As a beginner to yoga, the goal has been to increase my strength in ways that weight lifting can’t, to improve my mobility and flexibility, to correct muscle imbalances, to enhance my focus and mind-muscle connection, and to bring out the best within me.

Without a doubt, I’ve been reaping all of these benefits and so much more. In today’s video I’ll walk you through a strength sequence, balance poses, and stretches that I’ve been working on and really enjoying.

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    7 replies to "Beginner Yoga For Bodybuilders"

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

      Have you tried yoga? How has it impacted your bodybuilding experience and overall well being? For more tips download your FREE guide Lose Fat Get Jacked 👉

      • Maurice Cooper

        I have done Yoga, and will do it again. It’s beneficial for us. Stretches us out, melts away stress, improves balance. It’s incredible!😁

    • Kevin Clements

      Yoga is pretty awesome. I used to practice 4 times a week with my friend Tanner & his wife Katina. They moved to Orlando though so stopped. Got to get back to it

      • Maurice Cooper

        That makes 2 of us, Kevin. Yoga also helps with stress, melts it away.👍 And, Kevin, we’re STILL missing you and your content.

    • mma boxing it's the best sports in the world 💪👊

      What do you think of counting sets??

    • R

      Of all the over 40 old + fitness YouTubers that I follow you are the first and only one to talk about this discipline, yet people have no idea how helpful it could be to you!
      It is so good for your joints, your muscles, your posture and even your mind, why isn’t it more popular in the fitness industry???!!!
      Having said that I find that Pilates (very similar yet… different!) is more adapted to complement fitness and sport, but yoga is an excellent option nonetheless!
      Thanks for the video Scott!

    • Maurice Cooper

      Scott, you’d make a wonderful Yoga instructor. I love how you explain how to take it all in and help us complete this properly. Brother, you’re wonderful.💪😁

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