Some amazing things can happen if you stop eating sugar. Check this out. 
0:10 What would happen if you stopped eating sugar
3:38 Fat-burning
4:05 More benefits of quitting sugar

In this video, we’re going to talk about what happens to your body if you stop eating sugar for 14 days. What you’re doing is converting from sugar burning to fat burning. This can take about three days, and you may feel a few symptoms in the process. Taking B vitamins and potassium can help with these symptoms. 
What would happen if you stopped eating sugar: 

1. Lose appetite for sugar – 
Every time you consume sugar, a hormone comes in there and pushes the sugars down, causing a low blood sugar situation that causes you to crave sugar. 

2. Less hungry – 
It’s the sugar that keeps you hungry all the time. Giving up sugar can help stabilize blood sugars.

3. Less fatigue – 
Especially after eating a meal. 

4. Lose excess water and fat – 
For the first week, you’re going to dump a lot of excess water and more fat.

5. Enhanced mood and improved cognitive function — 
More focus and concentration.

6. Skin looks better — 
Glowing skin with less acne. 

7. Less stiffness – 
Less inflammation and less pain.

More benefits of quitting sugar:
• Build new enzymes to run the body on fat fuel 
• Less inflammation in the arteries 
• Growing brain cells 
• Clean out a fatty liver 
• Better kidney function 

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Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients so he can focus on educating people as a full time activity, yet he maintains an active license. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Thanks for watching! You may want to try to stop eating sugar for 14 days and just see what happens.

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    • Muriel Bailey

      This is the first video I’ve ever watched on YouTube that starts immediately with no small talk!

      • Okay Okay

        Uhh my material on this is with a coworker

      • Itsmeagain

        Yes appreciate the quick and to the point format

      • Psalm 73 Ministries

        @BangChief AllIsOne ,

      • Lanie5813

        Yes, and I’m starting to go right on to something else. I don’t have time to help them with their clicks and views I’m assuming that’s what it is when they’re filling it up and I have to wait till the very end just to get the meat and potatoes. I don’t need the meat nor the potatoes I lose weight like that too. Lol

      • Priti Bagalkot

        Also with good explanation and so knowledgeable

    • Jim Bos

      My wife and I gave up sugar in 2004. I am now 51 lbs lighter and much healthier. Still highly active and working full time at age 76.

      • kabugho janejanet

        Wow much love 💕💕 from Uganda , Kampala love your advice

      • Jim Bos

        @kabugho janejanet Thank you 💓

      • chidera

        You look great!

      • AdiSiPunct

        @Jamal Gota so if I, eat let’s say one or two fruits everyday it would be bad for my body?

      • James Benjamin Turay

        Ways to reduce or avoid sugar?

    • Dexter's World

      Thanks for this. I lost 20 pounds when i reduced my rice intake to one cup a day from four cups.

      • Aquarian Thoth

        @Cliff DaRiff 🤡

      • Steven Allen

        @Dijon Volner
        I was you,g to say the same thing about the Asian people. And they live for a long time. They might eat a brown rice which I think isn’t bad like white rice

      • Steven Allen

        @travis mckinnon
        Of you blend fruit into a drink its fine. These processed juices are loaded with extra sugars. My cousin worked for Tropacana for over 30 years. Lets just say there’s a reason he will not drink even their best all natural juices anymore ??? And he could get all he wanted for free and won’t touch it???

      • Benky

        @Mimi Simone i have a question mam im active but want to lose fat should i eat more carbs

      • Beast

        @Steven Allen not true at all, China is #2 behind the US for obesity…and it doesn’t matter what type of rice, they’re equally shitty for you

    • I Am Ofwona

      And the Oscar for, ‘Going Straight to The Point & Giving Educative & Life-Changing Information’ goes to……Dr BERG!!

      • gerrod mendham

        I found Dr Berg quiet a while AFTER I had undergone a Candida diet (Due to me, er, obviously having Candida…lol). EVERYTHING I have learnt from his excellent video content, confirms WHAT I went through while ON a NO sugar diet! Obviously, I had to cut out White bread, pasta, crisps, chocolates, rice etc, meat, alcohol, yeast etc & more (it WAS about 6/7 years ago, so I forgot bits by now!). THIS video is a perfect example of what I experienced with NO sugar…I had BAD withdrawal symptoms for about FOUR days…..Then……GONE, I had absolutely NO cravings for sugar after that! Plus……from then on, everything I was eating…………I was NEVER craving food/hungry!! I was never tired or lethargic at work, home or training!! I actually LOST nearly a STONE (When it was NOT to lose weight, it was to get rid of the Candida that was making my life a misery!!) without trying!! I started sleeping like a baby, in that before, I always stayed up late due to brain fog/alert/hungry/not being able to relax!! Went to bed a lot earlier & basically fell asleep when my head hit the pillow, whereas before, when I eventually went to bed (2 or 3am) I just could not get to sleep!! I think after watching this video, I am seriously considering studying his videos more in depth and following some of his brilliant dietary information & advice!!

      • Alfina R

        For real tho!!!

      • UMM NINE


      • VIANIZED

        it feels like coming to a class a bit late when the teacher was explaining thing but for some reason I didn’t miss a single information

      • Eira Gonzalez


    • therealswimshady

      I am doing it not to lose weight but to calm down my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. So far so good!

      • lovemusic1963ify

        How is it going? Does it help your arthritis symptoms?

    • Tianle Zhang

      Dear Dr. Eric Berg, since I watched your channel and especially the advice for not eating too much sugar. I tried to minimize the amount of sugar I took in. I suprised finding out that during the last two menstruation period, the painful symptom has released and even disappeared. That’s amazing. I don’t know whether it is related to this, but I would stick to this rule!

      • Shannon

        Yup,, so true , I stopped all sweets, sugar, Also increased potassium (another one of Dr Bergs videos)…and no more period cramps…my period just snuck up on pain 😊

    • byssabyss

      So true! I have been on a Keto diet for two weeks. I used to experience blood sugar crashes if I didn’t eat multiple times a day. Now, I don’t eat till 2 or 3 pm, because I simply don’t feel hungry till then. My waistline has already dropped 3 inches! Thank you, Dr Berg. You randomly popped up into my feed and have now genuinely changed my life.

      • Kelly Grant

        @Carrie Graham- Pridgen you don’t. Best to try and eat in a one or two hour window. But you need to work up to it. Cut out sugar and lower carbs first, then cut out snacking. Then try and have a later breakfast and cut lunch. Eventually u want to then perhaps have 1 meals at 11 or 12 and the second at 5 or 6…do this for a while then you can merge all your calories into a one or two hour period so you fast for 22 hours. I’ve done omad (one meal a day) for a while, but I am now back to a small meal at 12 and a bigger one at 5. That is good too.

      • Kelly Grant

        @byssabyss the nuts mbe? Lol

      • Carrie Graham- Pridgen

        @LemonyNuts i didn’t ask what she eats, I asked what time she eats again after her 2pm meal

      • LemonyNuts

        @Carrie Graham- Pridgen Probably like 6pm, does it really matter bro? Dinner time is dinner time

      • Carrie Graham- Pridgen

        @LemonyNuts only thing that matters is that you tried to answer a question for someone else that wasn’t directed to you and to top it off you didn’t even read the question correctly.

    • Steve Nagy

      After a life-long sugar addiction, I finally managed to control my fibromyalgia after cutting sugar (and wheat) from my diet. No more pain all over my body, no more chest and stomach pains, more energy, better bowel movement and less mood swings. I even lost weight (didn’t need to, I have never been overweight) while actually eating more (no junk). The most remarkable effect is that my finger joints shrunk, apparently as a result of less or no inflammation. I actually made these adjustments after doctors were unable to diagnose the cause of my pain for many years and after eliminating all known rheumatologist disorders.

      • Angel

        I just don’t know how to avoid sugar

      • Romaro Alte

        @Angel eat at least sweet fruits, it’s much better than processed sugar (the white powder and added in many products)/ There’re also sugar substitutes and sport supplements that’re sweet as hell but have no sugar.

    • Brian S

      I’ve been limiting my sugar and carb intake for the past 16 months or so.. it’s so hard to completely cut it out since it’s in pretty much everything someway or another.. But over that 16 months I’ve felt so much better overall

      • Bhavna Kamble

        Same here 🙂

      • Trevon

        Did your waist shrink? Did you do any excercise while not eating sugar?

      • Bhavna Kamble

        @Trevon yep. Exercise is a must and it definitely helped me lose inches.

      • Brian S

        @Trevon I’m 6 2 and was 222lbs.. right now I’m 168lbs.. I had a 36 inch waist but I’m not sure what size I am now. I buy 33 inch now but I have a lot of room. I can probably wear 30 inch now? I workout but not like a lunatic. I do about 30 min per day / 5 days a week. Just weights though, no cardio. I think I’m lucky tho, if I limit my carbs and stay somewhat active Im good. Pandemic + lock down + doordash caused me issues..

      • Trevon

        @Brian S Thank you.

    • Ivan Martinez

      I gave up sugar completely when I turned 16. I’m now 27 and I can confirm all the information posted. However, by sugar I mean processed/refined products. I still have been eating fruits daily. Fruits contain natural fiber which helps

      • Two meals a day.

        Thank you for your remark, I was wondering the same thing. I love fruit, and I learned that even though they contain sugar/glucose, our body processes it differently and is therefore less damaging.

      • Romaro Alte

        @Two meals a day. That’s right, fruits, even sweet ones, change pH level of blood for good!

      • maltipremprakashi

        at what time you consume fruits?

    • GeezersRacing

      Quitting sugar has transformed me. At 52, I’m the same build as I was at 21. But now, I feel young too. This video completely explains why, plus going Keto.
      I’m amazed at the difference!

      • sharifah azureen

        @Gemma H okay thank you 👍🏻

      • Maame _

        What do you take in place of sugar please

      • Maame _

        @Ray Max I have stopped taking sugar for a week now and I’m seeing great improvement with my face…what do you substitute for sugar please

      • GeezersRacing

        @Maame _ nothing really. The only sweets I might occasionally have is a little elderberries, kiwi or black grapes. I resist all other sweets and drink my coffee black and green tea unsweetened.

      • Kelly Grant

        @Maame _ you can use stevia or monk fruit…there are some good products out there with those added or u can buy them in sachets like sugar. They don’t spike your insulin. Best to try and lower your cravings for sweet things altogether….stopping refined sugar will help

    • Karina Nieves

      Needed this reminder. This popped up in my feed, I’ve been currently 3 days no sugar and have lost 4.2lbs I’ve been dealing with stiffness in my legs and in my hands and arms. I needed this to keep pushing through and not allow the temptation of a treat throw me off.

      • Vanessa Hollenbach

        Hi! How did it go? How are you feeling?

      • Asif Osman

        Hang in there. Boy, has it worked for me.

      • Zola Nhlangulela

        How is it going?…It’s been 4 days for me..

    • JC Bartman

      I’ve been doing this now for 6 months. Never felt so good. So energetic and less hungry. I went from 300lbs to 205 right now.

      • Laddso

        @Amigdala Better is fruits to avoid. Because fruit increases carbohydrate intake. If you eat one apple a day, it’s still ok. But refined carbohydrates must be completely excluded from the diet.

      • Joseph Curreri

        @Amigdala fruit counts as sugar even though it is natural it will still spike your insulin. There are some artificial sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit that won’t spike your insulin but other than that all sugar is bad

      • Soubia khalid

        @Dr. Eric Berg DC pls let me know is it only white sugar or all the foods that has sugar ? And plsss suggest any green smmothie for glowing skin

      • Crystal Climenhage

        @Dr. Eric Berg DC I did this. I did a candida cleanse years ago and somehow I ended up with gastritis and a swollen gallbladder. I had to go in hospital for one week. Fast forward I started a keto diet. My stomach got inflammed.and I had pain in the gallbladder.area. I can’t eat.raw.leafy greens it.hurts.. so I’m making bone broth soup. Can you ask Dr Berg to do.a video on.these symptoms? I also have a fatty liver.

      • Kelly Grant

        @Soubia khalid any food with added sugar…beware sugar can be labelled as many things…fructose, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, glucose etc…I think Dr berg has a video about the different sugars. You should really not eat too much fruit as it it’s high in fructose…berries and lemons are best.

    • John Kesel

      Seriously, this guy is awesome! Love to learn about healthy living. He’s a great teacher

    • Vanessa Dobbins

      Thank you Doc! That three year old video came in handy because I’m experiencing some of those symptoms and was wondering what’s going on with my body (I don’t want meds prescribed to me). I’m going the healthy route naturally. God bless you for being so informative🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽I will do my best (with Gods help) to let go of sugar for two weeks and see what changes take place!!!!

    • Akos Seres

      Hey Doc,

      Thanks for making your information available…. it has helped me immensely. I have been following your suggestions on a low sugar, low carb … keto / intermittent fasting way of life and feel GREAT. I have lost the weight I have been struggling with for a long time. Thank you! Thank you! My only complaint is I need to buy new clothes.

    • Bruce Laird

      I did the 30 day zero sugar after my annual physical in September of last year. My fasting Glucose was 112. I weighed 193 lbs.
      Now to update yesterday at the doctors office, I’ve stayed on the low to no sugar diet, I dropped my Glucose number to 91, and weighed 170 pounds. And feel like I’m 30 years old. I turn 67 in October.

      • Martha Ashley

        @F U thank u

      • syed aqueel

        @Spiro climb then what we should eat

      • Devil Is Back

        @Spiro climb even fruits too 🥴 that’s so so difficult to imagine. What else there to eat and survive with healthy life and glowing skin 🙄? Should I cut the rice completely 🙄🥴 what about milk and other dairy products….not packed but home made yogurt and protein shakes 🥴

      • Raquel Castillo

        Keep up the good work! It’ll pay off 🎉

      • Raquel Castillo

        What helped me with intermittent fasting is to log a food diary in the evening of what I ate that day. I am now going to begin my journey on the Mediterranean diet, i believe that can build me up best…. No sugars 🥰💃

    • Venugopal Muthyala

      Hello Dr. Berg! I actually stopped consuming sugar from this Monday. So today is Day 4! I am looking forward to reaping some of the benefits that you have highlighted here. Also, just downloaded your App. Thank you for sharing your expert advice.

    • Marion B

      Thank you for clear, honest, easy to understand videos for free – you are helping people massively. I appreciate your content – thank you

      • Dr. Eric Berg DC

        Glad you like the videos. Greatly appreciate your comment!

    • chimchim is a q2p2t

      I’ve watched this video a few months ago, and gave this a try.

      I can’t say I’ve completely cut out sugar in my meals because it’s pretty hard to avoid it considering my lifestyle, but I did manage to lessen it despite having a sweet tooth (no candies, no artifical juice and sodas, less rice and pastry serving, no sugar in coffee and tea, etc etc.) and I can say that it really helped me! I no longer get sugar crash that used to be detrimental to my energy especially during work. I feel more energized now and certainly lost some weight.

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