Dr. Anthony Balduzzi shares his 5 lessons from a bodybuilder, and what he wishes he would have known when starting out!
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Dr. A was inspired by the death of his father to dedicate his life to his own health and fitness. He became a competitive bodybuilder at an early age, winning a national championship in Las Vegas. However, he didn’t have it all figured out when he was starting his bodybuilding journey. In this video, he shares 5 things he wishes he knew when he was starting out with fitness and bodybuilding.

These fitness tips will help you if you are just starting with bodybuilding or working on your fitness. If you want to take fitness more seriously, these bodybuilding lessons will definitely get you on the right track!

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Quick Timestamps:
(0:00) Intro
(1:23) #1 Prioritize exposure to sunlight
(2:56) #2 Balance anabolism and catabolism
(4:40) #3 The importance of gut health
(6:33) #4 Daily walking and movement
(7:32) #5 Prioritize spinal decompression
(10:11) Recap

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    14 replies to "5 Lessons From a Bodybuilder – What I Wish I Knew!"

    • Adam Scott Fit

      Great video Anthony. I always make sure to get morning sunlight like you – a 30-45 minute walk.

    • Benoit Péloquin

      Agree 100% and I will say 2 more things. Hot and cold water stimulation and colonics.

    • Bless Tone

      Great u motivate me. Do you have a healthy Pre-workout.

    • Samsung 40_Media

      great vid doc

    • SkyNet Intex

      Good video. However, I got overly preoccupied with the spelling of ‘sugar’ on the picture @ 3.50s :P.

    • Kevin Philip

      Thank you sir

    • Dereje Debalke


    • Ruhama Dade (SWYK)

      Very helpful, THANK YIU FOR YOUR ADVICE!!!

    • Scott Weaver PhotoVideo

      I could have sworn you were going to say you learned that bodybuilding wasn’t necessarily the best healthy lifestyle practice.

    • Lanny Gore

      Misspelled sugar as “shugar” and inflammation as “imflammation” on slides

    • Gilbert Lopez

      Thanks Anthony. This is the best health video I have ever watched and believe me I have seen a lot! You shared so much information and experience.

    • phsal

      very good advice. thank you!

    • JT

      I’m sorry you lost your father, especially at such a young age. Thank you for this channel. You said something that inspired me. We need to be healthy….in order to make memories. I’d like to be active in and participate in the lives of my grandchildren. It’s time to get fit.

    • Fly Guy

      A++++++ 🙏👌

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