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3 bicep exercises you need to be doing for the Ultimate Bicep Workout – Hey man, in this video I’ll give you 3 bicep exercises you need to be doing. I use some key techniques in this video too. Combine these 3 bicep exercises you need to be doing with these little known workout techniques and you’ll have the ultimate bicep workout.

Before beginning any of the exercises of the 3 bicep exercises you need to be doing in this video, it’s critical to have two things. A strong mind-muscle connection. Without it, you can do these 3 best bicep exercises but still struggle to put on the size and shape you want. Which is why it’s important not to rush through these 3 bicep exercises. Instead, you want to really feel the contraction of each rep. Now another key for these biceps exercises for men in gym is to maintain good form. In this video with the top 3 bicep exercises for mass I’ll show you the exact form for these repetitions. Follow the tips I share with these 3 best exercises for biceps and you’ll be on the right track.

Okay so now let’s get into the 3 bicep exercises you need to be doing for the ultimate bicep workout. First off is the dumbbell close grip curl. In my opinion this is one of the top 3 biceps exercises you can do. This exercise will really make your biceps feel like they’re going to explode from the pump. Especially when you combine them with the eight rep drop sets that I show you in the video. Now when choosing any of the bicep exercises for men in this video, be sure to use a weight that is challenging for you in the 8-12 rep range. You should really have to push yourself when using these bicep exercises for bigger arms.

Next up on the list of these 3 bicep exercises you need to be doing for the ultimate bicep workout is the concentration curl. This is one of my favorite bicep exercises for men. And if you struggle with getting a mind muscle connection, this may actually be the exercise to start with in this quick bicep workout for bigger arms. It allows you to really focus on the working muscle which is an especially great bicep workout for beginners at gym too.

And last up on the list of the 3 bicep exercises you need to be doing for the ultimate bicep workout is the preacher curl using my TriCon Sets. TriCon stands for triple contraction and is not just one of the top bicep exercises with equipment, but is possibly the best exercise to build big biceps when done correctly. I love using the preacher curl. It prevents cheating and keeps your form practically locked into place which makes it one of my favorite exercises to build big biceps.

And there’s the workout for you, man. These are not only the 3 best bicep exercises. But when you pair these 3 bicep exercises with the techniques I share in this video, its an awesome quick bicep workout for bigger arms that will work for men at any age.

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    28 replies to "3 Bicep Exercises You NEED To Be Doing (Ultimate Bicep Workout!)"

    • Live Anabolic

      All you need are these 3 exercises…

      And the two different techniques I share in today’s video… 

      And you’re going to have an INSANE arm workout that’s fast… and will give you the kind of size and shape you want. 

      Check it out and let me know what you think…

    • Bouncy Bounce

      Great video, Gary! Would this 3-exercise routine normally be done on the same day as a more comprehensive workout involving forearms, shoulders, and back, for someone like me (age 61, working out at home with free weights, mainly for fitness, but also for strength and aesthetics).

      • Live Anabolic

        Yes! You can definitely combine this routine with more muscles in a workout. I’d add this onto a pull workout for posterior muscles

      • Bouncy Bounce

        @Live Anabolic Thanks, Gary. Do you recommend segregating push and pull workouts? I’ve seen some folks recommend combining push and pull exercises in the same workout. Do you think it matters? That’s it, I promise not to pester you with any more follow-ups on this thread since you’ve been kind enough to answer so promptly.

      • Live Anabolic

        I often recommend a lower, push, pull style routine man. It depends on some factors like your schedule. For some, two full body workouts a week is enough. It really depends on if you can commit to it. But I prefer lower, push, and pull.

      • Barry C.

        Im 57 and incorporate the push, pull as well… Chest and triceps 1st day.. Back n Biceps 2nd day… Legs n shoulders 3rd day. Then 3 days off… Repeat cycle. Of course Abbs, obliques and little cardio b4 each work out to warm up and get your core tight so not to pull or tear anything!!!

    • Abbas Alkawiz

      So we got peak contraction with concentration curls, stretching with preacher curls and mid range contraction with close grip dumbbells curls. These are the three position of muscle flexion and stretching for maximum growth. Thanks coach.👍🌹

      • Live Anabolic

        That’s right, Abbas! Enjoy the workout man

    • Short Round

      Your demonstrations and form helps me get the maximum impact to my arms sets 👍.

      • Live Anabolic

        Glad to hear it, man!

    • Micky "Jackpot" Ness

      You mentioned progression. When should you change either the weights or reps? Which would you recommend most? Thanks for any help you can give me 😎🤙

      • tropicthunderbolt

        Always. Wen it becomes easy at the end of ur reps.. ur last few reps should always be hard then harder to finish. Sometimes not even finishing. Your body will tell u. “MORE WEIGHTS”

    • Patrick Cunningham

      In my opinion through experience, this technique DOES work for those with the body type that it works for, but I have experienced about 1 inch per year of growth. Look up forced reps, it’s a thing, but doesn’t necessarily work for everyone

    • Gerry Lopez

      Great tips . I can’t wait to try them. Hope this helps me to bulk.

    • Jean Moulin

      Thank you for the advices. Will try it for sure.

    • Brian Hall

      So I am new to this, my question would be how do you rotate areas of the body and so you just hit it every day, so you give time as in days between work outs etc? Thanks for any and all help.

    • Noble H

      I appreciate your advice brother! 💪🏾

    • Fenderman67

      Gary – appreciate all the great workout tips you share. is it possible to include this “ultimate bicep workout” with one of your other upper body total workout you have shared ex. chest shoulder & tri’s or would this be too much? Would you recommend full body workouts for 4 weeks , then 4×4 splits? How often would you change the routine? Also , thanks for sharing the tricon method, I’m using that to recover from some shoulder issues.

    • Bluesman John

      I am new to your channel. I really dig it. I will be trying these for sure. I like your body form and shape. That’s really what I am going for at 67. I’ve done pretty well so far, but need more growth.
      You say to do these every other day.
      Would that over work them?
      I currently am doing a 5 day split.

    • Kenneth Laws

      I’ve added this tri-con method to my workouts. I’m feeling the burn. I modified it to 3×10. It’s awesome!

      • Live Anabolic

        That is great Kenneth, happy to hear that!

    • dwayne boan

      Thanks for the great videos I’m 50 and get confused with all the information on the net but I love your advice…. Thanks again

    • Bongski😎

      I love this workout,thank you master🙏😊

    • Bill R

      Great! Do you have a similar group/number of exercises for the triceps?

    • BBQDad463

      Sounds like it could work. I will give it a try.

    • Torben Krogh

      I think I’m gonna try this! Has been doing the same program for some months now and this is certainly different 💪

    • Michael Brautigan

      Probably the best advice for ANY man who wants to get in shape again safely.
      Gary is brilliant with his explanation of proper form.

    • michael aldrich

      Thanks Gary for the great instruction, you’ve actually got me pumped to go the gym as I now have a plan in place. Please don’t stop the wonderful videos.

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