As you get older, especially over the age of 40, there are things we do on a daily basis that affect our health in a negative way. If you are working out trying to build muscle and lose weight, some of these habits might be prohibiting you from getting the results that you want. If you avoid some of these habits, you are going to be surprised how big of an improvement it will have on your health.

The things you do each day, especially habits, can affect your health consistently. That is why it is so important to avoid these daily habits, and I can guarantee that you will feel more and more energized each day when you focus on your daily habits.

Here are the 6 bad daily habits men over 40 need to stay away from!

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    6 replies to "6 Bad Daily Habits Men Over 40 Need To Stay Away From"

    • Eric Jae

      I’m close enough to 40 to check this vid out 👀

    • David Little

      Excellent episode.

    • Paul Holland

      I stay up late one night a week Saturday night date night with the wife and movie otherwise 8 hours at least for me

    • djkenny

      Aside from night club DJ nights twice a month, I’m asleep by 10-6. 49, here.

    • R Rafi


    • James Higginbotham III

      I’m guilty of #’s 5 & 6. I stay up until midnight-1:00 AM, then drag out of bed at 8:00 AM or around there. The snacking I do is usually nuts (pecans or cashews), blueberries and protein powder mixed with plain yogurt…that kind of thing. I’m going to work on these, thanks for the great videos you guys make.

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