If you want to build muscle, increase strength, and stay generally healthy over 40…you need to make sure you have these 5 foods in your diet. There are foods designed for one purpose, and that is convenience. Foods that are convenient are typically not foods that will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Healthy eating habits will help you build muscle and lose fat on your fitness journeys and improve your health. Start with eliminating the junk foods, processed foods, and fast foods.

As a man over 40, the food you put in your body for every meal, has an impact on your goals and health. Whether it is following a nutrition plan specifically designed for you, or starting small and making sure to incorporate these 5 foods in your diet to get in shape and stay in shape after 40.

Add these 5 foods to your daily nutrition plan to help get on track to a healthier lifestyle after 40!

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    • Nello’s Nook

      Thanks for this information! 👍


      Check out the starch solution by Dr John McDougall 👍 👌 life changer

    • 24revealer

      3:47 Grass Fed Beef is the best! Lots of fat.

    • Sean Mac

      Meat is not necessary. Please do more research

    • Dev&D RC

      99% of America facts

    • John Grytbakk

      So glad I love eggs. ….and vegetables.

    • Superhuman Unchained

      Thanks for uploading this Great video

    • Rich T

      Short and sweet. Great video

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      Great video! Have a Powerful Restful Sunday! Good Bless you! From Argentina @CMartinSalomon

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      Excellent and to the point. You are the best

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      Red meat and eggs 🥩🥚=💪🏼

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