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5 best foods to increase testosterone – Hey guys, in this video tutorial with the best foods for increasing testosterone, I am going to give you the 5 best foods that you can eat to naturally boost your testosterone. There’s 2 ways to affect hormones naturally, exercise and nutrition. Today, we are going to focus on nutrition, with the best food to increase testosterone. Let’s get started with this video tutorial with the 5 best testosterone boosting foods.

Let’s start with the first item of the best foods to raise testosterone. I want to focus on pomegranate juice first. This drink tastes fantastic, and the reason being because it is loaded with a bunch of natural sugars. Now, you don’t want to drink too much of it in a day because it is high in calories. I recommend drinking a few ounces a day, it is also really good to drink a little bit before your workouts and then a little bit after your workouts. Obviously, this drink has amazing testosterone boosting benefits, but is also has some other benefits as well. It contains antioxidants and it contains nitrates, which help you to produce more energy. Which is why I think it’s great to have some before and after your workouts. It will help boost performance during your HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. That is the first of the 5 best foods for testosterone. Now onto the second of the 5 foods to increase testosterone.

Alright guys, now onto food number 2 in this video with the 5 best foods to increase testosterone. I told you these are going to taste good. The next food of the best foods to raise testosterone is grass-fed beef. I want you to eat beef 2-3 times a week, and there are several reasons for that. Grass-fed beef is more natural, which means there are less chemicals and toxins that can affect our body. Some beef can actually boost estrogen levels, which means your body will be producing less testosterone and we don’t want that. Grass-fed beef is also more nutrient dense, and has good vitamins and saturated fats. This is one of the best foods for increasing testosterone. This is such a better choice than going with your traditional beef, which makes this one of the 5 best foods for testosterone. Now onto the third of the 5 foods to increase testosterone.

The third of the 5 best testosterone boosting foods is extra virgin olive oil. Something simple as just adding this into your diet will help you boost your testosterone. The reason I choose extra virgin is because it has to do with the way the olives are processed when making olive oil. Cage-free eggs is next for the best food to increase testosterone. This is the best source of protein that your body can possibly have. Cage-free eggs have a lot of Omega-3, which creates fatty acids. Our body uses those fatty acids to produce testosterone, which is what we are going for. This is a fantastic source of protein, and the best food to increase testosterone. Now onto the last food of the 5 best foods to increase testosterone. Brazil nuts is next of the best foods to raise testosterone. You only need a small handful of these each day to help boost your testosterone. We still want to make sure that we are consuming these 5 best foods for testosterone in moderation.

Well guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the 5 best testosterone boosting foods. Make sure to subscribe to our channel to see more videos with the best foods for increasing testosterone:

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    • Live Anabolic

      Do you have these 5 foods in your kitchen? Comment below and let me know!

      • jeremy chandler

        Yes and I raise my own chickens! Eggs are phenomenal!

      • SHAHID J

        Hi sir i like this video

      • Ralph Fisher

        We eat fair amount of Bison. It’s very, very lean and tastes great. What do you think?

    • PainDannyful

      Garlic, onion, avocado, spinach,ginger,pumpkin seeds also boosts testosterone

      • Justin Pettit


      • Jonathan Hadley

        PainDannyful I know that Pumpkin seeds are high in Zince & think that Garlic is similar to L-Arginine

      • cannon prosper

        also honey boosts testosterone

      • ella goldbloom

        Mushrooms, chia seeds, celery.

      • Amazing Grace

        And you don’t have to look like a Bush to know that lol thanks

    • Grant

      Thanks Mark,I’m definitely going to start eating these foods.

    • Nick F

      Something to know about the grass fed beef. I boiled a pound of it once and put the pot in the fridge overnight, just as it was cooked water and all. Wow I was really shocked to see exactly how much hard fat had accumulated into a thick solid layer on the top surface. Yes I know you need some of this type of fat as explained in videos like this, but at least be aware just how much you can be taking in if you just pound this stuff down. And all cuts of this are not the same, just as on the cow…some cuts will have less fat and other packages with a different cut will have scary amounts of hard fat in it, just FYI. Personally, I would not eat more than a table spoon or two of this type of fat at a time, and you are really getting way more than that in some packs.

    • Kit Keller

      I like this workout and have done it a few times. I struggle with the leg lifts, but that’s the only problem.

    • ZachLion

      Much health, wealth, abundance and prosperity! Thank you for this video.

    • Neranjan Singh

      Hi Mark, I’m 60. I follow all your advice and workouts as much as possible. I believe they’re fantastic for my age group. I don’t eat beef or Pork. I do eat eggs, chicken, turkey, lamb, all kinds of fish and seafood, eggs and all the cruciferous veggies etc. Apart from the foods mentioned above, Is there an equivalent food you could recommend in place of grass fed beef?

    • Darrin Evans

      I love it. This is just the boost I need. Thanks

    • Agape Philerostorge

      0:52 pomegranate (W/T)

      3:36 beef (grass fed)

      5:32 extra virgin olive oil

      6:45 eggs (cage free)

      8:30 brazil nuts

      • Freedom WillRing


      • Gary Cortesi


      • phillip needham

        ” FREE RANGE EGGS “…Great video ! Honest Truth, not sales oriented. Thanks !

      • LawAbiding Citizen

        Thank you

    • Gene Moberly

      Thank you very much for the information and inspiration!! The compound movement with dumbbells workouts have been a great success for me!! God bless you all!!

      • Live Anabolic

        We are glad to hear that Gene! Keep working and getting your results 😁

    • Blood Purple ‘69

      I’ve had some kidney problems in the past so can’t really do 250gm of protein per day (I weigh 200 lbs.) and also for health reasons, I follow a mostly vegan approach (I eat eggs) so try to eat clean proteins as well as lots of beans and legumes and just wondering what your suggestion would be for me. I still want gains at 63!

    • Square Body David

      Great advice…but what are the suggested doses during the course of an average week?

    • Miles Lee

      Lots of other foods I would add to this list but it’s a good start. Two things I would comment on. The best eggs to eat would be “pasture raised”. Free range only means they are not raised in cages with very limited access to range freely, but they are still being fed a diet of other caged chickens, usually some sort of grain. Pasture raised chickens are allowed to graze freely on pasture land allowing them to eat what is true to their diets; insects and worms! Chickens by nature are carnivores, not vegetarians. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is an excellent food source for testosterone and general health as well. But unlike healthy saturated fats, olive oil is a monounsaturated fat, which means it lacks the stability of a saturated fat. It’s missing one hydrogen atom in its carbon chain rendering it unstable. But still, I highly recommend the use of EVOO for diet and good health. Just purchase it in smaller amounts so you use it up faster, and refrigerate it to keep it stable.

    • PT JWW

      Might as well go for raw, plain pomegranates instead of the juice: more vitamins and fiber, and still the T-boosting benefits.

    • Jeff Johnson

      Great information Mark. I’m 67 and doing your fat burning HIIT workout everyday along with the Stealth Core Trainer. Have you tried that device yet? Anyway I’m looking pretty damn good for my age thank you!

    • Hector Alicea

      Thanks Mark! Once again a great video for us guys. As a guy about to hit 55 I have been health conscience for the past 3 years. I’ve changed my eating habits and began to look at food differently. I am a community health worker and I work with people who have asthma. What I’ve learned in this video will allow me to empower and motivate the communities I serve to live healthy. As a person who struggles with blood sugar and high cholesterol videos like this helps us all. Keep up the great work!

    • Andrew Wheeldon

      Great vid, clear, informative and straight to the point. Told me some things i didn’t know and reminded me of some things i should be doing.

    • Atanasio Smith

      I’m all thankful for this information, now I’m on a mission to successfully BOOST my Testosterone levels, very informative video!!! 👍👍👍

    • Fastt Ed

      Mark, they have capsules that have the same effect as the juice. No calories, no sugar. Available online.
      Another thing is that pomegranate is a natural artery flusher.

    • Mathew Anthony

      Hi Mark, I’m 54, I’m new to the lifting game after having a bicep injury years ago. Healthy now but lost muscle not doing much for a few years. Anyway, recently my Physician said I was pre diabetic. I’m already let down by all the foods I was eating but can’t now because of the diagnosis but now I know eating the right foods and lifting are synonymous, so, is there a video that explains what you can eat and lift with a pre diabetic disposition?? Thank you in advance!

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