms after 50. The best part, you can do this in under 10 minutes. Make sure to stick around to the end because I am going to give you my personal tip on how to make your arms bigger with just a simple trick. Arms are really a small muscle group, so it doesn’t take much to grow them. Another important thing is triceps make up more arm mass than your biceps, so you need to make sure to work your triceps just as much as your biceps. Alright, let’s get started with the exercises in this 10 minutes workout to get big arms after 50.

Exercise #1: ALTERNATING HAMMER CURLS paired with 2 ARM SKULLCRUSHERS. Pick a weight where you can do good form for 15 reps. Utilize slow and controlled reps throughout the whole range of motion, to really focus on just working your biceps. For the skullcrushers, keep the dumbbells behind your head to keep resistance on your triceps throughout the whole range of motion. Do 2 of these supersets, rest for 1 minute then get ready for the next superset.

Exercise #2: TWO ARM BANDED CURLS paired with OVERHEAD TRICEP EXTENSIONS. Use a supinated grip with the two arm banded curls, and make sure to use slow and controlled repetitions. For the overhead tricep extensions, you can do them standing or sitting down. You are going to do 15 reps of each exercise for a total of 2 supersets. Rest for 1 minute then get ready for the next superset.

Supersets are great for helping you build big arms because your arms are going to constantly be under tension. Pairing the bicep exercise with the tricep exercise makes it so the other muscle group gets a short chance to rest before going back to work.

Now for my tip that I have for you to really get bigger arms without much more effort. Are you ready for the secret? It’s simple.. You need to wear a tight t-shirt to make your arms look bigger! Simple, but makes a big difference for the people looking at you.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial on how to get big arms after 50. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to get bigger arms and bigger legs at home, while losing fat.

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    • Live Anabolic

      Want to build bigger arms in 10-minutes?

      Live Anabolic trainer, Mark Mcilyar is going to take you through a 10-minute arm workout using one pair of dummbells and bands…

      You’ll be doing 2 epic supersets…

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      • Live Anabolic

        @Danny Marrel Glad to hear! Thank you for your support!

      • Ron David

        So What should be the proper dumbbell weight to start with or workout? So i can run out now & get them to start this at 52 without excuses

      • Ron David

        I started with 20 lb dumbbells each

      • Duane Spruill

        How many days a week should you do this?

    • Robert Carpenter

      you have helped me so much and are a big part in me changing my life at 51, thank you kindly sir

      • Live Anabolic

        Happy to hear that Robert! Glad we can help.

    • Gym Rat

      Awesome vid bro thanks for sharing I hit that bell. Youngsters don’t underestimate the power of compound exercises. Make sure you include them in your workout routine. They’re your best tools for maximum muscle growth 💪💪.

    • Barry Teghtmeyer

      This active 60 year old appreciates this! I work out 4-5 times a week, but will definitely try super sets.. again.. on arm day! Thanks Live Anabolic!

    • Gordon Friedrich

      Thanx for you videos. I’m a 65 year old hard-working gym rat who is proud to have the young guns compliment me on my work ethic by how hard I train. Discipline, I tell them that comes with age. And your videos keep me motivated as well as learning something new. Cheers!

    • kevin ballard

      Really impressed. Going to try this into my workouts.

    • Captain Joe's Angling Adventure's

      Just found your channel and absolutely love the work outs for us older guys. 60 here relatively good shape,my problem with my Biceps is this. At 23 I broke the rotating bone in my right arm, there for I can’t lay my right hand Flat on the table. This being what it is Curls for me are Hammer style only, any suggestions for working the Long Head as I can’t do traditional style curls anymore.

    • Angel Arizaga

      Siempre Fi! Retired Marine getting to be 54 soon. By the grace of God, a healthy lifestyle , and the Corps, I’m fit like you. I’m certainly hoping to keep it going so that when I’m your age I will still look the same. Thanks a lot for the education and inspiration💪👍🏻

    • Kevin holly

      You’re a great communicator as well! So glad I’ve come across your channel! Can’t wait to get started! Thanks again 💪

      • Live Anabolic

        Thanks Kevin 💪

      • Kevin holly

        @Live Anabolic you really are excellent!! Can’t wait to see the rest of your uploads. You’re a natural teacher and phenomenal fluent communicator sir👌

      • Live Anabolic

        @Kevin holly Thank you Kevin, we appreciate your support!

    • Vivek Bhatia

      Awesome tutorial, dude, just started this week, feels great! Question: Think I could do this on Sun/Tue/Thu, taking Fri/Sat off arms? (and doing chest only one of the off days instead)? I’m 52, so a young “after 50” 🙂

    • K G

      Thank you for your time, and tips I am currently working on my arms 👍🏾

    • Pr Randy Skeete

      One tiny observation: In the hammer curls, maintain a slight bend in the elbow when the arm hangs down. This will keep continuous tension on the forearms, brachialis and biceps. When the arm hangs straight down, the shoulder joint bears the weight.
      Thanks for the video 💪🏾

      • Sue B

        Excellent point, PRS. Thanks.

      • Jamie Edmonds

        elbows tucked in as close to the body as possible or comfortable at a 90 degree angle is the best way to build muscle for any bicep exercise and 95 degree upwards never take the strain off if you dont lock in elbow you start using other body parts and pending on what part your trying to build your way is not the way and if you take all the weight out an rest on the shoulders you release the tension from the bicep and start using the deltoids in stead of biceps etc and then be wasting your time….. have to maintain tension on the muscle at all times and then clinch the muscle at 95 % range never go all the way up to your chin just 95% of the way never go all the way down only to 90 degree angle unless your gonna drop the weight

    • Warren Davidson (Old Bull) Section Hiker

      Thanks for your video. I will be 79 in a couple of weeks and came across your video. I start about 2 weeks ago unfortunately sporadically. I only have 15# dumb bells so I am doing 20 Reps with hammer curls, 18 with skull crushers, 15 straight curls and 20 overhead tricep extensions. Going to try to be consistent every other day. Unfortunately, going on vacation for 3 weeks beginning 10/09. Thanks again.

    • Phinneus Prune

      I am 47 and because of a neck injury my arms shrunk. So did my chest. I am finally medically cleared and was worried that I am too old to build my arms back up. But this is motivation for me.

      • Alex Cordero

        57 here. Three years ago, I lost 90 lbs. Ran a half marathon and follow, follow a low carb diet and do a few minutes of resistance every day and yes, your arms come back–everything comes back faster than you think… As long as you focus and stick with it. It took 20 years to get complete out of shape and obese and about 5 months to fix it–in my late fifties. It comes back. 🙂

      • William Jakubcak

        @Alex Cordero Hi Alex, you are right. I’ve been training my whole life and I’m in my 50s now. I stopped weight training for 5 years initially due to some injuries (shoulder injury forced me to stop bench and shoulder press), then living in the countryside with no gyms and could not set up a home gym. So I let myself go (lost about 15kg of lean muscle mass), but did daily cardio and have been active in other ways. Now, I’m doing what I can at home since I’m more motivated now. I lift concrete blocks, big wood logs, plus some body weight push ups and pull ups. At the beginning, after not training for years, it was super tough. It still is, since I just started this month. BUT, the body will adapt, grow and get stronger. IT WILL come back. Of course it takes consistency, a good diet and regular, adequate recovery time. Planning on making my own concrete dumbbells soon. Keep training!

      • Steve Elder

        @William Jakubcak five gallon buckets of water are good for some weight also. think farmers carry. I have a left shoulder that just won’t get right and have been struggling with it four years after surgery. it’s a long road back.

      • William Jakubcak

        @Steve Elder Hi, thanks for the idea of filling 5 gal. buckets with water! Just had a similar idea of looking for some strong buckets and filling them with wet sand or rocks! Or simply filling 2 burlap sacks with rocks. Then do the farmer’s walk around my property! Just remember, our muscles don’t know the difference between lifting a bag of cement, rocks or water or an expensive Olympic bar with weight plates! Gotta get creative and use whatever we can. A challenge initially since I’ve always had gym memberships my whole life, so this is a big change for me. I’m stuck out in the country for a few years.

    • Fastt Ed

      That is MY workout EXACTLY. It is good to know that we are on the same page, again. I’ve been in training as a way of life for 50+ years.
      Mark, you are teaching right.

    • America is a Noble Country

      Thank you. Great video which I have recently started doing. Question, how often would you recommend I do this in a week. I’m assuming a day of rest in between…would that be correct? Again, thanks!

    • Pete Uthai

      Thank you for this routine 🙂

    • Yoshimichi

      I’m over 50, love to work out at home with alternating chest and arm days. this is one of my favorite training vids!

    • Mark Jackson

      Your videos are really informative. I’m 63 returning to weight training to increase muscle mass after 14 year gap.
      I used to train total body 3 days a week. 1-2 exercises of 3 sets 8 reps each muscle group.
      I would be grateful for your recommendations on training diary you have as some of your workouts have 4 or 5 exercises per muscle group. I would be doing a very long workout with my old way of training.
      Thank you.

    • Drew Werts

      Great job brother. I’m 55years 5’8” tall and weigh 194lbs and have 18” biceps. This guy is awesome. Keep up the good work.

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